US Marines Invade Syria, No, they aren’t helping anyone but ISIS and Turkey so far


…by Gordon Duff,  VT Senior Editor

This is the news out of Syria today, only 24 hours after hundreds of US Marines invade Syria, and “invade” is the term, nobody invited them and nobody believes they are going to do anything against ISIS, unless they “go rogue” and murder their own commanders like was done in Vietnam:

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:45 A.M.) – Minutes ago, the Turkish Army and their Free Syrian Army (FSA) allies reportedly shelled the Syrian Arab Army’s border guards in west Menbeij, allegedly killing 8 soldiers (unconfirmed) and wounding tens of military personnel.

According to a military source in Aleppo, the Turkish forces attacked the border guard units at the villages of Jubb Al-Himr, Bouhej, Al-Boghaz, and Korkoyok.

The aforementioned villages were recently handed over to the Syrian Arab Army by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) as part of a peace agreement in northeast Aleppo.

There has been no communications with Syria, according to sources there and the Russian press, RT and Sputnik blocked any reporting initially, waiting for their government’s response.  It was assumed that the Russian government which had been in meetings with recently “empowered” American military, authorized by President Trump to act without supervision by the American government or approval by elected officials (called “military dictatorship” or “martial law”) had conferred with Russia and their was a tacit agreement behind Syria’s back.

Now, however, this is what the Russian press has this morning, finally:

Hundreds of US Marines have arrived in Syria to establish an outpost in support of the operation to retake the city of Raqqa, the de-facto Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) capital in the country, the US-led coalition confirmed on Thursday.

The deployment is an addition to the existing 500 US forces already in Syria and is aimed at accelerating the defeat of IS in its Syrian stronghold of Raqqa city, Dorrian said.

According to the official, the additional forces would be working with local partners in Syria – the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Syrian Arab Coalition. He stressed they would not have a frontline role.

Dorrian said the new forces comprised a Marines artillery unit and Army Rangers.

Reports of the new deployment first surfaced in US media on Wednesday.

The Washington Post, which was the first to break the news citing anonymous defense officials, stated that the Marines will be working to establish an outpost from which they can fire artillery in support of the fight for Raqqa.

According to the newspaper, the new deployment is part of an amphibious task force of the 11th US Marine Expeditionary Unit, which left San Diego on Navy ships in October. It includes part of an artillery battery that can fire 155mm shells from M777 Howitzers.

The Washington Post said that the marines will be based within no more than 32km (20 miles) from the frontline outside Raqqa, as that is the maximum range of their artillery.

“The marines answer a problem that the [operation] has faced. [They now provide] all-weather fires considering how the weather is this time of year in northern Syria,” an official was cited as saying.

NBC on its part reported that the taskforce was pulled from Kuwait, also citing US defense officials, adding that the deployment is part of the new effort to “accelerate the fight” against the militants.

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The news of the US deployment comes after American soldiers were spotted traveling in an armored convoy near the Syrian city of Manbij, some 100km northwest of Raqqa, over the weekend in Strykers – heavily-armed, eight-wheel armored vehicles. The US-led coalition in Syria confirmed the presence of American forces around Manbij on Saturday, with US spokesman calling it a “deliberate action” aimed at ensuring that forces within the US-led coalition “keep the focus on defeating ISIS.”

Raqqa has an estimated 3,000-4,000 IS fighters, but the group’s leaders have been rapidly fleeing the city lately – with the advance of liberation forces, the New York Times said on Wednesday citing a US defense official. The operation to liberate the city from terrorists, codenamed Operation Euphrates Rage, was launched by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on November 5, 2016.

In the most recent development, on Monday, the SDF announced that they had severed the road between Raqqa and Deir ez-Zur to the east, cutting off a supply route for the extremist group and further isolating the militants in the city, Rudaw media network reported.

Then, finally, when we looked for some legal basis or at least a platform for understanding the US move, we turned again to RT and found a March 7, 2017 story of Russia conferring with Turkey and the US on Syria without Syria.

Based on today’s attacks on the Syrian Arab Army by Turkey, with US Marines and army Special Forces on the spot to prevent such things, according to statements made, something is already awry it seems.


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  1. So, earlier Iran said that they will stay in Syria and Iraq to help fight and now we have the US moving into Syria on behalf of Israel. Trump will now claim that he is fighting ISIS except that the US has done squat to fight them after Russia, Syria, Iran and their allies are the ones really fighting Ameri-Isis. Sounds like a deal was struck with the Russians whereas the Syrians and Russians get the coastline and the Jews get the desert. Check !

  2. The question is: when US-Turkey forces will leave Syria? As far as we are seeing, since Afghanistan and Irak, with one excuse or another they are becoming a permanent occupation force, much according to the PNAC plan. Even worst, considering that US neither Turkey have not officially renounced on “Assad has to go” or,resupplying ISIS in Irak.

