Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose – Kris Kristofferson



“Violence is the last refuse of the incompetent.” Isaac Asimov


Their game is relentless agitation, of the sort that disrupts society for most everyone.

There are two kinds of spirits that pass on to the next world: those who are truly free and those who suffer over their material losses. One is ready for whatever comes its way, and the other is already lost, lost in a dark past it cannot recover.

The lost souls (those who had souls) lived their mortal lives for themselves with little or no empathy for others.

Unfortunately, it is estimated that about twenty percent of the souls in America are the lost ones who derive great pleasure from the disruption and destruction of others, with about one percent of those souls funding and directing the others toward mayhem.

Then there are the snowflakes of college campuses, who are largely ignorant, but young and innocent.

The one percenters, who operate the Deep States* of the world are mostly psychopaths) who think they must cause human misery and death in order to survive.

*Deep States are largely composed of intelligence agencies and are unelected and unaccountable to the electorate of a nation. Deep States go untouched by the rule of law; but are ruled by beings without souls. These other-worldly denizens comprise a small fraction of one percent of our worlds’ population.

There is a supreme Deep State, which is international and includes all countries except Russia, Iran, and so far Syria. Is there any wonder why the those three countries have been so demonized by the Western press?

The one percenters are psychopaths, who can pretend to be normal, can be found in abundance in the boardrooms of large banks, mega-corporations, and in high-level governmental positions. *

*Psychopaths are not limited to high-level positions, however, and can be found in many families.

Under the direction of the Deep State, these psychopaths direct the negative twenty percenters, and the snowflakes, to invade and infect our streets and college campuses. From there, they move inexhaustibly from one issue to the next, with concocted objections. Never do they have the intention of resolution. Chaos is their aim – all under the pretense of combating hate with love.

Their subversion is not mere political expediency, clothed in tolerance and love, but the long-term preplanned  undermining of any logical or prudent actions by their ruling government.

They are simply iconoclasts, people who attack cherished beliefs and institutions without ever knowing why.

Their most willing, effective, but ignorant partners in this clandestine operation are the mainstream media and academia, with our elected leaders  being blackmailed or bribed to go along or be unseated.

Their game is relentless agitation, of the sort that disrupts society for most everyone. Diplomacy and compromise are not to be used, as resolution is not their goal – their aim is widespread chaos.

These insurgents are not builders; they are the destroyers of beauty, the annihilators of rationality, and the promoters of the profane. And sadly, they are the uneducated as to what is in our best national interests.

Revolutionaries against tyrannies are admirable. The renegades we have on our streets today, however, are far from commendable, because they are rebelling against Logos. *

*Logos is a Greek word meaning logic, divine reason, creative order, and perhaps the mind of God. Research E. Michael Jones for a full explication of Logos.

Today’s revolutionaries are trying to do away with our workable Christian mores, customs, and traditions of the past. Political correctness is one of the tools being used by the rioters to make criminals out of those who exercise their First Amendment rights, while abusing those rights themselves. Their efforts, however, would amount to nothing without the constant flow of canards and fake news from the corporately owned and controlled media, which works to enforce all forms of political correctness.

We are left to surmise that political correctness sprang from the public conscience of the masses.

This is an uneducated guesstimate and could not be more incorrect: all forms of political correctness were created by the corporately owned tax-free think tanks of the United States and Europe to disenfranchise man. *

*Foremost of these think tanks is the Tavistock Institute in Great Britain, with hundreds of allied organizations in America and Europe – all dedicated to formulating our thoughts and opinions along self-destructive lines.

Tavistock and its affiliates (such as the  Rand Corporation) all have a principal goal: to eliminate individual emotional strengths. Their success has rendered many Americans defenseless with no free will, and all but incapable of resisting the ruling oligarchs of our county.

Individuality is to be done away with, first by peer pressure, then by laws, and finally with forced re-education.

