“False flag” just entered mainstream vocabulary – THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING

Watch outspoken ex-Jew Henry Herskovitz help me break down this week’s False Flag Weekly News (embedded above). Click HERE for story links.

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” -Trump, misquoting Gandhi

Fifteen years ago, I began telling everyone who would listen (and a whole lot of folks who wouldn’t) that 9/11 was a false flag operation. Gradually, month by month and year by year, more and more people joined the “truth movement.”

They ignored us for years, then tried to laugh at the “crazy truthers.” Sean Hannity invited me on his show in June 2006 to bark out “most people think you’re a nut.”

Then they fought back, as more than 1,000 full-time workers at NSA were tasked with keeping a lid on 9/11, according to former NSA officer Wayne Madsen’s sources. Obama’s information czar Cass Sunstein announced a government program to “cognitively infiltrate” the 9/11 truth movement in order to “disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories.”

Then they fought back harder: The internet was severely tampered with to prevent 9/11 truth from “breaking out.” During the run-up to the 9/11 anniversary in 2013, Russia Today broadcast a documentary entitled “9/11 and Operation Gladio” — and just as it began going viral and heading for millions of views, it suddenly disappeared from search engines. Emails featuring the url fell into a black hole in cyberspace, never to arrive yet never to bounce.

But they couldn’t stop the truth from slowly leaking into the public sphere. Public faith in official institutions gradually eroded. The election of certified “conspiracy theorist” Donald Trump last fall signaled that the mainstream reality has crumbled, for better or worse.

And this week, the expression “false flag” entered the mainstream media’s vocabulary.

First, Donald Trump suggested that the week’s wave of apparent anti-Jewish vandalism could be a false flag.

Haaretz no longer needs to explain what a “false flag” is.

The Atlantic also reported on a false flag operation (at CPAC) without explaining the term.

The leading mainstream cyber-security magazine reported on a cyber false flag targeting Russia.

And the National Review reported that famous economist Robert Reich is accusing Breitbart of running a pro-Trump false flag in Berkeley.

Not that many years ago, it seemed like I was the only one talking about false flags. Today, everybody’s talking about them.

So what will happen if the usual suspects try to convince us that Iran attacked a US ship in the Persian Gulf? Patrick Clawson of WINEP, a leading Zionist-neocon think tank, went on record a few years ago calling for such a false flag.

But I’m not sure it will work. False flag awareness may have already risen high enough that “Operation Clawson” would backfire.

One of the reasons that false flag awareness is spreading like wildfire is the availability of high-quality analyses of recent false flag events. So don’t miss this chance to be a part of history! Please tune in every week to False Flag Weekly News, and  check out my edited False Flag Trilogy when you get the chance!

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Kevin Barrett
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7 Replies to ““False flag” just entered mainstream vocabulary – THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING

  1. That really means nothing for the fake news fakers. Just another word for them they can abuse for their Joo purposes. All 3 sources of Newsmakers or Newsfakers are in their hand, like Reuters, Ap and the 3rd I forgot the name.

  2. We had a recent false flag here in Melbourne Australia, where a nut job first doing doughnuts, then driving down a pedestrian way killing 6 people before police rammed his car and arrested driver.
    First a bullion stating Burke and Swanton streets closed nite before for one hour,, Person in blue directing his driving, one CCTV showing car swerving to avoid pedestrians, brake lights on, then no footage from any business CCTV showing anyone being hit. One victim was jewish of course, big coverage on MSM of her funeral speeches, no flowers, no grief, and all this just before Nuttyahu arrives for official visit.The only witness’s to actual hitting of pedestrians, wait for it, the lord mayor and the highest cop in the State.
    Just a con, to get sympathy for the jewish community before the leader of the apartheid state of isreal arrives.

    1. I have sympathy for the Jewish community, considering the reputation they have for what the Zionists have been doing in their name.

    2. Unfortunately Ashkenazi jews make up 90% of the population of jews, every PM of israel since it’s inception has been an Ashkenazi., and they run roughshod over all others.

  3. All false-flags originated by satanic occult-ridden maniacs, regardless against whom they are directed (including people of Jewish descent), are signed. Here’s one of the latest ones: “Jewish centers are threatened all across America” -> 432/42=6*6*6/(7+7+7)=6*6*6/7*(10-7); Same phrase in reverse alphabet results in <– 702/42=(1+701)/(6*6+6). Rings a bell ?!

  4. About a month and a half ago, i was watching a Blackhawks game on WGN and there was a commercial for WGN nightly news, detailing their upcoming story regarding vandalism of a Jewish synagogue. I said out loud, the first thought that popped into my head, “Ya, I bet the police investigation finds that it was a Jew who did that and we won’t hear another word about it.” My dad laughed and I reminded him of a female university student who appeared on the news last year, crying about how someone put a swastika on her locker at school and that upon further investigation, school cameras showed that she herself put the swastika on her own locker. They want to make it appear that what they erroneously refer to as “antisemitism” is on the rise, so they can push for laws that aim to surpress criticism of Jewish behaviour.

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