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Syrian Palace of Justice

[ Editor’s Note: Our Syrian Justice Ministry contacts called this morning to let us know that Minister Najm Hamad al-Ahmad was not among the victims of today’s bombing.

But he is a target, one well-hated by ISIS because he is from Deir Ezzor, where they have taken major casualties trying to overrun the Syrian Army there, but close air support has made all the difference.

I have mentioned before that, even if the major terrorist and opposition units in the field are defeated, the proxy terrorism coalition can keep a terror war going on Syria indefinitely.

The money and the cruel will to do so have obviously been validated. Hundreds of Western Gulf State government employees have not resigned their positions in protest of their governments being actively involved in supporting terrorism for regime change goals they feel benefit them respectively.

If this terror war is continued against Syria, it is quite likely that, with no other option, the Syrians will raise the black flag and start dishing it out themselves. Of course, nothing would delight the Western elites more, as that would have the public screaming for revenge, not knowing that they Syrians (and others) had already seized that mantle as payback for terrorism inflicted upon them.

We see the casualness with how Turkey is being handled by both Russia and Iran, with its game of being a Tripartite member, and yet still backing the al-Nusra and Turkmen jihadis in Syria.

Both countries have major interests with Turkey that they want to continue; and Turkey knows this. So they accept Turkey’s fighting and supporting terrorism at the same time, while challenging others that do it, like the US. So there is no black and white moral issue here, but only shades of grey.

As for the threat of aggression and terror, Erdogan had no problem at all talking about unleashing the 400,000 Turks in Netherlands against fewer than 50,000 in the Dutch Army. Imagine that.

Of course most of the Turks there are Dutch citizens, yet Erdo still seems to view them as his terror squad in waiting, and he has called the Dutch racists and Nazis over what is really a political and security concern issue. Erodgan just validated the EU far-right position that the growing Muslim population is a time bomb.

He has cracked down on all political opponents and wants total state power based, he says, on the terrorist threat that it faces. He has had mass arrests and firings of political opponents. Yet little Holland is not allowed to block ethnic rallies that it feels could be big terror attack targets. You just can’t make this stuff up Jim W. Dean ]

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VT at a midnight meeting with the Syrian Justice minister and his staff  – photo Gordon Duff, Sept, 2015. I was behind Mike Harris (R)

– First published  …  March  15, 2017

The Minister of Justice Syrian star Al-Ahmad, in a statement to a reporter, “Sputnik”, the terrorist bombing that happened Building old Justice Palace in Damascus is an attempt of the terrorists to wipe out terrorist crimes evidence, because these places contain documents and documents proving what it did those armed terrorist gangs before the Syrian crisis.

The minister revealed that the terrorist who blew himself up with an explosive belt was wearing military clothes and threw himself among a crowd of citizens, as it was his goal to enter the building and then was the death toll will become very large.

Al-Ahmad pointed out that the initial toll of 35 victims of the bombing are killed and more than 45 injured civilians, in addition to the destruction of the Justice Palace entrance, “It is not strange work on armed terrorist gangs which used the language of destruction and sabotage, murder and terrorism.”

According to the minister, he has been arrested on someone else tried to blow himself up, and will be completed investigations on the subject, which came in conjunction with the victories achieved by the Syrian army, and successful

A suicide bomber blew himself up in the Palace of Justice in the Syrian capital of Damascus, killing at least 25 people and wounding many others, according to media reports.

UPDATE (14:26 CET):  The second suicide bomber blew themselves up inside a restaurant in the al-Rabwah area.

UPD (15:39 CET): In total, 34 were killed and over 100 injured in the double suicide bombing.

Syrian state TV says the explosion took place in the building’s lobby. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack so far.

The Wednesday attack followed a double suicide bombing which hit the area of the Bab al-Saghir cemetery, killing at least 40 people few days ago. Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (formerly Jabhat Fatah al-Sham or Jabhat Al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda) took responsibility.


An interview with the Syrian Minister of Justice from Sputnik Arabic (machine translated)

Justice Minister in Syria Dr. Najm al-Ahmad, it has been many recent laws setting during the war years in line with international law and with the Syrian reality, noting in an exclusive interview with the “Sputnik”, the existence of a new law on refugees Syrians.

Sputnik: What is the role of the Syrian judiciary in the fight against terrorism?

Al – Ahmed: the war that began in Syria is not limited to a specific aspect, but included every hand in Syria which we can say that they did not leave the institution of the state and the authority of its powers and the facility of its facilities, nor any of its citizens , but has come under fire of terrorism directly or indirectly, so the legal battle is a battle keep up with the inherent and complementary military battle , of course. Where there is the face of terrorism will be arrested and it will cast on those who financed them and easy entry and work in Syria, the role of the judiciary comes there to be legal deterrence to achieve social stability and security to Besides deterrence is achieved at the hands of the security services.

