Guardian: ‘Gun for hire’: how Jeff Sessions used his prosecuting power to target Democrats


Arthur Outlaw wanted a second term.

It was 1989 and Outlaw, the Republican mayor of Mobile, Alabama, was girding himself for his re-election campaign. Word was that Lambert Mims, a popular local Democrat, would run against him. Some Republicans were growing skittish.

Sessions, then the US attorney for Alabama’s southern district, indicted Mims on criminal corruption charges relating to obscure four-year-old negotiations over a planned recycling plant. Mims was the ninth notable Democrat in the area to be indicted by Sessions since the young Republican was appointed by President Ronald Reagan. He would not be the last.

Opponents concluded that Sessions used his federal prosecutor’s office, and the FBI agents who worked for him, as political weapons, according to more than half a dozen veterans of Mobile’s 1980s legal and political circles. Some alleged in court filings that the ambitious young Republican actually worked from a “hitlist” of Democratic targets.

“Sessions was a gun for hire,” said Tom Purvis, a former sheriff of Mobile County, “and he went after political enemies.” Purvis was acquitted of charges against him that Sessions oversaw after Purvis unseated another Outlaw ally from the elected sheriff’s position.

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  1. Sessions is a beast. Someone who believes in only himself, like Trump, with a monstrous ego and narcissism to go along with it.
    There is a problem and that is the Department of Justice itself which is filled with what can only be described as fanatical, jack booted thugs with all the power of the government behind it as well as nearly unlimited funds to do so, can target anybody for nearly everything.
    I have been reading Harvey Silverglate’s book, Three Felonies A Day and the reports in that book read like something out of the Third Reich or Stalin’s Russia. If you are the target of a federal prosecutor, you are just as good as guilty and sentenced to prison. They have a 96% success rate for prosecutions for even the most innocuous of activities some of which have been construed by these witch hunters as horrible criminal activity. Most of the time the accused plead to a lessor crime in hopes of staving off long prison sentences.
    The other problem is that congress and regulatory agencies write and pass laws so broadly written and vague that anyone can be charged with a felony without realizing they actually committed one.

    • Consider what was done to Jim Trafficant, who had the temerity to criticize israel’s influence in American politics: he ended up in prison on bogus corruption charges, sent there by lying witnesses and a corrupted DOJ.
      Another case is that of Edgar Steele, a Montana attorney who successfully defended several men against charges of racism. The SPLC and particularly Morris Dees went ballistic and persuaded the FBI to do something about Steele, which they did. Using a paid informant, they framed Steele for attempting to murder his wife for insurance money, something that could be easily defended but the federal judge doing what he was told, would not allow the defense to present their evidence. In the end, Steele was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, where he died.
      Anybody can become the victim of fanatical federal prosecutors.

  2. How about the two Democrats named Holder and Obama who planned and executed the Sandy Hook Hoax Gun Grab on America aided by another one named Malloy in Connecticut, a cruel lie that a fake kid named Adam Lanza shot up a fake school which was not even a functioning school and killed some 26 fake kids and adults while the parents of those fake kids put up sympathy scam begging pages on Go Fund Me and fleece money from a duped public? Obama even flew some of these fake parents on AF1. The new AG and new President have now had the opportunity to read the FBI and CIA reports of this fake crime and fraud on America. How about filing some charges and exposing this giant hoax on all America by our own government? A book has been written and many videos published by Barry Soetoro and others. The school had been closed. This failure of government to bring these perps to justice is why citizens must be empowered to convene grand juries and bring charges with citizen power since government is too corrupt to do its assigned duties. Our governments are a shameful disgrace to the Founders and all Americans.

  3. LS…

    There Is also a rumor that he will go after the pedophiles who are destroying America and the rest of the world. But in the first place the life of innocent children. So what will it be ?

    • Do you believe he will go after this man: Richard Howell,an officer with the West Manchester Township Police Department who has been arrested and charged with 50 felony counts of child pornography and criminal use of a communication facility?
      Do you believe Sessions, who has discounted every report of abusive cops, is going to allow one of his pets to be sent to prison? Sessions will probably bring him into his office for a job.

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