    Quote from above link:
    Congressional Medal of Honor recipient addresses U.S. forces in Iraq.
    By Charlie Liteky
    May 7, 2003

    “By way of introduction, my name is Charlie Liteky, a U.S. citizen, a Vietnam Veteran, and a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. However, I renounced the Medal of Honor on July 29,1986 in opposition to U.S foreign policy in Central America. What the U.S. was supporting in El Salvador and Nicaragua, namely the savagery and domination of the poor, reminded me of what I was a part of in Vietnam 15 years earlier.

    I placed the medal at the apex of the Vietnam Memorial Wall into which are etched the names of 58 thousand young American men. In depth study of the Vietnam War revealed political and military liars insensitive to the value of human life, inclusive of their own countrymen. The biggest liar was the Commander in Chief of U.S. armed forces, President Lyndon Johnson, who lied to Congress about the Gulf of Tonkin incident. It was this lie that motivated Congress to vote the money for the war. As a veteran of an ill-fated war, in the waning years of my life, IÂ’d like to share some reflections on my countryÂ’s attack on Iraq.

    Once again, I find myself in protest of a U.S. military action that no court in the world will declare legal. The U.S. attack on the sovereign country of Iraq fails to meet any of the necessary provisions of a just war…
    Con’t. below:

    • ” Iraq on the other hand, met the most fundamental condition for a country to use military force against an adversary, namely the defense of its homeland against an unjust aggressor. But, because of the incredible superiority of the U.S. military, there was no possibility of a successful defense.

      In its attack on Iraq, the U.S. violated the UN Charter, international law and universal standards of morality. This is borne out by the worldwide condemnation of the U.S. attack by mainstream religious denominations and spiritual leaders.

      Claiming liberation of the Iraqi people as a just cause for a war that kills thousands of innocents is hypocrisy at its worst. If liberation of an oppressed people were the real motive behind the invasion of Iraq – why did the U.S. wait 25 years to act? Why did the U.S. refrain from condemning Saddam HusseinÂ’s use of chemical weapons in its war with Iran in the 80s? Why did the U.S. fail to prevent chemicals critical to the production of biological weapons from reaching Iraq? How is it that what we condemn today we approved yesterday?

      Many Iraqi people rejoiced at the sight of their American/British liberators, but many more did not, because they had no legs to walk to the sites of celebration, no arms to wave in jubilation or they had no life left to celebrate. The sanitary military term for such people is “collateral damage.””
      Con’t. from above:

    • Con’t. from above:

      “I first came to Iraq in November of 2002 in response to the bellicose words of war coming from the President of the U.S. and his staff. When I think of children, the most vulnerable of the innocents. In my imagination I could hear them crying, I could see the terror in their eyes and faces as they heard the planes overhead, followed by bombs exploding. I wanted to be with them to offer what small comfort I could.

      This cartoon [of a sly, American eagle with its talons deeply planted in Iraqi earth] published in the Jordan Times on April 23, 2003 depicts what many Arab people believe is the U.S. motivation behind its attack on Iraq, namely, a deep-rooted, long-lasting presence. Recently, newspapers have reported that plans are underway to establish four military bases in Iraq.”
      “What the cartoon does not include is the U.S. interest in and access to IraqÂ’s immense oil reserves. A two-time Medal of Honor recipient, General Smedley Butler, said that “War is a Racket” and that he spent his 33 year military career being a bodyguard for U.S. business interests. I submit that protecting U.S. business interests, sometimes referred to as “national interests” is still the primary mission of the U.S. military. Wartime profits go to a select few at the cost of many. Again to quote Gen. Smedley Butler:
      Con’t. from above:

    • Con’t. from above:

      “War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.”

      This letter containing some of my reflections is not meant to cast blame for an attack on Iraq on U.S. military personnel. I’m sure you believe that what you are a part of is right and just. I once believed the same of my participation in the Vietnam War. I share my thoughts and conclusions as gifts of truth revealed to me through years of studying U.S. foreign policy.”


      Charlie Liteky
      Vietnam Veteran

      PS: God be with you in your search for truth, your quest for justice, and your efforts to help a beautiful people.
      American Hero Angelo J. Liteky died the other day at a VA hospital in San Francisco. He was 85.

    • Note: In about 2000 Medal of Honor recipient Angelo J. Liteky, former U. S
      Army Chaplain, was sentenced and spent a year in federal prison for two counts of trespassing at the School of the Americas at Ft. Benning, Georgia plus a $10,000 fine. He also spent 6 months in federal prison for the same offense about a decade earlier. He sprayed blood on the inside walls of the entrance to Ft. Benning which name has not been changed but activities remain the same according to reports. Angelo J. Liteky is or was an image of the great General Smedley Butler earlier who should have been appointed Commandant of the Marine Corps but was denied that post due to political reasons. He was clearly the most qualified at the time. Two stars was the highest rank authorized at the time for Marines due to lack of money.

  4. “General Robert B. Neller is the 37th Commandant of the United States Marine Corps. Prior to his current assignment, he served as the Commander, Marine Forces Command from July 2014 to September 2015 and Commander, Marine Forces Central Command from September 2012 to June 2014.

