Gordon Duff does Trump speech coverage for PressTV

Santa Trump is here with his magic sleigh with something for everybody, all for free

Trump delivers first speech to US Congress

by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor,  … with Press TV, Tehran

Why did I get the image of Elmer Gantry in my mind while listening to Trump?

[ Editor’s Note:  Trump passed on going to the White house correspondents’ dinner, historically a fun event with a lot of satirical comedy delivered upon the reporters by the President, with comedy writers hired to plan out the jokes. But we had Gordon to roast the Prez over his Santa Claus with the magic sleigh speech that had endless goodies for everybody.

As I forced myself to listen it just went on and on, how he was going to fix ALL major social problems by ordering reports on them, and shuffling money around, cutting taxes big times, while initiating new major programs requiring massive funding. What a wonderful idea. Why didn’t someone else think of it.

As the top of these was a huge expansion of the military, without ever justifying why it was needed, as there is no one in the foreseeable future that could be a realistic threat to the US. Trump claimed to want to make us the biggest and the best, but there was just one little problem with that.

We already are the biggest and the best for the threats we face, as there is no one that can really project sustained military power like the US…no one. What Trump is posing is a huge expansion during a huge deficit period for a “fake need”, maybe because he thinks it will but him good with the military industrial complex for a second term.

Not meaning to compare myself to Trump, heaven forbid, but we are around the same age and ethnicity and it looks like one of us has Michael Jackson’s nose. What else is not real as well?

I will let Gordon fill you in on the rest, which he did an excellent job last night. I emailed him that he could sleep in late this morning… Jim W. Dean ]


Trump had an endless supply of goodies for everyone from his magic sleigh that he has in hiding
– First published  …  March 01, 2017

President Donald Trump has gone before the US Congress to deliver his first speech aimed at addressing a range of controversial issues, including national security, health reforms, increased defense spending, and immigration.


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  1. Nobody can figure out what hot Donald is going to do next. Where would the invisible talking heads be without him? Reminds me of the love affair between late night talk show hosts and politics. Eh, eh, eh, Melanie Franklin requires serious diction lessons.

  2. Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.
    Thomas Jefferson

  3. The two Israel blue ties in the background were revolting and sent a clear message of whose foreign interests were being served. At least Trump’s tie was striped in dark blue or black and he did not bear other markings supporting that tiny country half way around the world which can’t get along with its neighbors. The veiled attempt to use the Mother of the deceased Navy Seal for sympathy and to divert public attention from the failed mission in Yemen was also revolting. And frankly we really do not know the sequence of events which led to his death; for all we know he was killed by the bomb dropped by US. forces to demolish the helicopter-plane so the enemy could ‘t use it, and which bomb also killed many civilians and children without any conscience or legal authority or concern for human life of our servicemen or their civilians or innocent children. This foolish attack was meaningless and against international law and all should be prosecuted by an international tribunal up to Trump himself. His insolence and arrogance after this failure is an abomination to America and everything we purport to stand for. No convincing justification has been provided for this mass murder.

  4. When Trump talked of “success” during his failed Yemen military mission, notice that some/many military officers shown during the MSM broadcast-live speech did NOT applaud. Very revealing…

    For pro-Trump Americans, Tru-mp = Tru-th… 60% right. ;-).

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