Still, the Tavistock is not a dictatorship;  the financial oligarchs who fund and control the Institute are the dictators. Does the Rothschild crime family come to mind? You know, the ones who have shaped the cultural, economic, political, moral, and spiritual decline of America.

They are the ones who control the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and all the so-called “free” trade deals Presidents Clinton and Obama opted for.

Nevertheless, the Institute, played its role in bringing about the catastrophic blood baths of WWI, WWII, the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, the Korean War, the Cold War, Vietnam, and the Serbian, Iraqi, Afghani, and Syrian wars.

The Tavistock is a six billion dollar network of foundations: 10 institutions, 400 subsidiaries, and 3,000 think tanks and study groups. The Institute is the nerve center of a global apparatus that relentlessly attacks our individual and collective psyche through television, advertising, propaganda, psyops, social engineering, and covert psychological warfare.

In the United States, the Institute employs full-spectrum dominance with their control over Microsoft, IBM, CNN, CBS, ABC, AT&T, Westinghouse, ACORN, Shell, Mobil, Exxon, DuPont, Eli-Lilly, Nestle, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Bechtel, Halliburton, Hewlett Packard, the US Army/Navy/Air Force, US Civil Service Commission, US Post Office, US Department of Defense, US State Department, all American intelligence agencies, the pharmaceutical/medical monopolies, and others.

Their secret plan is to significantly reduce the population of mankind by means of diseases, medicines, vaccines, drugs, foods, air/soil/water, plagues, famines, and wars.

Long ago, the Institute discovered man’s breaking point, which will be fully exploited on what is left of humanity: our boiling point comes when nothing works or makes sense.

Two current worldwide nonsensical Tavistock projects being pushed by the United Nations and the World Health Organization are the deadly Codex Alimentarius and Agenda 21 (updated to 2030 Agenda).

Codex Alimentarius is the proposed worldwide agreement that seeks to make all vitamins and minerals require a doctor’s prescription, all with daily allowances far below what would be therapeutic.

2030 Agenda seeks to make fifty percent of the American landscape off limits to its citizens. Private vehicles are to be limited with most of the American public living in “stack-n-pack” high- rises along railroad tracks.

To ensure multiculturalism, Muslims, sub-Saharan Africans, and possible terrorists will be placed with White families in units too small for one person.

As John Lennon said … “Our society is run by insane people …”

The major attack point of these think tanks has been individuality and the traditional family unit; next comes the degradation of sexual ethics.

Once an individual sexually degrades themself (with enough brief and/or perverted sexual encounters) they become adrift emotionally, with no stabilizing influences in their lives. This whole process is often abetted with pornography and illegal drugs, along with the constant media mantra of … Society has victimized you in one form or another.

Many Americans have purposely been made to believe they are victims, as when one professes victimhood, they are helpless to help themselves.

Soon, the drug-addled and sexually crazed can be used as foot soldiers to carry placards and chant mindless slogans, none of which could ever be defended in a civilized or educated debate.

Many of the rioting college students are so smart they will leave school with worthless degrees and struggle for the rest of their lives deep in debt. Some of these students will run up their college debt by borrowing more money from the government to spend in Florida over Spring Break. *

*The government will lend untold amounts of taxpayers’ money (money with usurious interest rates attached that in most case will never be paid back) for worthless degrees, but they make few loans to young people to attend trade schools.

Which do we need more, plumbers or sociologists? Which career path has the most job availabilities, carpentry or community organizing? Electricians or Racial Studies majors? Mechanics or Theater Majors? Stone masons or the thousands who flunk out of college, but are left deeply in debt?

Certainly, the Tavistock, or one of their hundreds of think tanks, was behind the insidious push to indebt so many young Americans – perhaps for the rest of their lives.

Where are the war protesters of the ‘60s?

