McCain to Trump: Retract wiretap claim or provide evidence


… from  Press TV, Tehran

Who came up with this crazy stunt to bluff a charge of illegal wiretapping?

[ Editor’s Note: McCain throws down the gauntlet to Trump and his brilliant White House team to put up or shut up on their charge that the Obama administration legally or illegally wiretapped him and his campaign. The backfire began soon after Trump’s twitter bushwhack of Obama was followed up with zero evidence, and Congressional Republicans quickly distanced themselves.

By Monday, Trump had already retreated, saying that he would have nothing more to say on the matter until Congress had finished its investigation. Yesterday McCain had already said he wanted Trump’s “evidence” by Monday, and here he is below, firing away.

So far, the current Intel people and Obama’s people are all in agreement that no such thing happened, so Trump’s twitter ship is sinking on his deal, as the public will notice that, rather than remaining quiet or taking the 5th amendment, all those in a position to know, so far, are saying it absolutely did not happen.

IF it turns out that Trump made it all up, thinking that as president and having immunity, why not use it to lie when you feel it is to your advantage, this could be a major boomerang in the works this week. I had posed in my first article that the best reason I could think of for his doing this dump is having Obama investigated; added to his own investigation, it was a Hail Mary pass, hoping that they might come up with something.

This is more proof that we have a gang of people who can’t shoot straight in the White House, and who still are in the mode that when you have power, you can use it any way you want to. But what they might be getting ready to learn before the first 100 days is over is that when they throw away the prestige of the Presidency, by acting like a bunch of weasels, that is going to hurt them badly.

I will say as I did in my last NEO article, Trump and his team are going to be their own worst enemies, capable of taking themselves down with one gaffe after another. I do not wish this, as it will hurt the country, with their leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, much as the Obama wars and regime overthrows did. His Nobel Peace Prize is now the biggest bad joke in the history of that award Jim W. Dean ]

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The FBI’s James Comey has bipartisan support backing behind him. Trump does not.

– First published … March 13, 2017

Influential US Republican Senator John McCain has denounced President Donald Trump’s claim that former Democratic President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, saying either he has to retract it or provide evidence of the allegation.

“President Trump has to provide the American people, not just the intelligence community, but the American people, with evidence that his predecessor, former president of the Unites States was guilty of breaking the law,” McCain told CNN on Sunday. 

One this for sure, we will be getting to the bottom of this

Earlier this month, Trump accused his predecessor of intercepting his communications at his offices in Trump Tower in New York City just before the November presidential election.

He also said that Obama abused his power and spied on his campaign fearing that his team was connected to Moscow. Trump, however, offered no evidence to support his accusations. A spokesman of Obama denied that the former president or any White House official had ordered surveillance.

McCain said on Sunday that he had “no reason to believe” Trump’s allegations, but if Obama “violated the law” by ordering surveillance, then “we’ve got a serious issue.”

“I have no reason to believe that the charge is true, but I also believe that the president of the Unites States could clear this up in a minute,” McCain said.

The senator added that Trump could call the CIA chief and the director of national intelligence for proof. “All he has to do is pick up the phone, call the director of the CIA, director of national intelligence and say, ‘OK, what happened?'”

Experts say electronic surveillance of a US citizen by American intelligence agencies would require a warrant approved by a FISA court judge.  Presidents do not have the authority to order such wiretaps and would not even be aware of them as a routine matter.

If the president were involved in the process, it would be “scandalous and unheard of,” said Ron Hosko, a former assistant FBI director. Hosko called the allegations “unprecedented” and “unlikely to have occurred in the very broad way” that Trump described.



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  1. All Trump needs to do is pull out the Jan 20 edition of the New York Times and show slimeball JMcain the front page headlines boasting about information that was gathered from Trump by wire-tap. Then show him the door… After all if it was in the NYT then it must be true! Let’s see how the NYT explains that one. Maybe all copies with that article are counterfeit versions from the fake media.

  2. McCain asking someone else for ” Proof” has to go down in the History books for best example of hypocrisy ever. That movie with Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise where Col. Jack tells the court – ” You can’t handle the truth” is as good as it gets – because the Americans today were never told any truths —– in order — to handle. Spacibo.

