Democrats and Pizzagate?

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The idea that Russia hacked the 2016 presidential election is so absurd that there has to be something more to the Democrat and liberal media panic. Why are they parting company with reality?

I am aware of course that liberals have an uncomfortable relationship with reality at the best of times, but since the inauguration they, and their deep state allies in the CIA and FBI, have become unhinged.

Part of the explanation lies in their paranoia about Russia. One former CIA analyst, whose analytical abilities were clearly limited, popped up on Sky News recently to describe Russia as an “adversary”. The Russian Federation is in no meaningful sense an adversary of the United States.

Unlike Germany, Russia is not engaged in a quasi-war with the USA. Russia has not sponsored assassinations on US soil, as Germany has done, repeatedly. Russia has not brought down US aircraft in international airspace, unlike the People’s Republic of China. Russia is not seeking to encroach on US spheres of influence. The Cold War is over, folks. It ended in 1991, although some in the CIA and FBI are obviously struggling to catch up. “The Americans”, great TV series though it is, is set in the 1980s, not the present day.

The KGB was broken up at the end of the Cold War. Russia is now a democracy and Vladimir Putin is her elected president. He was elected in a free and fair election, which if anything was fairer than the last US election. The meddling in the 2016 election came not from Russia, but from closer to home. Democrat-run states like California permitted large numbers of illegal aliens to vote. I suspect that on a true analysis President Trump actually won a majority amongst American voters.

Much of this paranoia is driven from Germany, a strategic competitor with Russia. The Jerries have good reason to be nervous of Russia.

In the 19th century they assassinated the liberal Tsar Alexander II. In the 20th century they tortured the poor Russians with revolution and communism, having bankrolled both the 1905 and 1917 revolutions. In 1941 they invaded in massive strength. They have been responsible for huge loss of Russian life. Between 1917 and the GRU’s taking out of the DVD’s Josef Stalin in 1953, they plunged Russia into chaos.

It is noteworthy that most of the media outlets stirring up this fake controversy over alleged improper links between the Trump Campaign and Russia, like the WaPo and the New York Times, are pro-German. Likewise, the Republicans in Congress who are using this as a stick with which to beat the Republican Administration are mostly acolytes of Bush 41.


The Good News

The good news for the Democrats and the MSM is that treatment for paranoia has advanced considerably in recent years. With rest and good psychiatric care most of them should recover their mental health. Many might even be able to lead useful lives.

How best to p..s off John McCain and Lindsey Graham? This is a question which has been troubling conservatives since the inauguration.

There is seemingly no allegation against the Trump Campaign so ridiculous that Senators McCain and Graham cannot be found to support it. If Washington is a swamp, then these two are alligators, no offense intended.

I think the best way to p..s them off would be for the Administration to formally recognise Russia’s perfectly proper re-annexation of parts of eastern Ukraine, territory which was once part of the Russian Empire and which lies within Russia’s Sphere of Influence.

Both McCain and Graham are strong supporters of the German-backed neo-Nazi regime in Kiev. Recognition would be a real kick in the teeth for them, and that’s where they need kicking, again no offense.

Breaking up NATO would be another good idea, without prejudice to the Special Relationship between the US and the UK. Germany would like nothing more than to drag her former wartime enemies into a conflict with each other.

The idea that Britain and America should go to war with Russia in order to save Germany from defeat is simply ridiculous; indeed if Russia did go to war with Germany, we should join in on the side of the Good Guys, i.e. the Russians.



I strongly recommend a viewing of David Zublick’s recent YouTube presentation on Pizzagate: The Men Who Knew Too Much about Pizzagate.

David’s theory, which I find fits the facts, is that General Flynn was forced out because he was closing in on the involvement of several senior Democrats in Pizzagate. Apparently it wasn’t Mike Flynn who was taking the lead on this, but his son. The apple does not usually fall far from the free, and I suspect that his son is both good people and smart.

