Report: Trump’s Scam Health Program Ends Coverage for 24m, Big Tax Cuts for Wall Street

Nonpartisan budget office says replacement for Affordable Care Act would leave millions uninsured but reduce federal deficit by $337bn in first 10 year

Trump leaves 52 million people after 10 years uninsured…adrift

Using the plan, a 70 year old with stage 2 cancer with a fixed income of over $75,000 per year will be considered “more survivable” than someone at a lower income level and qualify for high cost targeted therapies now making huge inroads against cancer.  The poor and even the typical middle class will simply be told, “We’re sorry, there isn’t anything we can do but make you as comfortable as possible.”

Welcome to the real “death panels, ” known of in Trump’s “alternative fact speak” as “Survivability Assessment Panels”

Under the Republican plan, not only will fewer people be insured than before the Affordable Care Act, the remainder, through wanton deregulation of the insurance industry, will be under insured.  The reason healthcare professionals propose the plan is that it limits treatment options and places a huge economic risk on treatment providers who can never be assured of reimbursement.  Others are concerned that getting treatments authorize in time to save critically ill patents may be an impossibility.  Here are the factors doctors are facing when assessing what treatments insurers will pay for:

  • Rural patients, those who live 50 or more miles from major teaching hospitals will be denied transplants or high cost care where family support is key
  • Patients with low income, poor education or “unstable life styles,” renters or those with less than excellent credit will be denied some standards of care
  • Smokers, drinkers, those with a history of drug use are to be considered low treatment priorities
  • Some mental health factors will be taken into consideration including veterans with PTSD and those suffering depression or stress related illnesses, will be designated “less survivable”

By 2026, an estimated 52 million people would be uninsured if Congress enacts the healthcare proposal, compared with 28 million who would lack insurance that year under current law, according to the report. President Donald Trump, who supports the legislation, vowed that the plan would provide “insurance for everybody”.

The bill, called the American Health Care Act, faces intensifying opposition from conservatives, Democrats, consumer interest groups and nearly every sector of the US healthcare industry.

The ACHA seeks to radically transform and cut Medicaid, one of America’s largest social safety nets; end requirements for Americans to purchase healthcare; allow insurance companies to charge the old five times more than the young; expand tax-free health savings accounts; cut taxes that would disproportionately benefit the wealthy; and shrink subsidies that benefit the middle class.

At the same time, it allows insurance companies to levy a 30% surcharge to anyone who does not have insurance for more than two months, meant to incentivize people to keep insurance.

Read more at Guardian

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3 Responses to "Report: Trump’s Scam Health Program Ends Coverage for 24m, Big Tax Cuts for Wall Street"

  1. Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta  March 14, 2017 at 12:49 am

    Obamacare was bad, but Trumpcare is worse — much worse. 24+ Million more Americans uninsured…

    “Medicare for All” might be the ‘doable’ best, but Medicare doesn’t allow cheap Canadian drug imports.

    “Alt-Med” sometimes works better than orthodox U.S. medicine, but no plan pays (well) for it. A shame.

    Adding a “right to cheap & effective health care” to the Constitution might be good; but the “useless eaters” (i.e., the super-rich) don’t understand the benefits for America as a country.

    What to do… Solution? Eat the Rich… P.S. Also solves the hunger problem… ;-).

  2. Jaffer Jamil  March 13, 2017 at 6:29 pm

    They never fail to show how increasingly despicable they are. Why are we ruled by those that live off our money?

  3. wjabbe  March 13, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    Force all members of Congress and government to give up their elitist health plans provided by taxpayers and change over to whatever plan is approved by them an signed by president, no exceptions. Let’s stop treating these traitors like kings.

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