Blockbuster: Russiagate II, The Saga of Treason

Did Trump turn to foreign spies to block impeachment, discredit enemies?

…by Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor

[ Editor’s Note: This weekend, Trump left the staff in DC when he flew back to Mar-a-Lago. What new president in turmoil dumps his advisors, including national security?

Would it be that he does not trust his staff seeing what he is doing? Are there new guests at Trump by the Sea from foreign countries that he wants no witnesses for? Is Trump receiving “briefings”, and if so, by whom and why? This is what we cover here Jim W. Dean ]


The weekend getaway, but from what, or to whom?

– First published  …  March 06,  2017

Documents leaked by the Department of Homeland Security, dated as early as July 27, 2016, warn of a “relationship” between an American political “entity” and one or more foreign intelligence services. That entity is the Trump campaign and Donald Trump personally.

However, our own sources not only confirm Homeland Security’s claims but take it a step further, naming the agencies and taking contact into the present, a pattern of contacts between the President of the United States and the intelligence agencies of Pakistan, Israel and Russia — a president seeking blackmail “dossiers” on key Americans for reasons we outline below.

This was published today, based on sources from five national agencies that are tracking this story:

Contacts with a Russian ambassador are usually a two-way street, in terms of getting information

“The day Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak mingled with Trump campaign advisers — including then-Sen. Jeff Sessions — at a conference near the Republican National Convention, the Department of Homeland Security began preparing a nationwide warning about foreign intelligence officials attempting to elicit information from U.S. government personnel at conferences, events, and other functions.

The document, eventually released on July 27, 2016, and reviewed by The Daily Beast, doesn’t specifically mention which foreign intelligence service might be making such contacts. But a senior administration official says that growing concern within U.S. government circles about Russian interference in the election generally — and Kislyak’s presence at the RNC in particular—was “not unrelated” to the production of the DHS intelligence bulletin.

Another source confirms the connection, pointing to a section of the bulletin warning of attempts by foreign intelligence officials “to gather intelligence through what appears to be normal, even mundane, social or professional contact” at events including conferences.”

President Trump may have committed treason, not when he accused former President Obama of illegal wiretapping, not even when he covered up the crash of an Osprey aircraft that was shot down in Yemen with all aboard, not even tied to his efforts to pay off the family of a 13-year-old he is accused of having sex with.

For those unaware, Trump’s claims against Obama and the FBI come from a conspiracy theory put forward by podcaster Mark Levin – and picked up by Rush Limbaugh and later by a blogger named Joel Pollack – who simply made up a longer story, totally fabricated.

The real issue behind it all isn’t just Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ perjury over his contacts with Russia, or the resignation of General Mike Flynn, who also was caught lying. It goes further and is much worse; it involves blackmail, and the President himself turning to foreign governments, and by “governments” we are talking “intelligence agencies” to blackmail Congress.

“You are not going to believe what we are getting from the Afghanis”

According to real sources, not podcasters or bloggers, at least three national intelligence agencies, those of Pakistan, Israel and Russia, have been contacted by President Trump personally, asking for dossiers on members of congress, including but not limited to Senators McCain and Graham.

In particular, Pakistan’s ISI has extensive dossiers on American military, political and even diplomatic personnel who have involved themselves in Afghanistan’s web of corruption, a web that often leads to the corridors of power in Islamabad as well.

Sources say Trump’s “concerns” included his allegations that the two senators were involved in money-laundering and drug trafficking in support of terrorism and, more exactly, that they (and former Senator Joseph Lieberman was mentioned as well) had carried “bank instruments” on their official junkets.

These “instruments” are simply printed pieces of paper which can be hidden in a wallet or jacket pocket, typically worth tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars:

Trump knows all of this and more.  The question here is this; is Trump looking for leverage to govern in lieu of a corrupt Congress that is sandbagging his foreign policy initiatives, or is he corrupt himself?  

