Breaking: Turkey’s Spy Agency Paid General Flynn to Fake Clinton Email Coverup Scandal


… by Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor

It seems the source of the “unbelievable” and totally fake news Breitbart story, accusing Secretary of State Clinton of interfering with the now bogus email investigation was a con job paid for by Turkey’s spy agency who hired, now wait for it…General Michael Flynn.

Fake patriot, America’s most undecorated general may face prison.

Flynn then hired a retired FBI agent who worked directly with Fox News to concoct the fake news story attacking Clinton.

Please note that this is just another potential criminal charge against the stack we are told are out there, waiting to be filed against Sean Hannity and others at Fox News.  It was Hannity that called for President Trump to fire the US attorney preparing the indictments of Fox staffers and NewsCorp executives, which is impeachable as obstruction and conspiracy.

And because we love Fox and Breitbart so much, here is our version of another of their Fetzerized fakes:

The great orange fatass is looking to grab more than a pizza

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  1. “Fair is foul and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air.” Macbeth (Shakespeare)

    When you pull members of either impolitic party from the Swamp you face either Repugnants or Demon-rats. I exclude the remnant of genuine politicians – that glimmering beacon of a guttering candle against the brooding darkness of the sewer. Toxoplasmosis is the illness of the day where Demon-rats and Repugnants in a satanic sharing beyond verbal to actual crap are mentally and physically compromised and contaminated by turn. (The MSM – those Zionist organs of (phew!) words ensure the stench in our nostrils damn us). Everything done is overdone and there is no limit to the extent of the greed that drives them both. This is the level of US politics today where the state of play (decay, more like) is not whether you win or lose but how low you are prepared to stoop, like dirt sniffing hookers in rugby parlance, to play the game. The game is being played in the sewer and right now the Repugnant entity are holding sway over the ‘Rats to a shared and overpowering odor of halitosis.

    • USF: The odor & stench of corruption & foreign influence were bad under Obama, Clinton & Bush (2X) — but not quite as bad as under Trump. When Trump gets cornered or bored, Trump sets off another stink bomb (with or without his tiny hands). Sad, Very Sad.

      Dummycrooks supported Obama & Clinton, and Republithugs supported Bush & Bush. Neither support Trump. If Trump actually benefitted Americans, it would be different.

      Trump’s Muslim travel bans do not keep terrorists out of America, but they do benefit terrorist recruiting. Trump sending 2,500 more U.S. troops to Syria (what McCain wanted) will not eliminate IS/Daesh & terrorists, but it will benefit terrorist recruiting.

      Trump’s elimination of Obamacare/ACA will not improve healthcare or lessen costs (with +/-25 million more uninsured). With all 3 Trump policies, more Americans will die — many/most Trump voters.

      If “US-First” is a “Make America Great Again” euphemism, then killing Trump voters is probably not the way to do it (IMHO – ;-). Sad, Very Sad.

    • The one to kill Trump voters will be Trump himself. No president since Kennedy has the opportunity to ‘Make America Great Again’ but Trump’s allegiance to Israel – due to being compromised it appears, could well be his undoing. Israel has moxie and will stop at nothing to achieve it nefarious as well as legitimate aims. Trump is clearly ensconced in their camp. My moniker reflects my deep-seated and vehement disgust at groups like AIPAC that puts Israel’s agenda ahead of ours. Unfortunately, there are those who have no scruples about destroying the world as we know it. It is these people who would force Trump as farrier to forge and temper the future of America on a Tel Aviv anvil fed by the fires of Hell: God-forsaken Zionists, demonic and dangling-dug suckers milking our country dry to finance anti-Muslim wars. Trump’s election provided a much-needed political catharsis where he was able to vent the repressed views of a long abused and defunct working class/middle class America. It was a euphoria of sorts to share his success but now ‘we see a monster, its hour come round at last, crawl toward Bethlehem to be born.’ (Yeats). Trump cannot ignore this vision in as much as he cannot afford to stand alone – an untenable position for any President, especially one who owes his success to the common voter in the face of the apoplectic Democrat and Republican parties. We are in days of uncertainty, ever alert to the lapping waters of the Swamp.

  2. Embedding Rachel Maddow is yet another hilarious new low for this website which is now a complete joke. Thanks for the laughs you pathetic clowns.

    • James: The primary question is: “Did Flynn, Trump & Co. take foreign money to skew the election?”

      If “Who said it first?” is the most important question to you, then VT is not for you. Stop reading VT.

  3. Given that Erdogan & Co. also played a role in skewing anti-Hillary election news for Erdogan boy Daeshing Donny Trump, can we now expect Trump & Co. to order the U.S. military to help Erdogan & Co. to seize northern Syria territory for Turkey? Given what Trump ordered in Syria, this is now happening.

    In the final days of the U.S. elections, Erdogan & Bibi began to normalize relations between Turkey & Israel – despite prior irreconcilable differences. New ambassadors arrived in Ankara & Tel Aviv on 12/1. Since Trump & Bibi and Flynn & Turkey worked so closely together, how big of a role did Flynn play?

    As quid pro quo for normalization, Erdogan & Co. may have been (probably were) more than willing to do Bibi & Co. a favor — namely, help Bibi & Co. and Kosher Nostra oligarchs to skew the election for Trump.

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