Trump-Israel struggling to save ISIS, divide Syria and Iraq


…by Gordon Duff with Nahed al Husaini, VT Bureau Chief Damascus

The honey trap still works

We add “Petraeus” to the list, one he may be head of, “blackmailed Americans working for foreign intelligence agencies.”

To this list which includes a president we now find was accused, and this is in legal filings hidden away, of killing a 12 year old girl along with Jeffrey Epstein, an Israeli agent/handler, the nightmare is ongoing.

First for Petraeus: Petraeus, former CIA Director, former American commander, both Iraq and Afghanistan, is a man whose military accomplishments include the creation of ISIS. When Bush tasked Petraeus with “pacifying” Iraqi Sunnis including Baathist extremists, who make up what we now know is ISIS, this is what he did.

Petraeus was told that unless he could end the fighting in Iraq temporarily, the planned false flag attacks on the US in the Gulf, attacks we were told about by former National Security Council member and White House advisor Gwenyth Todd, would not bring about the needed war with Iran.

With Petraeus emptying Iraq’s prisons and pumping $300m into what is now the leadership of ISIS, the US would now have a safe base of operations for the land war on Iran. The war was to start based on assassinations planned by key members of Naval Intelligence, loyal to the neocons, who would blame them on the Shiite majority in Bahrain, which they could then blame on Iran.

Gwenyth in Iraq, before she moved over to the Bush White house

Gwenyth had to be spirited out of Bahrain when her murder failed and the Navy, including 5th Fleet Commander, played their hand and tried to feed her back to Bahraini security. This story was published by Jeff Stein in the Washington Post and was featured on the Australian Broadcasting Company as well, after the Bush FBI tried to kidnap Gwenyth, a VT editor married to an Australian defense official, from that country.

Now Petraeus is trying to buy off Abadi, and we are in direct contact with Abadi, Maliki and others in the Iraqi government. The article below is pretty incredible. You see, the Iraqi military, largely trained and supplied by accidental joint efforts of both the US and Iran, is doing well. What Petraeus has been tasked to do by his blackmailers is drive a wedge between Syria and Iraq.

Iraq is ready to cross into Syria, actually thousands of Iraqis already have, knowing that the artificial border is not respected by ISIS or Turkey, their real backer along with Israel and Saudi Arabia, Petraeus’ paymasters, handlers and blackmailers.

They are also the handlers, blackmailers and paymasters, as it were, of Trump as well.

There is a long story here but yesterday VT broke the blackmail story but waited a day to share it with mainstream sources as well, in trade for confirmations. They came out with their own version in the Daily Beast, covering only the superficial foreign intelligence agency programs during the election but failing to mention why and what they were doing and what the result was.

Jane Harman, someone long in play

We are deeply suspect of the Daily Beast, owned by Jane Harman, former member of Congress and defender of Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli nuclear spy that nearly took down the US, long story there as well. Harman has long ties to Israeli intelligence. We are going to be developing this story. Here is what is being hidden from you.

That rape story involving Trump, the civil case, has some interesting aspects, which we dug out yesterday when reviewing it. Where there may have been doubts before, we now have several weeks of “Trump watching,” temper tantrums and in particular a flurry of pedophile accusations coming out of the White House through select bloggers, not just Pizzagate but new ones every day.

Based on Trump’s behaviors, this leads us to taking a better look at his problem with Jeffrey Epstein and we find that relationship was not a casual one but that Trump was a partner with Epstein, with him continually and that it was Trump, not Epstein, that is by far the most guilty.

We also have considerable very real material, which we can site FBI sources for, and let them come and interview me if they want, that involve extensive pedophile activity, including kidnapping and child murder, going back decades, all of which is pure GOP.

Then again, we did just make the case for Trump turning to intelligence agencies of Pakistan, Israel and Russia to blackmail Congress and the Pentagon. Think of what all those generals got into when visiting Israel. Colonel Jim Hanke, a VT editor, was attache to Israel and would gladly explain the process, but Israel burned everyone that has ever visited there, diplomats, police, military and more.

We are going back now over older material to get a better handle on how much blackmail material is out there to be used, and what we find is growing, including Intel agencies shadowing Trump for a long time. Here are a few gems:

Trump controlled by Mossad

Trump controlled by the Mossad – Part II

Trump controlled by the Mossad – Part III


Now our concern is what does Israel have on Abadi and how is he going to be used against Iran and Syria, what this article is about:

Iraqi anti-terrorism strongest forces in the Middle East, and the lion “made a mistake”


… from Alalam News – machine translation

Description former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Gen. David Petraeus, the Iraqi anti-terrorism device as a “stronger, especially in the Middle East forces,” he said, adding that the Iraqis did not fall into the “errors” of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as he put it.