Involved are, according to sources, a former Prime Minister of Pakistan, the current and former Prime Ministers of Afghanistan, Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

On the US side, those involved are members of Congress from both parties, including everyone who has been involved or has taken “special interest” in “helping” Afghanistan. Every American officer above one star, general or admiral, not just in Afghanistan and Iraq but naval officers from the 5th Fleet in Bahrain as well, have, according to sources, all been “in the loop” on payoffs:

US Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo

  • A share in drug trafficking between Afghanistan and Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo
  • Moving heroin processing facilities from the newly established Afghanistan “dry cleaning plants” to traditional and safer facilities inside Turkey
  • Billions in cash, entire pallets, intended to payoff Northern Alliance drug kingpins in Afghanistan, more to the Sunni/Baathist Iraqi military who make up the bulwark of ISIS, and to huge rakeoffs from arms sales
  • The continual influx of Saudi cash used to push the US into “boots on the ground” in Yemen, into sending SEAL teams into Iran (a very serious issue), cash laundered as “corporate contributions” under “Citizens United”
  • Huge kickbacks/backhanders to Pentagon and congressional leaders from weapons sent to Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria, sold on the open market, and often “repurchased” by Saudi Arabia and sent to ISIS

The most serious long term issue is a president who, perhaps rightly so, distrusts the CIA, FBI and Pentagon, who knows congressional leadership in his own party is totally corrupt and who has chosen to turn to foreign intelligence agencies to leverage them.

From recent observations, particularly of Senator Lindsay Graham and his “about-face” on Trump, it is likely Graham and McCain as well, normally political enemies of Trump, have been co-opted and silenced. McCain recently visited Syria; we are getting reports on that now, whom he met, what he promised.

Graham has agreed to back Trump’s seemingly irrational efforts to fabricate a wiretapping case, as outlined above, based on fake-news blogger conspiracy theories. This is very telling, as Senator Graham has a huge closet full of skeletons, including those involving his questionable military service, where the rumor mill at Charleston Air Force Base actually has a chat room to discuss Graham and his sexual peccadilloes with young male airmen.

Sexually disgraced former governor Mark Sanford, and probable blackmail-victim Lindsey Graham with then President George W. Bush. Accusations against both Sanford and Graham involved the South Carolina Air National Guard


Security agencies confirm that dossiers are being sought on many — Pentagon officials, congressional leaders, anyone from the Obama administration and particularly on former Vice President Joseph Biden — to feed what seems to be a “presidential hit list” for the following purposes:

  • To end congressional “Russo-phobia” through blackmail, and push forward an agenda to end sanctions and move against NATO
  • To block any impeachment proceedings, and such proceedings are imminent
  • To use Congress freely to run endless investigations as a form of subterfuge

Wikileaks Issue

Russiagate II is more than new and highly illegal contacts between the White House, in actuality the president himself, and foreign spy agencies or even blackmail.  The downfall is always conspiracy and obstruction of justice, of perjury and the trail it leads to when weaklings like Jeff Sessions are left open to prosecution.  In such cases, a presidential pardon would lead to impeachment quickly, unless of course the leaders of the Senate themselves were being blackmailed, which seems to be the case.

The truth about Wikileaks isn’t either

Where the stakes are raised is the issues tied to Wikileaks.  Let me explain.  Democratic campaign operatives began compiling Wikileaks gaffs, “seeded” or “fabricated” documents placed among the flurry of leaked emails.  

The FBI has their own version of this, and these fake Wikileaks documents, proven by intelligence intercepts to be created by a foreign government, are a “smoking gun.”

You see, without an “overt act” of some kind, simply meeting with Russian or “other unnamed country” officials – and we are saying “spies” – may be illegal but not always prosecutable. When those visits are timed to fabricated leaks traced to a foreign intelligence agency – fake leaks intended to interfere with an American election, even when “laundered” through Wikileaks – we approach treason.

Here the evidence does exist, and the irrefutable rationale for a special prosecutor exists. If Trump surrogates met with a foreign intelligence officer, and the Russian Ambassador to the US is certainly that by any legal standard or even “common sense” if such a thing exists anymore, and as a result of this meeting, extrapolated through timing and subject matter of the fake documents, created a probability of a conspiracy to undermine constitutional authority, this is treason.

A prima facie case for treason exists based on not only the visits but the lies already told, and evidence compiled by the Obama administration in their investigation of Russian interference in the US election.

There may well be evidence that more than one nation was involved as well, in fact we are certain of it.