It’s not just Democrats mixed up in Pizzagate, however – several left-wing, pro-German Republicans are also involved. Zublick has suggested that one of them is a good friend of Vice-President Mike Pence. If true, that would make sense: there was no reason at all to force Mike Flynn out over his perfectly proper dealings with HE the Russian Ambassador, who I gather is a nice chap, with respect.

Admittedly Mike Flynn could have given Mike Pence a fuller briefing, but given the pressure everybody was under during the Transition it was perfectly understandable that he didn’t. All that Mike Pence needed to do was to ask for an apology, which in fact he was given anyway. Nothing to see here, folks, move on.

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Instead what happened was like an accident on a British motorway – lots of flashing lights, police cars everywhere, lane closures and queues for miles.

When you eventually drive past the accident scene you expect to see dead bodies everywhere, with arms and legs hanging out of smashed-up automobiles and bloodstains all over the road. Instead all you see is a minor shunt, with a couple of bent fenders. Not even a single body.

There was nothing for Mike Pence to get so excited about over the contacts between Mike Flynn and the Russian Ambassador, so why was were the Vice-President’s panties in such a twist, no offense intended? If Mike Flynn truly was closing in on a friend of Mike Pence, that would explain the Vice-President’s with respect hysterical over-reaction.

David Zublick was not on my radar until this week, but he seems to me to be talking sense. I’ve suggested he read my book!


The Democrats’ long-term aims

Do Obama Democrats want to do real harm to America? Do they hate the country and the very idea of freedom and democracy? Do they want to build up China, at America’s expense?

The idea of fair trade with China seems to be anathema to them – they are desperate to export American jobs to East Asia. (And then they wonder why they lost in the Rust-Belt states).

They also want to hasten making whites a minority in their own country. Their version of America mid-century is of a country with a Hispanic/black/Moslem majority population and a built-in majority for the Democratic Party. As we saw in the Obama years they were willing to disregard federal immigration statutes and encourage immigration violators to breach America’s laws.

President Trump’s patriotic America First policies pose a real threat to them. They are desperate to prevent America being governed in the American interest. In their eyes any president who does not govern America in the Sino-German interest is illegitimate. They will do everything they can to frustrate such a president.

Clinton Democrats are desperate for power. When she finally realised that she had lost, at about 1 am on election night, Hillary threw one of the biggest hissy-fits in American history. No TV screen was safe. The Russians have a charming custom of throwing champagne glasses backwards after a toast. Hillary was throwing them forwards.

The Clintons seem to see their role as managers of American decline, rather like the two Harolds, Macmillan and Wilson, saw their role in the 1950s and 1960s as managing Britain’s decline. As with the two Harolds, each of whom was a German agent, who had worked hard for a German victory in World War II, the Clintons do not seem to mind the decline of their country as long as they’re in charge.

To what lengths will these desperate Democrats go?


The Fibbies and the wire-tap

The controversy over the illegal FBI wiretap of the Trump Campaign seems to provide the answer. It is now clear that the Fibbies were backing Hillary Clinton and were prepared to break the law in order to get her elected.

The President is right, with respect, to be shocked. The parallel with Watergate is entirely fair.

It is no answer to say that the Fibbies were ‘just’ tapping the Russian Ambassador. Under international law they have no business tapping any ambassador’s telephone. That was a serious breach of diplomatic protocol.

Since the allegations of Russian tampering with the election are just got-up nonsense in order to embarrass the Trump Administration it is clear that the Fibbies had no legitimate law enforcement interest in tapping either the Ambassador’s phones, or the Trump Campaign’s.

Mark Levin’s analysis that a ‘soft coup’ is underway appears to me to be sound. It is consistent with what distinguished colleagues on VT were saying the week before.

It is now clear that leading Democrats, and key players in both the FBI and CIA, no doubt reporting to the Correa/COREA Group in Frankfurt, were not expecting Donald Trump to be sworn in. I suspect there was a plan to assassinate both him and Vice-President-elect Pence during the inauguration, before they started taking their respective oaths of office.

Frankfurt Coat of Arms

The hysterical smear campaign over alleged links with Russia has all the hallmarks of a botched, last-minute operation.

