Exclusive: White House Uses Illegal Wiretaps, Intimidation to Block FBI Probe Into Illegal Russian Contacts

sometimes guitarist, full time fixer
Sometimes guitarist, full time fixer

…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

In a White House meeting last week between Don McGahn, Sean Spicer and the new “White House Plumbers,” described as a team put together to ‘stop leaks,’ enacted a broad program of wire tapping, surveillance and “dirt digging” on White House staff thought to be collecting information for either the FBI investigation of Russian contacts with the Trump organizations or the bipartisan Senate group planning investigations.  From the Guardian:

The FBI has in fact made no public comment on its investigation into alleged contact between Trump associates and Russian operatives, which was first reported two weeks ago by the New York Times and CNN, citing anonymous law enforcement and intelligence community sources. The labeling of the story as “BS” has been attributed to the FBI’s deputy director, Andrew McCabe, by anonymous administration officials.

Blocking the FBI probe is a felony, not just conspiracy to obstruct justice but “after the fact” full complicity in the act themselves involving illegal contact with Russian spy agencies, termed “espionage.”

McCahn, current White House Counsel, was chosen by Trump for his experience in blocking probes into Russian “issues” involving bribery and espionage.  It was McCahn that defended Tom Delay when the same Russian oligarchs that are accused of backing Trump were accused of laundering stolen funds into the Texans for a Republican Majority (TRMPAC) and to US Family Network, tied to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

McGahn’s primary clients have been the Koch Brothers, funders of climate change denialism, who used McGahn to put together a plan to “gerrymander” Texas congressional districts, seen by many as the most bizarre abuse of America’s electoral system in history.

Sources say the FBI had put software into informants phones that allowed them to text “real time” logs of illegal meetings, used to backup potential testimony.

When  leaks within the FBI reached the White House, “burly” private security contractors began escorting staffers into an interrogation room where they were scanned, searched and their phones cloned and gone over by Israeli trained security teams.

Other sources within the White House say that a covert reorganization is going on, organized by Karl Rove, through White House Communications Director, Michael Dubke, a suspected “Cheney operative.”


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  1. What I want to know is why no one seems to be concerned about team Trump’s connections to Israel? What about the 100+ Jews who managed/sponsored his campaign and the many who hold influential positions in the Trump administration? Why are none of the presstitutes or their script writers addressing this? Because they’re too busy creating a diversion by fabricating nonsensical propaganda against Russia. For months, the so called “intelligence agencies” and MSM have been making serious allegations against Russia and most, if not all of it, is pure BS. If not, then they need to show the evidence and be done with it. The fact they haven’t shown it by now, suggests to me that they don’t have it. They’re making an unnecessary enemy out of Russia, while at the same time, providing NATO with an excuse to mobilize troops surrounding Russia’s border, providing a perfect pretext to justify NATO’s unjustifiable budget. It provides the illusion that NATO is protecting us against the “Russian boogie man”. If Russia was half as bad as the “intelligence community” and their MSM mockingbirds would like us to believe, we would not be having this discussion right now, because we would all be pillars of salt. If the West keeps pushing, Russia will have no choice but to strike and when they do, it will be long overdue and the fault of the insane Western governments.

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