Under the control of the banking oligarchs, the Tavistock Institution, (and its allied think tanks), comes up with the ideas to suppress mankind, which are then passed on to the CIA and other intelligence agencies to enforce. From there the corporate media has the job of selling these self-defeating concepts to the general public.

Even after Wikileaks released over 8,700 CIA documents that explained how that agency has been hacking and spying on all of us, no demonstrations have taken place.

These dystopian invasions of our once cherished privacy have today not only become commonplace, they will likely expand to become ever more intrusive, disturbing, and omnipresent.

While the CIA hacks into our phones, computers, smart phones, routers, television sets, and even our vehicles,  there is little to no television coverage of this governmental crime. *

*We do, however, have politicians who cry for Julian Assange’s hide, calling him a traitor. The traitors, my friends, are those in Congress and in the American intelligence agencies.

It should be clear that the protests and demonstrations the media covers so well, today, are all contrived events, populated by those who have no real understanding of what they or their friends are involved with. People such as these have no idea of how they have been forged and used by the funders and controllers of hundreds of think tanks, both in the United States and Europe.

These mental and emotional juveniles are psychological shock troops used to alter societal thinking. They scream for the insane, the outrageous, and we settle for a more tame form of their horrendous demands. In this fashion individuals, families, societies, and whole nations degenerate rapidly.

Personal test: Can you think of something you accept today as normal, which you would have considered as ridiculous seven, five, or just three years ago?

How about men marrying men, or women marrying women, or a couple of the same gender being allowed to adopt children?

How about men being allowed to use public restrooms strictly meant and designed for women?

If you think I’m being homophobic by asking such “bigoted” questions, I would respectfully suggest you may have been influenced in your thinking by the covert machinations of the  infamous foreign institute known as the Tavistock.

If you have followed the controlled mainstream media for the last few years, you probably think that the laws denying men, who identity as women, the use of women’s public bathrooms to be discriminating.

Additionally, you likely think that the transgender population of America is 5%, or 10%, or perhaps 15% and is a pressing social problem. Not so.

In a 2011 survey conducted by the Williams Institute of UCLA, ninety-nine point seven percent of Americans are not transgendered. *

*With the control Tavistock has over US academic and media resources, expect that 99.7 percent to be falsified by an decrease of five to ten points or more.

Crime against humanity

The mindless street rioters who set cars on fire, break windows, and steal goods have all been handicapped by years of mandatory public schooling, wherein they were conditioned as to what to think, rather than how to think.

Today’s campus and street whiners are snowflakes who were denied an accurate high school class in Civics, American History, basic math, or English.

Our country does not merely suffer with substandard education, but with child abuse, with law-abiding property holders forced to pay for those crimes against humanity.

The Tavis-stalkers of the Tavistock want us all to expire quietly or become comfortably numb, dumb, and without recourse.

Do you feel their warmth? Do you love your servitude? If so, you will languish for your lost materiality once you pass from this world.

Remember …

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.

Speer-Williams – [email protected] 

Post Script: Some of the Internet readers of my essays add points that are well worth reading. Below are such emails.

Dear Mr. Speer-Williams,

Maybe your latest article is hitting me at just the right time, but I found several things I really like in it. One is this sentence.

Long ago, the Institute discovered man’s breaking point, which will be fully exploited on what is left of humanity: our boiling point comes when nothing works or makes sense.

This is fascinating to think about.

This is exactly what I feel like every time I listen to the news. Nothing is working like it was meant to work –  and nothing makes sense any longer.

I also am pondering the meaning of man’s breaking point, turning over in my mind if that boiling point is when we are thoroughly beaten down by the sheer enormity of this “machine” they’ve created. Or, if the boiling point is when we realize we’re in the pot and rise up out of it.

You are a talented writer who puts into words what others have trouble articulating.

Love, Laura


Dear Jack,

The subject of this article is really becoming mine. I might not have understood or believed it several years ago, but I have seen it unfolding before my eyes. And you, of course, explain it coherently and interestingly.

James M


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