He said in a statement quoted by the Kuwaiti newspaper Gazette for other sites on Monday, that the Iraqis that they “did not fall into the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad errors during the battles, but he said that the conclusion of the settlement Baghdad urgent and reconciliation with Sunni forces,” he said.

“The Iraqis have succeeded in reducing the number of civilian casualties and the extent of destruction through the restoration of their areas from the grip of the organization Daesh battles and this is what Amaisahm for Bashar al-Assad that caused the destruction of a large part of Syria.”

US general described the Iraqi Anti-terrorism as “the most powerful special forces in the Middle East,” explaining that “the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi was right when he said that anti-terrorist units in his country is the strongest in the region, but it has faced, however, up to 30% of the losses.”

He said Petraeus, “I know the city of Mosul well because I lived in when I was the commander of Division 101, which entered Nineveh province in 2003”. He predicted that “the recovery of Mosul more difficult because the narrow streets of the old city and can not enter the cars.”

Petraeus pointed out that “there must be combing buildings and neighborhoods successively so that the enemy does not come back from behind, unlike what is happening in Syria, and in the end, will triumph on Daesh in Mosul.”

US General said that “the organization of Daesh got two years to prepare for the defense of the city in order to dig tunnels and traps prepared in homes and they have drones and snipers strong, but it was the way the Iraqis overcome this situation in a banner way.”

The Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi said in a February 19, 2017, the start of the third phase of the “battle coming, Nineveh” to restore west of Mosul, after enabling the joint Iraqi forces to regain the left coast of the city in full in January 24 last from the control of the organization.

the source:

– See more at:

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  1. It was Patraeus intern, the sexually active Jewish tart that was used to extort President Bill…and you can be sure that Hilda helped. They put the Oded Yinon plan in place while we all watched the President Bill infidelity show AFTER they extorted him. Imagine the deals she could/did make. Then they manufactured 9/11 as a “unifying event”…an inside job where Hilda is right there….as NY Senator. Broadwell, another nice Jewish woman, was surely sent in to keep tabs on Patraeus. They must have been worried that he might grow a conscience. Nope.

  2. out in the open flowing to an international audience, the military and politically awakened ….using their own human intelligence understanding “Israel burned everyone that has ever visited there, diplomats, police, military and more”…..
    “Without Petraeus emptying Iraq’s prisons and pumping $300m into what is now the leadership of ISIS, the US would not have a safe base of operations for the land war on Iran”…..for israel
    As meanwhile back at the ranch…..“US forces have trained nearly 400 elite Iraqi forces and formed the Tiger Unit with 50 of them to assassinate Hashd al-Shaabi commanders, specially those who are opposed to the US army’s presence in Iraq”…. Do they not understand the rest of the Iraqi force including the elite Tiger Unit sees this?.. that their brothers of “the coerced 50” trained in this despicable plot of treason against their own brothers….those 50 need be set free to simply step forward and admit they have been compromised … … Hashd al-Shaabi forces are loyal to and report directly to Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi and blood is thicker than water

    • Leno: Deep State sMuggling to save ISIS… Now, Trump & Co. want a piece of the action… I hate it when that happens… ;-).

  3. Based on firsthand knowledge and information with the U.S.-Iraq Business Council in Washington DC, I can definitively say that what Mr. Duff says above is congruent with everything that I saw, heard and read.

    GW Bush & Co. intentionally created the Sunni insurgency against U.S. occupation of Iraq, because the U.S. wanted a reason to stay in Iraq, so that the U.S. could later take military action against Iran etc.

    For example, Bush & Co. fired 400,000 Iraqi troops being paid with worthless Iraqi Dinars, who then instantly became “Men with guns and no money.” Voila, instant insurgency! At the Council, we got daily calls from Iraq — as the above was happening. We too were incredulous…

  4. The top military are finally having a proper meeting. U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford, Gen. Valery Gerasimov of the Russian Army and Gen. Akar of the Turkish Army are at a 2 day meeting in Antalya today.

    Probably something to do with with the area of battle shrinking quickly and the risk of tripping over each other rising fast.

  5. The focus of this article seemds to be one of Iraqi Forces are better trained to fight Daesh, ISIL et al, better than Syria? Hey Iraq and Syria, just join together and smash them all

    • Yes, but they have no formal arrangement yet, and need to have one to keep the momentum. Syria has the Russians and air support, and Iraq has a lot of hard earned combat experience, and Iran I believe paying for the popular militias. Iraq had the bodies but was broke with all the equipment it has lost.

    • This does not make sense.

      Hasn’t VT written noumerous about the US has trained the Iraqi Forces to be crap?! For sure the US has not been granting some military equipment that the Iraqi government has wished to buy.

      The refined stinch of fish comming from some facts in this article (example ^^ ) will probably with time show to be Kabbalist-Talmudic deceptive manouvers.

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