The Democrats and the media badly bungled their attack last week on the Attorney-General. He slipped up slightly during his confirmation hearings, but since neither meeting with the Russian Ambassador was significant, nor anything to do with Russian ‘interference’ in the election, the omissions, such as they were, were not material.

It looks like the Fibbies miscalculated the election badly. They would hardly have broken the law to help a side they thought were losing. Now they have a serious Attorney-General in place they and their Democrat allies are panicking.

Given Democrat exposure over Pizzagate, which the FBI has helped cover up, they have even more reason to want a malleable, Loretta Lynch type A-G in place. The very last thing either the Democrats or the Fibbies want is an Attorney-General with integrity.

Priebus must go

One thing which has emerged very clearly since the inauguration is that Reince Priebus is one of the Bad Guys, with respect. He’s got to go. It’s not just that he’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot, as we say over here.

The White House is leaking like a sieve and Priebus is playing political games. Very frankly, he’s about as loyal to the President as Brutus was to Julius Caesar, and as we know Big Julie had some loyalty issues with Brutus.


The DNA Report on Obama

With respect, Mike Pompeo needs to stop holding out on the President over the CIA’s DNA report on Obama. Since it ruled out Obama’s claimed maternity it’s pretty explosive.

It may be of course that the Virginia Farm Boys are holding out on the Director. Either way Mike needs to recognise that he wasn’t sent down to Langley to be house-trained.

If the CIA aren’t careful they may find that the NSA or the DIA beat them to it, which would do them no harm at all in future budget negotiations.

Nevermind that a copy of the report would give President Trump a bigger stick than Theodore Roosevelt’s with which to beat Obama, the CIA should have stopped the man from running as soon as they confirmed that he was an alien.

Since Snowden took a copy of the DNA report to Moscow President Trump could always get a copy on his first state visit to Russia. I am sure that President Putin would like a little something in return, like the Eastern Ukraine, but that can always be arranged.


This Week’s TV Review: Sounds of the Sixties

Britain’s most popular radio show for the last 25 years has been Sounds of the Sixties, presented by BBC stalwart Brian Matthew on Radio 2 at 8 am on Saturday mornings. The show was hugely successful and Brian Matthew was very popular; so they’ve fired him, even though he was only 89, and moved the show to a graveyard slot, 6 am on Saturday morning. Trust me, 6 am on a Saturday in England is a graveyard slot. Even the Army doesn’t do reveille at 0600 on a Saturday.

Having missed my usual dose of Sixties music yesterday morning, I chanced to tune in to a TV programme by the same name, being broadcast on the Yesterday channel, whilst waiting for another program.

Music scene 1960s Liverpool

What I saw was one of the most hilarious TV interviews I have ever seen. I hope it’s up on YouTube somewhere. Pink Floyd, one of my favorite brands, has just played a track, and played it very well too.

This was in the early years of the band, indeed the show was in black and white, the BBC having delayed the introduction of color in Britain in order to annoy people.

A bloke in a moustache, smoking a ciggy, then conducts an interview of such stunning vacuity that I first thought it had to be a wind-up. No, he was serious. Having complained about the noise (!) he then wittered on about string quartets.

Now one thing Pink Floyd are not is a string quartet. Their very name is what we in the Intelligence Community call a clue. I’m sorry I don’t have more details for you, but track it down and watch it if you can. It’s a hoot.

And yes, I do like pop music. I’m a social liberal, remember, although I’m against abortion save in the case of rape, preferring to leave killing babies to our community partners the Germans, who have more experience at it, favor capital punishment, because it works, and support the War on Drugs.


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Michael Shrimpton

Michael Shrimpton is a barrister, currently suspended of course, called to the Bar in London in 1983. He is a specialist in National Security and Constitutional Law, Strategic Intelligence and Counter-terrorism.

