Guardian: President Donald Trump is the most powerful cornered animal in the world


‘If there is something extraordinary about Trump it is how low he is willing to go.’ 

Now once again, he seeks to buoy his political fortunes by attacking Obama. Perhaps what is so striking about the tweets is not their desperation, but their cynicism. In exclaiming “This is McCarthyism!”, Trump said something deeply revealing – only about himself. It was about defaming public officials with charges of treason without a shred of evidence. Sounds familiar, no?

In the 1970s, after the justice department accused the Trump Corporation of racially discriminatory rental policies, Trump hired Roy Cohn. This was a man who, as a young lawyer, had assisted Joseph McCarthy’s red-baiting. On Trump’s behalf, Cohn countersued the government for $100m, a tactic Trump absorbed and has practiced throughout his career: when on the defensive, attack.

Concerned about congressional investigations into contact between his campaign and the Russians? Make a groundless charge of wiretapping against Obama and insist that the allegations be included in the investigations.

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  1. It has always been easier to slander someone by screaming traitor, than it is to actually arrest and prosecute an actual traitor. Senator McCain is a great example of a known traitor running free.
    I for one am tired and bored with the constant overuse of the word. Accusations of treason, and traitor are tossed around far too often. So often that the public may have become immune to the word itself. By not following through with the prosecution of an alleged traitor we give license to the act. It has become ok to call politicians traitors, corrupt thieves and worse to the point we ignore our elected officials tas the rob from the treasury, sell weapons to the bad guys, who then rape, murder and displace millions of average people, people like you and I.
    Historically our entire foreign policy has been based on lies and deceit. The US military is a strictly corporate tool.Can anyone name one military action America went into over the past 100 years and the official stated reason was not a lie?

  2. Is this Trump’s version of hope and change? Those who voted for this manimal are going to get exactly what they deserve: more police state, more government spying….more of every form of violations of our rights.
    The courts are nearly worthless but thanks to organizations such as the Rutherford Institute some modicum of justice is being attained. That is until Trump decides they are domestic terrorists.

  3. Cornered ? I’m not feeling that. It feels like it is the start of a brutal summer for the poor, people of color, immigrants, and women. How many printers and how much paper do you have, is the question for the courts.

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