Have we forgotten we have an accused child rapist in the White House?


…by Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor

Funny thing, as “wiretapping” is a hot subject now, as this was being edited prior to publishing in WordPress, we were hit with a denial of service attack that repeatedly killed what was written.  It must have been Hillary or the ghost of Roy Cohn.


With the deluge of McCarthyite retaliatory attacks flowing out of Trumpland, do remember that both disgraced Senator “Tailgunner Joe” McCarthy and “The Donald” shared the same mentor, mob lawyer Roy Cohn, we must remember the real charges Trump is ducking.

The documents and excerpts below are from the civil lawsuit alleging Donald Trump raped and beat a 13 year old girl, silencing her with threats and then later making her civil suit “disappear.”  Did she “disappear” also, as she feared she might?  We don’t know.

What we do know is that if a normal person is accused of raping a child, this is a criminal matter, not something to set mob thugs and lawyers on.  Read on and consider this:  “Has Trump’s behavior during his first 30 days made these accusations ‘slam dunk’ believable?”

I say yes, what say you?

Amended Complaint Filed 9/30/2016 by LawNewz on Scribd

Judge Status Conference Order Jane Doe. V Trump by LawNewz on Scribd

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  1. LC: Thanks for the link. Yes, I vaguely recall having seen news about the voluntary dismissal (‘without prejudice,’ which means that the alleged victim and her attorneys can file the case again).

    Similar to the Trump University case (alleging fraud by Trump & Co.), Trump’s attorneys (probably) settled the civil case alleging that Trump raped a 13YO girl. ‘Big Bucks’ probably involved. [Pun firmly intended.]

    Since there is a possible criminal case lurking in the background (independent of the civil case), Trump’s attorneys would want nothing in the record — thus, no settlement mentioned in the ‘voluntary’ dismissal.

    George Carlin regularly lampooned politicians (and attorneys too). However, attorneys do it to themselves better than Carlin ever could. See “Lawyer’s Pants Catch Fire during Trial in Miami” at http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2017/03/09/defense-lawyer-pants-catch-fire-during-trial-miami/qXtuRQzbRXsnda0G6jyJON/story.html.

    Trump’s attorneys regularly invoice Trump for new pantaloons… ;-).

  2. Don’t forget the “judge” who was special prosecutor of Clinton who let it all hang out and spent how many millions of dollars for what? Then he later pops up on the airplane sex scandal defense team and is credited with obtaining the secret slap on the wrist of a year sentence which has been challenged by the victims but still kept a carefully guarded secret, with the final scene a resignation from Chancellor at Baylor for refusing to take action against football rapists.

  3. Class A felonies such as rape or murder can not be settled out of court by agreement of the Plaintiff and Defendant. The state has an obligation, to the citzens to protect us from predators, and to guarantee our safety the state must prosecute criminal complaints like the one described above. The only way to get around this is if there is a lack of evidence. If there is such a void of evidence then the plaintiff can sue in civil courts. ala Goldberg v OJ.

  4. Says it all doesn’t it? Yet Trump garnered much of the evangelical/fundamentalist votes so what does that tell you about the state of religion in America. Just read some of the Facebook responses and you can tall straight off where they came from.
    I could not read the complaint as it would make me sick. Epstein is a monster who needs to be exterminated. I could care less if he is a jew.
    It’s absolutely sickening these people can get away with things like this just because they have lots of wealth at their disposal.
    Justice is blind in America? What a joke. Justice in America does not exist. Only fools and the ignorant believe so.

    • Justice is crippled because with one hand she has to lift her skirt and with the other hand she has to cash.

  5. The video of the younger Trump uses “playboy” as a label, and what we now know, that this is a guy who brags about male conquest. The first for a Presidential debate. Add, he takes pride in his conquests. Add the beauty pageants , and everyone knows young models are targeted big time. He boasted of walking through the dressing rooms. Add,his particular tastes illustrate attractiveness as a top priority. Braggarts are the first to go after female youth as a trophy. The look at the inauguration from Melania made people feel bad for her. The math works on this question. The archetype fits in every way. In a room of fifty, there is usually one. They are easy to spot, even without the money, which certainly creates access to many things desirable. Adding too much power to this equation is inauspicious for the people.

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