He has wide ranging connections both in Western Intelligence agencies and amongst ex-Soviet Bloc agencies. The late Generaloberst Markus Wolf, of the Stasi and DVD, was one of his contacts. Michael has earned respect in the intelligence community for his analysis of previously unacknowledged post-WWII covert operations against the West by the German DVD organization based in Dachau, near Munich, Germany, and its British, French and American client agencies.

These continue to the present day, as politicians and the media are too nervous of standing up to them.

Michael was formerly an Adjunct Professor of Intelligence Studies in the Department of National Security, Intelligence and Space Studies at the American Military University, teaching intelligence subjects at Masters level to inter alia serving intelligence officers. He has represented US and Israeli intelligence officers in law and briefed in staffers on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9-11.

In the wake of that murderous attack he addressed panels on terrorism in Washington DC and Los Angeles organized by the respected Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. Fellow panelists included a former head of Special Operations Command and a former Commander of the US Atlantic Fleet.

Michael's active assistance to Intelligence and Law Enforcement agencies in the Global War on Terror produced some notable successes, including the exposure of the Abu Ghraib 'hood' photograph as a fake.

His work on strategic intelligence took him to the Pentagon and he has also met with senior advisors to the President of the Russian Federation, in Moscow, in November 2005. He participated in the Global Strategic Review conference in Geneva in 2005 and was a speaker at both the Intelligence Conference (Intelcon) in 2005, and the Intelligence Summit in 2006, each at Crystal City.

In 2006 he was flown out to, and flew off from, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65), as part of the US Navy's Distinguished Visitor Program. She was then working up her air group off the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, before operational deployment to the Persian Gulf. It is comparatively unusual for a foreign civilian to complete a carrier landing and launch cycle.

Michael's ground-breaking, 700 page intelligence text "Spyhunter: The Secret History of German Intelligence" was published in England by June Press in April 2014. It features on a number of intelligence syllabuses, as does intelligence analysis prepared by Michael, e.g. on the brutal 2003 assassination of British weapons scientist Dr David Kelly CMG.

In their unlawful raid on Michael’s home in Wendover, Buckinghamshire in April 2012 Thames Valley Police officers seized the manuscript of Spyhunter and all of Michael’s onshore backups. Publication was only possible because the draft had been backed up offshore. The police hung onto the seized copies long after it was decided not to use them as evidence.

In November 2014 Michael was convicted at Southwark Crown Court by a tampered-with jury panel on two bogus bomb-hoax charges. Prior to bringing in the police the British Ministry of Defence, after consulting with the Cabinet Office, destroyed their recordings of Michael’s initial contact and qualified intelligence briefing re a DVD operation to target the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics using a stolen Russian SS-N-19 warhead.

Happily the NSA intercepted both Michael’s call to MOD and their call to him (on a number he had provided) and the intercepts are now in the hands of MI5.

As Michael’s distinguished Veterans Today colleagues Gordon Duff and Ben Fulford have confirmed on this website, his intelligence briefing to MOD was substantially correct and two warheads, both off an SS-19, were recovered by the US. After inspection the Department of Energy estimated their yield at 20KT.

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  1. Comment to Editors: I love the Mr. Fish cartoon! Good job! Now, could you please send a copy of it to Howard Dean or his brother Jim (the OTHER Jim Dean) before Howard completely destroys the Democrat party, by his recent pandering to what he THINKS the Millennial demographic wants, regarding abortion? Btw, Howard is dead wrong about what the Millennials want. He needs to get out and do walkabouts a little more often, instead of slavishly following polls.

  2. By the way, Benjamin Fulford’s column this week, has openly named high-placed people as child murderers. To me, this means that the trials are near. I hope so, but I will believe it when I see it! In addition, Fulford lambastes Sen. McCain and others, for goings-on in the Middle East and Japan…

    • Fulford’s position is best described as “freedom any day now”, which can be countered with a dose of Jim Stone’s “we’re all gonna die tomorrow” pessimism. But the truth is somewhere in between.

