Gen. McMaster is right! There is no “radical Islamic terrorism”


…by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Donald Trump occasionally lapses into apparent sanity. More rarely, he tells truths, or at least half-truths, that nobody else in the mainstream will touch: “Bush was responsible for 9/11,” “Obama and Hillary created ISIS,” “the MSM is the enemy of the American people,” “the two-state solution ain’t happenin’,” “Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie,” “let’s remember ALL holocaust victims not just Jews,” “vaccines cause autism,” “American is NOT an exceptional nation,” “NATO is obsolete and costing us a fortune,” “Scalia was found with a pillow on his face so draw your own conclusions,” “Ted Cruz’s dad was involved in the JFK assassination,” “Christianity is being chipped away at in America,” “Hillary and Obama don’t respect the 2nd Amendment,” “the real unemployment rate is much higher than the official one,”: These are all unspeakable truths/half-truths in DC, yet Trump has dared to speak them.

Unfortunately, Trump has also spewed so many BS “conspiracy theories” that the relatively true ones tend to get lost in the mix.

The new National Security Advisor, Gen. H.R. McMaster, seems an unusually sane appointment by Trump standards. McMaster has a reputation as one of those rare military folks who has been known to flout CYA protocol and tell difficult truths.  During Thursday’s National Security Council meeting, McMaster reportedly said

that the label ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ was not helpful because terrorists are ‘un-Islamic,’ according to people who were in the meeting.”

McMaster is right. Islamic law clearly prohibits targeting innocent civilians. Terrorists (those who target innocent civilians) are therefore just as un-Islamic as people who — like “Mohammad Atta” or his Hebrew-speaking Mossad stand-in — greedily devour cocaine, pork chops, alcohol, prostitutes, and the stipends from Mossad that pay for all of the above.  Details on Atta here and here.

Additionally, FBI data shows that American “radically un-Islamic nominally Muslim terrorists”  commit less terrorism than American Jews, leftists, and Hispanics. And polls show that Muslims oppose terrorism more than non-Muslims do.

Muslims oppose terrorism more than non-Muslims do – because the religion of Islam clearly prohibits terrorism

Gen. McMaster says terrorists are “un-Islamic.” But he might have more accurately called them “anti-Islamic.” ISIS, as Trump suggests, was created by the US-Zionist Deep State under the Obama Administration IN ORDER TO WAGE WAR AGAINST ISLAM AND MUSLIMS.

ISIS was created as a weapon of war against the “Axis of Resistance” nations that oppose the US and Israeli presence in the Muslim Middle East. ISIS’s mission is to kill Muslims (more than 90% of its victims are Muslim) and help outside aggressor non-Muslim-majority countries invade, occupy, and plunder the Muslim-majority countries.

ISIS is part of the Fourth Generation War of destabilization waged against Muslims on behalf of NATO and Zionism. Additionally, ISIS’s insane terrorism is a PR weapon against Islam: It is used by the Zionist-dominated Western media to smear Islam and Muslims.

What’s more, as I explain in my edited False Flag Trilogy, all of the most heavily-publicized terrorist attacks in the West attributed to “radical Muslims” have been likely or proven false flag attacks actually committed by the enemies of Islam. And of the roughly 700 alleged “radical Muslim terror plots” in the US since 9/11, virtually all have actually been FBI terror plots designed to entrap and ensnare retarded teenagers and street people. The same happens in Canada and elsewhere. Here is the inside scoop about who is really behind “radical Islamic terrorism”:

Terror plotters claim they were groomed by Mounties and were relieved bombs were fake

Will Gen. McMaster tell all these hard truths to Donald Trump? And if so, what will Trump do about it?