We are also certain that everything required to prove this case exists, and has been known long enough to have provided the rationale for President Trump to turn to foreign spy agencies to block his impeachment through blackmail.

We know what Russia wants; Israel wants the US to move its embassy to Jerusalem; and Pakistan wants Lindsay Graham “put in a box” for his games as well.

Obama with Zardari

Graham, aided by John McCain, joined with “controversial” Pakistani President Zardari to block ISI efforts against suspected Israeli and Indian intelligence efforts to support terrorists inside Pakistan.

These Americans and others, working with Afghani drug lords and said to be aided by both the Mossad and India’s RAW, were seen as a major threat to Pakistan and a source of terrorist funding.

Zardari attended Trump’s inauguration and has approached Trump to support his return to the presidency. Current speculation is that the “road trip” of Saudi King Salman is intended to bolster support for a coalition against Iran, Iraq and Syria, and to smooth over bad relations between the Islamic world and Israel. Part of that effort is to draw Pakistan into a military alliance against Iran — an effort that will involve illegal infusions of cash into Pakistan’s political processes.

As some anonymous person once said, “Welcome to how the world really works”.


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23 Responses to "Blockbuster: Russiagate II, The Saga of Treason"

  1. joetv  March 7, 2017 at 8:35 am

    Maybe Trump does not view things as in turmoil, but rather views this business of government as running smooth. After all he did make the claim that he could run the excutive branch and G.M., at the same time. Are we not tired of all this talk, talk, talk? Tired of the “unnamed sources”, the Daily Beast has been said to be CIA by writers hre at VT, which I can’t name here. And who is paying for all this talk? Is it us the “unnamed” taxpayer?
    We are not children. Stop the SHOUTING, and process the warrants. make the arrest, and then make your case. No one ever talks about this. Better we should make the arrests, and demand all trials open to the public. national security is not a valid reason to not disclose information. If we the people are at risk then we should see the evidence proving exactly how and why.
    Earlier the Daily Beast was outed by a VT, writer who I can’t name, as CIA but, yet today it is a “…real source”.
    Tired in Toledo

  2. Leno  March 7, 2017 at 7:24 am

    Nothing on Vault 7 yet?

  3. Amelius  March 7, 2017 at 12:49 am

    Very interesting. It certainly seems plausible to me. Hopefully, those involved on both sides will start feeling the pressure of prying eyes and find it impossible to live comfortably. As the veil of secrecy dissolves and people become exposed, it might only be a matter of time until they start throwing each other under the bus, to save their own asses. Especially if people are losing their positions, or worse. There is no honour among thieves and murderers. Game over.

    I have to know, what is Trump screaming about in that headline picture? How is a man supposed to hold a nation together, when he can’t even hold himself together?

  4. Garry Compton  March 6, 2017 at 11:42 pm

    This is getting way to complicated at times. The USG is beaucoup Corrupt, is ‘opportunist city’ for all, and is killing the Country. Trump may have asked for help from the Russians months ago , needing info on all the backstabbers, secret ops he’s not being told about, and the rest of the hidden stories. Maybe not, but if he did the Russians would probably give him the Pravda on his ” Colleagues” – all of them. So most Americans still think Russia is worse than their own Corrupted Gov. ?

  5. Mr. Jang  March 6, 2017 at 3:29 pm

    Moreover, if this guy is discussing matters of U.S. national ‘security’ with G*d knows who at Mar-A-Lago, how trustworthy are his (underpaid?) house-holding staff down there? Are they all even legal? If not, then many could have escaped the vetting process that surely must have taken place on staff.
    Mustn’t it?

    • Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta  March 6, 2017 at 3:48 pm

      Mr. Jang: If Trump’s underpaid Mar-a-Lago workers begin to talk, then good. Maybe they did…

      In addition, the Pakistanis, Israelis & Russians to whom Trump & Co. talk probably don’t have the proper clearances either — except for talk about blackmail dossiers.

      By inference, where do you think that VT gets its info? ;-).