  3. (cont’d) I did win in the end, got the courts to emancipate the kid early rather than give the adult pedo the guardianship. The 2 people weren’t related, thank God, but in the absence of a complaint the court had been going to give the kid away. Then I got the school to kick the pedo out of the kid’s house and to make the kid go to Al-Anon after school. It all worked out for the kid. The kid graduated from school, got accepted into engineering college out west, and took his girlfriend with him. But before he left, he made a point of seeking out my husband and me to thank us, and to say he was sorry he had tormented us. It wasn’t quite enough, as my husband’s career had been destroyed, and we had some mysterious ailments that I now think were attempted murder. But here’s the thing. I personally know at least one good kid that I saved, not to mention the countless unknown others in the future. So I sleep well at night. Watch the organ-grinder, not the monkey!

  4. I like the pithy way you phrased this in the past: Forget the monkey (the front guy; in this case, Jewish assets); keep your eye on the organ-grinder in the back! This rule doesn’t ONLY apply to Intel. It also applies to any abuse situation, whether it’s child abuse, spouse abuse, or slavery. I ran into this when I went head to head against a psychopathic (Mensa member) gay pedo who had recently been a next-door neighbor of mine, and I knew him quite well from social gatherings. He made 1 small slip-up, a comment to me, as we chatted during a middle-school boys’ basketball game, a comment that anyone but me would have seen as innocent. But the hair rose on my neck and I KNEW, quite suddenly. So he sent his 2 “minions” against me and my family, and everyone in authority. They were all fooled by the 2 little delinquents who tormented us. One of my friends, a teacher who should have known better, told me that the particular minor child orphan that I worried about, was the abuser in the relationship with the 30ish adult!!! The manipulative s.o.b. pedo! And he had friends in both high and low places. But the high-placed friend lost an election, and left his elected position on the stroke of midnight of Y2K, with the new admin having arrived early, along with the cops, to observe and to prevent document-shredding and destroying of hard drives.

  5. If Trump wants to talk to Russians to see if things can be worked out instead of the old enemy, cold war mantra, people must have welcomed it except the defense industrial complex and their paid puppets in congress.

  6. “In the 20th century they tortured the poor Russians with revolution and communism, having bankrolled both the 1905 and 1917 revolutions”

    The Mensheviks were Jews. Karl Marx was a Jew and so was more than 80% of Bolshevik leadership. Authoritative Jewish sources make clear that communism is largely a Jewish phenomenon. Many boasted about it. You believe Rothschild agent, Jacob Schiff, was a loyal German, working for German interests? He was a primary sponsor of that atrocity.

    “In their eyes any president who does not govern America in the Sino-German interest is illegitimate.” Again, you are confusing Germans with Jews.

    I see you used the meaningless and defamatory “anti-semitic” card on Eduardo. That’s not an argument, nor even a valid statement. It does nothing to take away anything from what he said. That’s just a made up term to make criticism of Jewish behaviour sound scientific and silence it, by associating their critics with Adolf Hitler. It’s quite pathetic really.

    • Aside from that, I agree with much of what you said about Russia. I like Putin, he might be the best leader in the world right now. Considering the condition Russia was in when he became leader and seeing where they are at today, it’s actually pretty amazing. Western political officials criticize him endlessly, but while they’ve been taking steps backwards, he’s been taking steps forward. He’s taken a number of tough situations that were unjustifiably thrown at him by the West and turned them into positive situations. Turning economic and trade sanctions into an opportunity to make Russia more self sufficient, is a good example. None of the Western “officials” who criticize him have done near as much for their country, as Putin has done for Russia. Instead of criticizing him, Western politicians should be taking notes. Also, I love that picture of the room full of jack asses, wondering what the spine is.

    • Anyone can call me Antisemite, Catholic, Hindu or Muslim or Jew. It does not offend me because I am all, without being religious. Thanks anyway Amelius. Many great comments of you on VT.

  7. Watch out Mr. Shrimpton that you don´t glitch on the slime way and fall by your kowtow to the Joos.

    • Is it possible that you don´t even know that german speaking people from Swiss, Austria and Germany are from 3 different countries ? No pun intended by this but sometime I think your lack of Geography is remarkable. Hitler was an Austrian and CIA is Swiss.

