Recent Trump “firings” lead to a history of blackmail, treason and murder

Was PizzaGate just another test to verify how stupid we could be?

., Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor

How modern politics deals with the Founding Fathers’ legacy

This story will play out as the staffers of the US Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York begin leaking the cases that were ready to be filed.

There were two directions by our estimation – one against Trump for gross violations of the Constitution – and the other against Fox News, taking down Roger Ailes and Sean Hannity and, we believe, tying them to wiretapping and maybe worse.

The Fox case will show, if it is not quashed by a political hack replacement, a pattern identical to that used by the Murdoch regime in Britain — wiretapping of intelligence agencies, police and the royal family, and dozens of prominent member of government, cabinet ministers and members of parliament. Not only were they wiretapped, but they were “leveraged” as well, and we mean “blackmailed.”

Behind it all is human trafficking, child sex rings; the things the Republicans and their alt-right fake news surrogates are throwing out against others. The GOP, since the Franklin Scandal under Reagan/Bush and beyond, has been clearly the center of child sex-trafficking. And also note, we have a sitting president who, according to court documents, stands accused of child sex and child murder:

Statement of year old “Jane Doe” in lawsuit against Donald Trump

The emoluments case against Trump, were it to not have been blocked by Trump’s Deep State friends, would have involved gifts or awards to Trump from up to 24 nations, including patent rights from China and even a franchise for brothels.


China gives green light for Trump branded massage parlours, bars and concierge services


China has granted preliminary approval for 38 new Trump trademarks, paving the way for President Donald Trump and his family to develop a host of branded businesses, from hotels to insurance to bodyguard and concierge services, public documents show.

For those who think a sitting American president receiving a brothel-running franchise is funny, this is a license to set up brothels across China, making the President of the United States the biggest pimp in world history. Funny? In order to control his domain, Trump was also issued a license for armed security personnel or “bodyguards” for his string of girls, to keep them in line, all of this from the Chinese government that the US is supposed to be so worried about.

A few days after this award, the Chinese president agrees to meet Trump and the first lady at one of her rare very private appearances, at Mar a Lago, scene of many of the Trump, Wexner, Epstein romps.

The travel ban alone is evidence something is amiss even to the most dullard of Trump devotees, and we are speaking of Secretary of State Tillerson when we use the term “dullard.” From Forbes:

Travelers from the majority-Muslim nations of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and Libya were barred from entering the United States on Jan. 27 after President Trump signed an executive order enforcing new travel restrictions for 90 days.

The order, meant to reduce the threat of terror, excludes several countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, that have been accused of supporting extremist groups.

Seven majority-Muslim nations not impacted by the travel ban have business ties to President Trump, leading critics to wonder whether his policy is influenced by his business interests. Some have argued that Trump could dispel any perceived conflict of interest by divesting his assets and placing them in a blind trust.


In Istanbul, Turkey, Trump entered into a licensing deal allowing his name to be used on two luxury buildings, earning him $5 million in 2015, according to Time.


In Indonesia, the country with the world’s largest Muslim population, two resorts sporting the Trump brand are in the midst of being constructed.

Trump also has a number of business ties in the United Arab Emirates, including luxury villas and a golf course. According to the Washington Post, plans to build a hotel in Saudi Arabia have been canceled. However, Trump has had business dealings with Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Alsaud in the past.
Graphics by Holly Warfield, Forbes Staff.


The Alpha (Alfa) Bank

The FBI is currently investigating connections between the Trump campaign and the Russian Alfa Bank. The history of the Alfa Bank is a complex one, and one not known to the public. The working group that set up the Alfa Bank in 1990 were members of the Republican National Committee (to which I have belonged since 1986).

It also included emigre groups from the Baltic States, Ukraine and Belarus living in the US, including powerful business leaders, and members of the Russian security services tied directly to “Russian settler” groups in Israel, a tie between Likudists and the Russian mafia.

Aiding them were groups in New York and in Cyprus, Greek businessmen, people whom I would classify as “mob groupies.” Trump falls into this group. To the GOP, gaining permanent control of the United States Senate was critical, even to the point of partnering with the KGB in the middle of the Cold War. They would also turn to murder.

Read what this 2002 NY Times article doesn’t say, if you get my hint:

“Senator Paul Wellstone, a two-term Democrat locked in one of the tightest campaigns in the nation, was killed this morning when his campaign plane crashed in freezing rain near Eveleth, Minn., a small town in the northeastern part of the state.

Mr. Wellstone’s high school sweetheart and wife of 39 years, Sheila, 58; their 33-year-old daughter, Marcia Markuson; three campaign aides; and two pilots also died in the fiery crash, which obliterated their 11-seat turboprop among the pine trees.