    • Mr. Jang  March 6, 2017 at 4:38 pm

      lol~ I wouldn’t even hazard a guess as to where, Dr. But I do know that V.T have provided us with a sharply focused lens through which to view some aspects of the modern world. I say this because what V.T. say, simply makes sense when one steps back to take a look at the bigger picture, Pollock style.
      Now, if only they’d give Capital Jacobs a job, because that gal also provides an incisive commentary if ever there were…

    • Mr. Jang  March 6, 2017 at 5:39 pm

      p.s. Jackson Pollack, that is. We readers have some taste!

    • Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta  March 6, 2017 at 8:29 pm

      Mr. Jang: Thank you. Similar to Jackson Pollock, VT authors paint with a keyboard. “Expressionism,” yes — but not so “Abstract.” Me too, when I can.

      Captial Jacobs and you too can write for VT. Just submit something to an editor. Unfortunately, VT cannot afford to pay money to authors.

      P.S. If it’s any consolation, no one gets paid any money to sing & perform at the Super Bowl Half-Time Show. However, if possible, I’d pay most of them *not* to perform. ;-).

    • Mr. Jang  March 7, 2017 at 1:24 am

      thanks for that suggestion, Dr.
      One’s tried to develop the habit of “Listening to anyone who could contribute to the public good,” and have found that when one does that relatively consistently, the jeremiads of sheissters ring out for what they really are.
      And no worries about the recompense; exposing these weasels for what the are would be payment enough in itself, I’d imagine.
      (p.s. Are you getting ready for the new Wonder ‘Woman’ movie? Should be any day now.)

  6. RichBuckley  March 6, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    So does this mean President Trump is correct, that he was under illegal surveylance all along?

    • Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta  March 6, 2017 at 3:38 pm

      Rich: Court-ordered FISA warrants (signed by a judge, based on probable cause) to monitor foreign intel guys & gals would make it all VERY legal.

      Republican Congress people are now calling on President Tweet to declassify FISA affidavits & warrants. If Trump does not do so — at least on a limited, redacted basis — then Trump has something to hide. That’s why Trump was so pissed off that good ole boy & A.G. Jeff Sessions was forced to recuse himself.

      What Trump did with his ill-advised Tweets is to open his mouth and plant both feet firmly in there. ;-).

    • RichBuckley  March 6, 2017 at 7:59 pm

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Susta, Like you I tend not to care where the truth leads. Trump is slaying the Deep State dragon. All the powers are lined up to carry out the Deep State’s death bed wishes. All the hypocrisy spewed forth by them are meaningless. The Dragon”s dying gurgles do not seem to actually distract Trump.

    • RichBuckley  March 6, 2017 at 8:10 pm

      However Dr. Susta, you might want to listen to the opinion of Judge Napolitano’s careful review on evening news on Lou Dobbs Mar 6, 2017,
      that “Court-ordered FISA warrants (signed by a judge, based on probable cause) to monitor foreign intel guys & gals” is not needed by the President of the United States.

    • Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta  March 6, 2017 at 11:47 pm

      Rich: Although my blanket assertion that a U.S. President cannot order a wiretap was mistaken, Napolitano was also mistaken in his characterizations of FISA with Lou Dobbs on Fox Business.

      For the full text of the relevant portion of FISA, see “Obama Advisor Rhodes Is Wrong: The President Can Order A Wiretap…” at

      Although Obama can order limited intelligence surveillance of foreigners under FISA (after very restrictive A.G. certifications), the President cannot legally order surveillance of U.S. citizens or Trump Tower, as Trump alleged. Thus, Napolitano and the ZH author are mistaken.

      Similar to Illuminati & New World Order, “The Deep State” is our new bogeyman. VT authors have written more articles describing the Deep State than most other publications have published. In a nutshell, the Deep State is composed of those who control money & power — what was called “The Establishment” in
      the 1960s. Trump & Co. simply want to become the new Establishment or new Deep State.

      The old bipartisan Establishment & Deep State want all corruption for themselves. What’s new?

    • RichBuckley  March 7, 2017 at 5:32 am

      Perhaps this review by Mark Levine holds merit:

    • RichBuckley  March 7, 2017 at 6:06 am

      The Deep State for VTN and the Deep State for my reality are two significantly different creatures. IMHO VTN does not come close:

      (1) The steps involve ending the privately owned Federal Reserve by issuing our own US currency (Treasury Notes replacing Federal Reserve Notes). I want a dollar that says three things: (A) In God We Trust (B) This Note Is Legal Tender For All Debts Public or Private (C) “TREASURY NOTE” . These the President can set into motion.