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  1. How odd it is to see the other three religions that condone the targeting and killing of civilians by the military as justified. How very odd indeed as xtianity is supposed to be the religion of peace. Then there is the Church. Ah, yes, the mighty Vatikan with its pronouncements, edicts and canons and of course the jews who have their own nasty little agenda.
    One thing Kevin left out is the poll that was taken several years ago concerning the use of torture which revealed the vast majority of xtian evangelicals and fundamentalists supported and of course the millions of these mind controlled idiots also support the idea of a nuclear armageddon and rapture. But take heart, Sarah Palin is not finished yet. Michelle Bachman can make a comeback.
    Now what was it Bill Maher said about Michelle Bachman and the second coming of Christ? Oh yes, it will be the only time she’ll ever see a man c***.

  2. Dr. Kevin Barrett, you are certainly right by the allegation that Isis was created to destroy the axis of resistance, and Nations who oppose the Zionist dream of world hegemony.

    Monotheism and their almighty God is the perfect myth and tool to conquer and annihilate any culture and nationalism. It is not a Religion, but an ideology..a war strategy.

    The wonderful myth written in some parts of the old Testament got hijacked by the conspiracy of some clever desert bandits who made their feudalistic dreams with slaves and comfort woman out of it.

    Michael T. Flynn was right when he called Islam an ideology but was wrong not to add that the root of that ideology came out of Judaism.

    “This is the country God has given to us” Still the whole world has to swallow Netanyahu’s words and watch how real history is destroyed to establish this fake religion with their almighty god myth.

    We are now in the time of the 10 menaces …of course not made by the almighty, but the usual suspects. The poisoning of the water is now in fashion as seen in Syria and now maybe also in Donbas.

    The inflation of all values is inevitable when the card houses of the “almighty” break down.

    • @alois, By product of Zionists called Atheists or New Atheists/Radical should be last person to release their farts regarding Monotheism. These jews even martyred their own Prophets when had tiniest of greed or materialistic benefit and here you are giving lecture to others. First study corruptions by zionists then compare and comprehend rather than releasing farts out of thin air.

      Protocols of Zion: Protocol IV Materialism Replaces Religion


      3. With such a faith as this a people might be governed by a wardship of parishes, and would walk contentedly and humbly under the guiding hand of its spiritual leaders submitting to the dispositions of God upon earth. This is the reason why IT IS INDISPENSABLE FOR US TO UNDERMINE ALL FAITH, TO TEAR OUT OF THE MIND OF THE “GOYIM” THE VERY PRINCIPLE OF GOD-HEAD AND THE SPIRIT, AND TO PUT IN ITS PLACE ARITHMETICAL CALCULATIONS AND MATERIAL NEEDS. “”

    • @eagle strike, you seem to live in a cloud of furts if you see any Atheism in my writing. The divine is hidden in the Nature of the human and not in any abstract “almighty god”.

      If you have any desire left to get out of your cloud you might discover the existence of an inspiring polytheistic world.

      Atheism is just an extract from Monotheism and far beyond your strike ability.

    • Thanks Kevin Barrett to join this conversation.
      The question here is not alone about the existence or the non existence of god, but is there just one god (Monotheism) or are we dealing with a plural entity (Polytheism)?
      One big question is also: does this God exist only inside the nature of the human? ….as the NT says: the kingdom of heaven is “near”!

      I dont think that god is a kind of egg – chicken question….for what was previous?

      According to the Egyptian mythology the gods are birthed by “Nut” a female Goddess …because anything what appears ( even mentally) has a mother.
      In the Genesis we find one of the most beautiful sentences when “God” was speaking to the snake: Gen.3.15
      “And I will put enmity between you and the woman,
      between your offspring and hers;
      he will meet (target) you on your head,
      and you will meet (target) them on his heel.”

      Means there is a fight between two Mothers, the snake mother and the woman (mother)…..I guess the virgin mother is another name for the snake mother

      The big mistake of monotheism is to interpret the snake and their offspring as evil.
      They are too stubborn to understand that Jacob is called the heel – holder, because when Rebecca birthed the twins, Esau came out first but Jacob catched him on the heels to get out second.

      Means that Jacob is a child of the Snake…..and with him the Israelites.

      If there is an answer about God…the message cannot be better than the language of the receiver.