    A native of East Lansing, Michigan, General Neller graduated from the University of Virginia and was commissioned in 1975. He has served as an infantry officer at all levels, including command of Marine Security Force Company Panama during Operations JUST CAUSE and PROMOTE LIBERTY; 3d Light Armored Infantry Battalion during Operation RESTORE HOPE; 6th Marine Regiment; and 3d Marine Division.”
    What if one of those 500 Marines calls General Neller on his cell phone from Syria and asks some rude questions? Does Neller hang up on him? Has Neller read “War is a Racket?” General Butler was a two time medal of honor winner in the Marine Corps for 33 years. What if Gordon made this call? They could talk about the good old days in Michigan.

  5. Thanks to Gordon for providing this information. Do the Marines even know who or what to shoot at? Observe a kid and civilians waving to them. What if the Marines had questioned superiors as to whether Assad had asked them to come or provided permission in writing and asked to see the permission documents with his signature before agreeing to come, what would happen to them if they questioned these orders? What if these good Marines had started shooting every person in sight as they came into whatever town this was? What if similar forces did this in the “Homeland” of the U.S. what would happen to them, nuked? Or maybe the nukes are no functional due to old age. The usual big mouth seem suddenly silent on this one. Isn’t this exactly what General Smedley Butler was warning about in “War is a Racket”? Do you think Mathis or Kelly have read it? Trump or can he read? Bannon? Kelly Anne after the couch activity? Maybe they brought her with them.

    • Suppose Assad now sends some massive force, possibly including Russian planes, without notice, and destroys every U.S. Marine and asset in Syria. Wouldn’t he be totally justified in doing so? Isn’t this what would have been done in the U.S. had the roles been reversed? Would our kids and civilians waved at Chinese or North Korean soldiers? Probably. What then comes next after Assad kills all our Marines who are trespassing just like Israel is trespassing against its neighbors? WWIII? Isn’t this the ultimate goal?

  6. The choices seen
    for truth justice and freedom to prevail, in the true meaning of these words, not through failed, lagging, sold-out international courts and corrupted bodies we have gone beyond …then this plan put forward must be seen as part of a reparation package from Turkey to the people of Syria in its admittance of monumental error and shame for the role played in support of war and terrorist acts against the good people of Syria… …..
    the other choice is the greedy self serving opposite…. with more lies, injustice and slavery upon the people and planet through eyes for the benefit of the entity imposter israel, a name and stolen identity…..
    which path the US military are on is decided in their hearts and actions that follow

  7. What went awry is the truth. Based on American’s recent Mideast military record these past16 years, I expect the US to maintain a military presence in Syria for a long time to come. With Tillerson, the defacto commander and chief, and his Exon Mobile ties a more serious attitude is now in play. There will be a US backed Kurdish state in Northern Syria or there will be WW3. I can envision the deal cut is; Kurds out of Tyrkey and into their own space in Syria, Russia will enjoy the Crimea (as it should), Bashar will stay but a shell of what he was, the South Stream will be co-developed with Syria, Russia, Turkey, and Exxon. The problems remaining for the West are; China and the New Silk Road, Iran, Lebanon, and the proverbial squeaky wheel Israel. All formidable problems but in the eyes of the “exceptional” strategists no problem. As we are nolonger expected to keep our word we will do what ever we damn please. “Oh, excuse me was that your baby sister I just killed. My bad. Here have a Snickers bar.”

  8. Trump is now supporting IS/Daesh and other terrorists in Syria — in complete violation of Trump’s campaign promises (just what Bibi & Dr. Rotten-Child ordered).

    When Obama’s U.S. military did this, we at least got the impression that Obama & Co. opposed support for IS/Daesh & terrorists. Not with Trump. Since Bibi, Rotten-Child and the Israeli/Russian/U.S. Kosher Nostra installed Trump as our Prez, Trump MUST do what they ordered. Sorry…

    To avoid any U.S. media focus on Trump’s broken promise to quickly eliminate IS/Daesh & terrorists in Syria, what we get are Tweet storms by President Twit (etc.) — distracting U.S. citizens from U.S. entry into another big war, which can easily be a precursor to World War 3… Just what the doctor ordered. ;-).

  9. Mattis met with Israel defense minister Lieberman the other day and told him he needed to lose weight. He could join the IDF boot camp or these Marines over there; no more dinero until he loses 150 lbs.

    • WJabbe: My preference is that Soviet-born Avigdor Lieberman loses 350+ pounds… ;-).

      Lieberman is only part of the problem. To lose enough dead weight to help U.S., Mideast etc. (including Israelis), Israel will also need to lose Bibi & Co. — which may happen soon in next Knesset elections.

    • Eduardo: Losing major Rothschild-ally Bibi is a lot — not enough, but a start.

      Most Israelis are not bad people. Really. But Rotten-Child & Bibi really are — bad people.

      Many Israelis don’t know this stuff. Let’s help Israelis to know about Bibi, Rotten-Child, RKM & Co. If so (if successful), then Trump too would benefit. ;-).

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