      (2) Supressed Zero Point Energy devices.

      (3) Chemtrails and HAARP … just look up for gosh sakes

      (4) 9-11 was a total inside job….Connect the Dots

      I haven’t found a command of these true Deep State subjects since I last heard Stew Webb. As a result your views and Gordon’s seem to come across with a bias towards a preferred outcome…which I attribute to Gordon Duffs own admission that 20% of what gets published here is purely for misdirection.

    • Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta  March 7, 2017 at 10:45 am

      Rich: Neither Donald Trump nor anyone associated with Trump has EVER stated ANYTHING definitive about Obama tapping the wires or phones of Trump or any U.S. citizen associated with Trump.

      Mark Levin was the source of the RUMOR about Obama’s alleged hacking, later picked up by Breitbart, then read by Trump. The rest is history. Mark Levin’s stuff on Obama’s alleged tapping is mostly “IF… IF… IF…” No evidence, no sources. That’s just not how our govt. works — or how it should work.

      Ex-CIA analyst Larry Johnson (whom I’ve met and whom I respect) says that he “heard” that the Obama Administration did tap some with Trump & Co. Possibly true — IF they were talking with foreign nationals and subject to a FISA warrant.

      VT authors have written much about your topic list for why we should get rid of the Deep State. Me too. Others have written more. If you have an article to write, then write it. Submit it to VT & other publications.

  7. Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta  March 6, 2017 at 1:00 pm

    “Blockbuster” is an understatement. If VT’s allegations are true, then “Watergate” pales by comparison.

    One story making the rounds in MSM today is just how pissed that Trump was that Jeff Sessions was forced to recuse himself on the Russiagate investigations. If the above is true, then no wonder!

    Flynn fired… Sessions recuses himself… Trump madder than a wet hen… Where’s “the football”?

    Of course, Trump should also recuse himself from briefings & involvement in Russiagate investigations.

    Special Prosecutor and/or Independent Counsel now mandatory, as demanded by the American people.

    What’s so nice about this stuff is that, after Trump resigns or is removed, we won’t need to worry about Hillary & Co. taking power. Especially after 2016, Americans don’t want any more Clintons & Bushes. ;-).

  8. JohnZ  March 6, 2017 at 9:53 am

    One question I may ask is just who, inside the Trump administration is guiding all this? I don’t believe Trump himself is able to nor does he have the knowledge of those people in the afore mentioned countries to be able to carry on such contacts. His knowledge of foreign nations extends to only what Fox Noise and Breitbart offers, which ain’t much, if any, at all.
    So who would I put on that list? Mattis, Boykin, someone inside the Pentagon?
    As for that little weasel, Sessions, there is nothing good to say about such a slimy little apparatchik that ever cashed a government paycheck. The history of Session’s work in Alabama is a disgrace.

    • wjabbe  March 6, 2017 at 12:09 pm

      This is the big question. I would doubt if any of the current Trump administration have this knowledge. There is only one possibility: Netanyahu and the Mossad. This is the natural step from the existing corruption of Congress and much of our government. Trump was coy during the campaign about his love of Israel but after the election he has pulled out the stops. Netanyahu had some 40 armed guards when he visited NY. They have won. America has been hi jacked unless and until the people wake up from slumber in front of the TV sets. Israel has all this information now to control Congress and most of our government. There is much talk of moving the embassy to J. If and when this happens it will be like pouring gasoline on a huge fire over there and could easily escalate to WWIII. Trump needs to check where our nukes are located and verify they are locked and loaded. He should also check that his underground bunker is stocked with food and water and women and a copy of Dr. Stangelove.

    • Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor  March 6, 2017 at 1:01 pm

      If he moves the embassy he will create major problems in Muslim countries all over the world. Americans will be targeted everywhere, maybe even Israelis, despite their helping out IS. It would be the biggest recruiting dream that IS ever imagined. They could not even count the offer for suicide bombers. Israelis have fared pretty well, despite all the provocations on the Temple Mount, which is a powder keg.

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