    • Remember also the creation in 7 days, but on the 7th day god was resting!
      We are in the seventh day now…..and the creation is not finished!

      Means that that God is creating the world while sleeping inside the human?

    • Alois, I think you are getting lost in mythology, i.e. taking it too literally, with your polytheism stuff.

      All mystics, as well as quantum physicists, agree there is a deep underlying unity beneath the largely illusory multiplicity we perceive in our normal state of consciousness. Therefore, divinity or “God,” the Source of all existence, to the extent he/she/it can be described at all, is characterized by what we can only call “absolute unicity” (tawhid). Normal consciousness is separation and illusion. Reality with a capital R (al-haqq) which is God is absolute unicity.

    • “the deep underlying” is not so far away as the fruits from the tree of recognition already are our consciousness.

      To be not “lost” and alone God created a companion for the Human consciousness ( today we might call it the higher self?) We have the first born Ego and the higher self (Cain and Abel) or by going into the Hebrew roots; the Smith & Vanity

      Even when in the Genesis mythology the Smith killed the Vanity we have to ask ourself how we deal with this two consciousness…do we use the hammer or spear to satisfy our Ego, or can we use our imagination, inspiration for the manifestation of a divine world.

  3. ISIS created as a weapon and a wagon….. a vehicle of war driven to appearances and locations in any nation that refuses submission to imposter Israel …the same imposter israel the US had been tricked and coerced into serving…..when the lights go down the show is over

  4. “…lapses into apparent sanity.” Good one. The fact that Trump has, to a limited extent, voiced truth about 911 etc. made his candidacy seductive to people like me. Not that I ever expected Trump himself to “reveal the truth about 911.” Never. I supported Trump based on the wildcard aspect. There are a number of things he has said that I very much do not support. And I do not identify w/ many of his supporters including the “rah rah America” nationalistic types. But something I do prefer is the possibility of significant disruption of the status quo. This could include disruption engendered by interplay between Trump and his adversaries. Perhaps his presidency introduces a bit of needed “instability” into the system. Obviously, there are risks and they are significant. I was and am counting on pushback and the limitations of the Presidency to ameliorate Trump’s worst tendencies. I also expect or at least have hoped for growth from him. Presumably, new vistas of awareness might be available to him now that he is in office and as his presidency proceeds? We shall see.

    • I see your point. But when guys like Henry Kissinger and Steve Bannon and Michael Ledeen and Bibi Netanyahu are cheerleading for the “disruptive instability” Trump is injecting into the system, I’m not sure the outcome is going to be to our liking.

  5. Some scholars posit that the Jews created Islam centuries ago to use as a battering ram against Christianity and Christians. All of those “Muslim” rapists and sexual predators who are ravishing Europe while the castrated “men” there stand back and watch cannot be representative of anything that remotely resembles a spiritual basis. Be that as it may, there is far more to the history and origins of humanity than what is put forth by the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

    • For your remedial education, please read my recent radio show listing for


      The “immigrant crisis” hysteria about alleged brown-skinned criminal hordes overrunning Europe is RACIST BULLSHIT. Hundreds of millions of dollars in propaganda money has produced this bogus perception of a crisis, which is fed by hysterical lies — exactly like the hysterical lies about black rapists in America circa the 1920s that led to the lynching epidemic. Sure, rapes sometimes happen. But mass hysteria also happens. Here is a recent story that sums up the entire situation: Mass sexual assaults by refugees in Frankfurt ‘completely made up’. These are just two who got caught…

    • I’m a Muslim living in Denmark. Most of my acquaintances have had criminal backgrounds. I haven’t yet met a Muslim rapist amongst any of them.
      There was a widely publicised and politicised case, involving an Arab gang rape, which turned out to be false, after the fact that the pro-Zionist, right wing politicians had already profited from the lie.
      Recently, similar allegations have emerged from Sweden and Germany. Denmark lies right smack in the middle of Sweden and Germany, yet nothing has happened here!
      If so, then there would at least be talk on the street. Obviously, something fishy is going on.

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