  3. No way in hell you should drink the Liberal KoolAide from “wet start Johnny” McCain, or his gay pal Graham either. Why either of them are still in congress is a mystery, but they are bought and sold, period. When they open their mouth it is the military industrial complex speaking, which supersedes any party affiliation.
    Does anyone with half a Brain think Trump wasn’t under constant surveillance? Give me a break.
    The facts are they were spying on Trump, and the white house was receiving reports, some of the detailed accounts were leaked to take down Flynn by the Obama people who had access to the ongoing investigation which started in April of 2016, get a grip, you mean Obama wasn’t spying?
    The Vitriol for Trump has clouded the minds of the media who can’t stop with the great Russian deflection,
    which was a pre manufactured coup that is failing at every level.
    When these idiots take to the streets they will be crushed by the vast majority of Americans who do not want the entire country to fail over an election.
    Thank God Hillary was not elected, are you people really serious?
    The only way you can’t see it had to be Trump is if your head is up your behind.
    It would be nice to see some people who wanted to get involved to make sure Trump
    is managed in a way that doesn’t involve his resignation, which is not going to happen.
    McCain is worse than Trump ever could be, over 80 and still in congress, Arizona is Insane.

  4. The numbers of the FISA warrants is not large when you think of everything that is going on. And if you look at them from years ago, the average number of wiretaps…and use that as a baseline, there is a bump, but no even a multifold one much less like ten times. The numbers do not support everyone being spied on. The real massive “spying” is all the data the is commercially collected about everything people are doing that they have given their permission to. That has been a huge gold mine for all kinds of operators, particularly when it comes to election time where big money can now really profile and target their message down deep, as Kelly Conway did for Trump.

  5. Did anyone think to ask McCain how Bagdadi was doing? Or his Nazi friends in Kiev? It’s about time the whole lot of them put up or shut up about everything. There’s been nothing but hysterical “conspiracy theories” flying out of USG officials and msm prostitutes for months now. This one about Obama is the least concerning to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were millions of Americans being spied on, without having the rubber stamp approval from FISA. NSA already lied to congress about spying on everyone. Instead of being punished for lying to congress under oath, James Clapper is now head of 17 “intelligence agencies”, if I’m not mistaken. I wish they’d put up or shut up about their allegations of “Russian aggression” and allegations of “Russian hackers”, too.

  6. I forgot to add that whenever McSlime and Graham Cracker are involved, anything they say is the antithesis of the truth. We’re being asked to pick the truth teller on this subject, when there isn’t one.Trump is reaping what he has sown throughout his life…this is what happens when you sleep with dogs(my apologies to actual dogs). How does it feel to be denigrated and lied about, Trump?

  7. Trump is telling the truth. As haymarket said; everyone is being spied on. Why would Trump be left alone? Trump must destroy the criminal Zionist enterprises known as US intel if he is to ‘succeed’. But we all know this isn’t going to happen. He’d be dead first. Then we’re stuck with Pence…who is the worst of all possible outcomes. Trump is a blathering idiot, but Pence is a first class criminal. Would it surprise me if Pence is orchestrating a lot of this? No. Trump is a danger to the status quo, as foolish as he is. He’s probably already been given the word. If he does try to prove he was tapped, there will be no evidence…unless a whistleblower drops an intel bomb.

  8. I agree with them. Trump is a pathological liar. He has lied and cheated his way to the top in New York with impunity even in court hearing where it would have been easy to jail and fine him. All documented by the late Wayne Barrett, top investigative journalist in New York until his recent death. Trump even tried to bribe and threaten him if he would not stop writing bad things about Trump however truthful and documented they were. Read the example I quoted on Kevin Barretts article today. Trump directly lied to a federal prosecutor but rather than being jailed and fined as most of the rest of us would be, he was rewarded. Now he is president. Do you think he will change his stripes at this late stage of the game? NO he won’t. I don’t think he ever learned the difference between a lie and the truth. He simply says what he wants which will benefit him and doesn’t worry about consequences because there never have been any to him. Lucky lucky Trump. But usually luck runs out and now he could start WWIII when his luck runs out.

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