Trump Cuts Russia Out of Terror Partnership


This Tuesday, March 7, 2017 frame grab from video provided by Arab 24 network, shows U.S. forces patrol on the outskirts of the Syrian town, Manbij, a flashpoint between Turkish troops and allied Syrian fighters and U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters, in al-Asaliyah village, Aleppo province, Syria

Sputnik/Moscow: Commenting on the news that neither Russia, nor Iran, two key countries in the fight against Daesh, have been invited to the anti-Daesh meeting of 68 countries to be hosted by the US, Russian political analysts suggested that the coalition wants to downgrade their roles and is reluctant to share any success with the two states.

Washington is set to host a ministerial meeting of 68 US-led coalition nations fighting against Daesh (Islamic State/ ISIS) on March 22-23.
However two key players in the region actively fighting against the jihadists, Russia and Iran, have not been invited to the gathering because, according to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, “they’re not part of the global coalition.”

Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov commented that it is quite possible to discuss the fight against Daesh without Russia’s participation, but it is impossible to defeat them without Russia.

Meanwhile, Semyon Bagdasarov, Head of the Center for Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies suggested that Russia has not been invited in order to show that it does not play any role in the fight against the terrorists, however this is far from true, to put it mildly. In his interview with Russia’s online newspaper Vzglyad he suggested that this is part of the information against Russia, and it is set to continue in the future.

The political analyst also said that there are military operations currently being planned to liberate Mosul and Raqqa. If these offensives are successful, he suggested, the members of the coalition will claim all the success to themselves and will blame Russia for not doing enough in the fight.

The real aim, he then said, is not to “share the victory.” Trump, he said, is a tougher leader than Barack Obama hence he won’t make any concessions in the sharing of the victory.

Meanwhile, Evgeny Satanovsky, head of the Moscow-based Middle East Institute said that there are countries within the US-led coalition which are actually supporting the terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

“What anti-terrorist coalition can there be which includes Saudi Arabia and Qatar, when the first is financing al-Qaeda and the second – the Islamic State? What anti-terrorist fight could they be talking about sitting in the same very room with the sponsors of the terrorists, pretending that nobody understands and notices it?” he questioned.

He further recalled that these particular countries have been sending their money until the terrorists grew to such a number that Russia had to fly to Syria to fight with them. The expert however added that, nevertheless, Washington is cooperating with Russia in Syria, recalling the recent meeting of Russian, Turkish and US military chiefs in Antalya.

On March 7, Turkey’s military chief of staff, General Hulusi Akar, was hosting a meeting with the heads of the US and Russian armed forces in the southern Turkish province of Antalya to discuss the Syrian conflict, among others.

“Why should Trump reveal that the US is cooperating with Russia? They have already been claiming that he, with the help of our hackers and our money has been elected president. Hence it would be suicide to initiate any official negotiations with Russia in the political arena,” he said, adding that meanwhile, the military of the two countries continue “cooperating closely and fruitfully.”


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  1. Gang of virtual 68. Any of them sent a single bottle of water or piece of bread to Syria? Or there any super-extra-professional-squad of Latvian or Polish Supersoldiers fighting ISIS? Another lie, but without originality.

  2. We are the fools they take us for. Putin should physically erect his Iron Curtain again, toss out every NGO. China should reconstruct the Great Wall, and toss out every NGO. Venezuela, ah poor Venezuela.

  3. This is an assault on our common sense. 65 members of a gang of 68 are paid stooges. An honest man would not sit down with so many liars and thieves. This is a cruel charade? To be a part of this coalition of clowns and crooks will stain a resume. It’s but a cheap attempt to validate murder. Obvious to any thinking person is the terrorists; ISIS, Daesh and their various shams are state sponsored, and managed on the battlefield by nation(s) with deep pockets, and war time experience. I think we all know who the criminal nations are, and it ain’t Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, or China just to name a few.
    Everything happening, the so called color revolutions, the civil wars are all by design, and have been in the works for decades.
    We the public are so controlled and so beat down that our so called leaders no longer hide their intent. Our elected leaders piss on us, tell us it’s raining, and we don’t bother to open an umbrella.
    Russia, and Iran know the score. They understand that this may not end well for them. What can save us is mass demonstration. Trump lied about his intent to cooperate with Russia. This lie should not go ignored. I went to Viet Nam behind a lie. They are doing it again. Unfortunately there are thousands of young men in America willing to go to war for Exxon Mobile.

  4. Well, the title says it all, Russia is cutout of the TERROR PARTNERSHIP, and not of the Anti-Terror partnership. So it’s fair to expect only the Stewards and Kingpins of Terror are taking part in the frivolous gathering. Although the bla bla of the text blurs that simple truth slightly, the message stands.
    ALL terror whether in Africa, Middle East, Asia or Europe is a product and Franchise of the Empire, as sure as hell ! Qui bono, eh ??

  5. “What anti-terrorist coalition can there be which includes Saudi Arabia and Qatar, when the first is financing al-Qaeda and the second – the Islamic State? What anti-terrorist fight could they be talking about sitting in the same very room with the sponsors of the terrorists, pretending that nobody understands and notices it?”

    Exactly. Common sense says that if you truly want to defeat terrorists, you would be eager to coordinate efforts with the most successful anti-terrorist tandem in the world. I bet Russia and Iran have crushed far more terrorists than all 68 so called, “anti-terror coalition” member nations, combined.

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