Senator Wellstone, 58, a former political science professor, was an unabashed liberal who often landed on the short end of 99-1 votes. He remained a vigorous spokesman for the traditional brand of Democratic New Deal liberalism at a time when his party’s mainstream was moving to the right, putting him at the center of a complicated political year.

Mr. Wellstone was one of just 23 senators — the only one in a close re-election fight — to vote this month against a resolution authorizing President Bush to take unilateral action against Iraq.”

When you add the plane crash deaths of Mel Carnahan, John Tower, H.J. Heinz and others, and how the internet has been scoured, cleansing conspiracy studies of Senate-related plane deaths, the pattern emerges.

Behind this was control of the Senate, prior to the “wiping clean of all laws” under Citizens United in 2005 by a 5/4 Supreme Court decision. Before that, banks were needed with license to launder funds or else the GOP would be forced to stick to the old Nixon and Maurice Stans method, turning to Mexican cartels for suitcases of cash to payoff hitmen and blackmailers, as came out in Watergate.

The RNC (Republican National Committee) wanted control of the Senate Banking Committee, particularly after 9/11 when an influx of laundered cash from stolen Iraqi oil and Afghani opium was expected to bolster GOP candidates. Blocking the banking needed, and I remind you this is prior to Citizens United, was Senator Paul Sarbanes, a Democrat who stood against a proposed network of money-laundering banks the GOP had waiting in the wings.

It was the murder of Wellstone and then Mel Carnahan that assured the GOP could control issuing bank charters to surrogates of Trump and the Russian mafia, something now coming up in the investigations that have just been derailed in New York.


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  1. Remember it was rumored on Fox News and others, before the election, that Preet was on the case against Clinton Foundation, and there was no denial from the office, unless I missed it.
    Classic NY con with Hannity finally getting to play. Boy he was thrilled. Wait till it’s his turn.
    Trump lost a few good guy friends on that one. It’s that moment when suddenly , one avenue of escape is sealed off. To team Trump, it feels the opposite.

  2. I listened to the TYT guy on the enclosed Youtube video. I wouldn’t dispute the allegation against Fox News! However, this is where I have an question: Why just Fox? Every MSM outlet has Intel at its heart, and they always did. You know it. So why not a case against all of them, together? I appreciate that NYC is the heart of the old MSM news and NY is a Democrat state, so it would be tough but not impossible. It would also be fair. This partisan political use of the law is nuts. A pox on all political parties, but especially the 2 main culprits. But the Fox thing could certainly help explain why Fox and the leftist MSM were in cahoots, ganging up on the Gateway Pundit reporter last Friday at the White House.

    • JS: MSM do NOT have a “liberal” bias. MSM have a pro-corporate & pro-establishment bias.

      +/-5 corporations own most MSM outlets. Both Dummycrooks & Republithugs are pro-corporate.

      Although The Young Turks staff don’t (yet) follow VT, TYT picks up on many VT themes.

      BOTH embedded videos above are well worth more than a glance.

      When both TYT & VT get to the heart of the matter, Trump is toast.

    • Dr, I said that Fox and the “leftists” were in cahoots. I would never call them liberal. But yes, apparently it was quite a melee. They need to be all straightened out, anarchists too.

    • JS: The “leftist,” “anarchist” & “liberal” labels are intentional distractions. What Trump & Co. were/are doing is insidious. Hillary & Co. too. Few see it — especially not MSM (“in cahoots” or not).

      Regardless of popular preferences, the more competent evil (Hillary & Co.) got eliminated first. Now, we need to eliminate what some call “the lesser of two evils” – less competent (i.e., Trump & Co.).

  3. SDNY U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara WAS investigating Trump & Co. for Trump ties to Russian, Israeli & U.S. criminal oligarchs (i.e., the Kosher Nostra).

    VT investigated & reported these criminal ties to Trump & Co. before, during & after the 2016 election, which these criminal oligarchs helped to skew & rig for Trump (as per VT & others).

    When U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s investigations began to strike a nerve with Trump & Co., Sean Hannity & MSM others called for Trump to fire Preet Bharara & other U.S. attorneys. Trump complied.

    Results? Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara will talk about parallels to NY’s Moreland Commission, but Bharara will not reveal attorney-client privileged details of the investigations. Thus, investigations of criminal ties by criminal oligarchs to Trump & Co. will slow down if not cease altogether. Success! ;-).

  4. Truly, as the late John Lennon once said, the country is run by people who are insane. Those who oppose them pay the price.
    I get tired of hearing and reading about how bad the Democratic Party is when the Republican Party is no better and obviously much, much worse. I have a feeling Trump will not make it through the year, neither will Pence, Bannon or their neo-nazi AG, Jeff sessions.

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