    • You are welcome Michael! Sure, I will accept the possibility that it could be read this way – if one is religious. Besides, I read parts of the old testament and am fully aware that the Jews are the good guys. That is why our world is sooooo just, humane – a paradise on Earth – filled with Shekel.

    • There are much elder religions like the Aegyptian, Babylonian, Antlantis, and even Hinduism. The stole it all from them and tells the world it is theirs. And the idea about Astrotheology is as old as humanity is.

    • Trakkath, the “chosen ones” (choice of their own) not only copied events from older religions into their own manuscripts of treason for humanity, they covered up and changed science into a new darkness declaring idolatry and turning the earth into a flat disk and as the center of the universe. 1500 years later Christian seafarer were still scared to fall of the edge of the earth around 1500 ad. Science until today has never recovered from this and is still controlled, censored and capitalized by the same mob. Same applies to humanity in general.
      The first false flag event in humanity was the burning of the Alexandrian library.

  8. Nah, pizza ? There are almost daily arrests of Catholic priests for pedophilia. There is no entity more steeped in guilt than the CC. Biden, a Catholic showed up at the Award for “Spotlight” and supported Kathleen Kane in her crusade to clean up Pa., Also Chris Dodd is CEO of MPAA. No, the liberals are more likely to be philanderers than pedos. They don’t fit the profile. Even the President of Philippines and 2 council members have aired their abuse stories in a country 80% Catholic. Religion is attractive to conservatives, and the repression and easy avenues it provides means for every victim that comes forward, 200 more do not. Even using conservative numbers, nobody comes close to the CC for pedo mania. Duterte’s abuser was a retread from LA. If I was hunting pedos, I’d start on the right. Get ready if NY approves the new statute of limitations, NYC Catholics will go bankrupt.

    • It has nothing to do with DemocRats or Rebloodplicans, it has to do that both are the same coin with a lot of criminals in it. And Washington DC is part of the “Vati can” three. Where the real Master behind the scene seems to be the old Aegypt nobility together with 13 satanic persian bloodline, the black nobility, ruling from Swiss and Rome. Swiss = Sisters of Isis.
      And for them we are only slaves or things, so it is not even murder for them, only to break a thing, if they molest and kill children or adults. They are soulkillers or souldreapers.

  9. This column has more plums than usual; lots to think about. The Pink Floyd reference was a surprise, they were a bit too dystopian for me. But it fits well with Pizzagate. “Hey! Teachers! Leave those kids alone!”

    • From article above: “Now one thing Pink Floyd are not is a string quartet. Their very name is what we in the Intelligence Community call a clue.” Well, the name refers to a combo of the names of 2 black American bluesmen, named Pinkney (Pink) and Floyd. I like the blues, and R&B. The maestro back in the 60s, and continuing until now, is of course Eric Clapton. I remember the Yardbirds, but the high-water mark was Cream. And his CBE award was well-earned!

  10. “Unlike Germany, Russia is not engaged in a quasi-war with the USA. Russia has not sponsored assassinations on US soil, as Germany has done, repeatedly.”

    Germany is run by Jews through antisemitism. USA is run by Jews and has reinvented terrorism and colonization. Russia, is astonishing neutral towards Jewish aggression in the middle east and western world – is that not surprising at all?
    And the Germans are still the bad guys? Interesting parallel world Micheal Shrimpton.

    • I as a german give a shit on Mr. Shrimpton hate on germans. May he asphyxiate from it.
      Maybe it has to do with the “House of Saxon-Coburg-Gotha” or the “House of Windsor” as they are called now ?

  11. ‘… and as we know Big Julie had some loyalty issues with Brutus.’

    Wonderful, Michael ! You might be as crazy as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking-chairs* – with respect – about the Germans, whom you irrationally confuse with the swarthy-shirted facists and the rest of the monied people in the West, who supported them, but that ‘Big Julie’ crack is priceless.

    * I plead guilty to plagiarising that simile from one of VT’s regular columnists, Your Honour.

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