The problem at the beginning of the crisis, because terrorism was a newcomer to the Syrian society was not unprecedented in it, therefore, was when some jurisdictions rare cases occur, the ordinary Syrian judiciary he could not be enough to deal with him because it is not available in Syria during the past period, judges were hearing about terrorism through neighboring countries, and not the legislative power body of the country for such crimes and the phenomenon, for example: access, beheadings and sectarian killings sectarian or terrorist financing and other terrorism related to al Qaeda and the Mafia, and many countries in the world for reasons hacking crimes, it is necessary to create new legislation to address for such crimes was the anti-terrorism Act of 2012. It is derived from the law of nations, which has suffered such crimes as were created specialized judges to consider all the issues of terrorism.

Sputnik: In the absence of a judicial treaty between Syria and an Arab state or foreign .. How is the trial of foreign terrorist?

Al – Ahmed: We have a judicial treaties with many countries, but there is the jurisdiction meets Syrian courts under several laws so that the Syrian courts are competent to consider such crimes regardless of active citizenship and be a Syrian law , which applies as the Syrian territory that were committed by crime on the one hand as the people is affected the other hand, Valachtsas personally and objectively take place to eliminate Syria ‘s application must, but in some cases when the evidence is not sufficient evidence conclusively to someone, and be suspicious about it and did not get to the certainty, the judge decides to leave this person or handed over to the immigration office to Tsverh outside the country at the expense of the Syrian state, but many countries have refused to receive their citizens.

Sputnik: the number of foreign terrorists who have been arrested?

Al – Ahmed: We have a lot of nationalities, but most countries that we received Turkey ‘s estimated number of terrorists in Syria , more than 25 thousand terrorists were killed including a large number, as well as Saudi Arabia about 30 thousand a terrorist and there are terrorists from Tunisia, Iraq, Palestine and America.

Sputnik: It is known that the Syrian laws and put in place since the year 1949 – 1952 Do you think fit Syrian laws currently in a time of war?

Al – Ahmed: has been amended more than 50 law during the war, and there are new laws were not exist originally but the circumstances of the country imposed, and there are many laws that are in progress, and that the next plan that all Syrian laws are being revised, but this project will take time In order to achieve, as many modern laws , including the development of the law of terrorism, kidnapping and the involvement of children combat modern business laws in line with international law and with the Syrian reality.

Sputnik: Many people are stopped as a result of the similarity of the names, despite not having committed any kind of offense … How is it possible to make a mistake such errors?

Al – Ahmed: State pass conditions exceptionally difficult Terrorism is always a danger, and Oakpna all the car bombs and improvised explosive devices and rocket random thrown on the citizens. Terrorism does not distinguish between the citizen and the military, so it is natural that there will be emphasis on actions taken to protect citizens and the security of the state and in order not to fall victims, we do not deny there are mistakes, but to go dozens of innocent victims , or that the arrest of a person suspected by name or by title or date of birth, which is rare cases are not on a general level, there are directions on these people that solves their status within 24 hours, there is no long month period or two months may have been the beginning of the crisis, as it is rare to be arrested on the person turns out to be completely innocent , but there is data and signs of this, we are an institutional state and we continue to say that the law is above everything, but errors are contained to everyone even countries big.

Sputnik: Parents sometimes refuse to receive their son Report under the pretext of his work to national defense or the like .. How are exceeded these things? 

Al – Ahmed: If some believe that the lack of notification will end the matter, or that the person will not pursue this is far from reality and the law act, any person of the people who with to reach and could reach the chosen in the neighborhood or village or through lenses that are placed on the can the door of his house , who lives by the addition of reporting via the press and media, The reporting is informed that the lawsuit filed against him.

Sputnik: We have heard about the crimes committed against the Syrians outside the Syrian border, “the refugee” rape – Torture – killed – how many other lies of the Syrian judiciary to intervene in such matters?

Al – Ahmed: these crimes since the camps set up by the neighboring countries began many crimes have emerged and some of them due to documented video and audio and announce it to the girls how they were raped , whether from the armed terrorist gangs , or even the Turks elements systematically and in return for money.

This is a sensitive and very dangerous in the Syrian society which refuses to stamp Governor Vacharf sacred, unfortunately, part of the destruction of the Syrian society is to spread the kind of culture of corruption in which marriage the marriage who issued fatwas on terrorism like they made it a project that is intent on destroying Syrian society, it does not stop this limit has surprised generation of children of unknown parentage, which is the duty of the Syrian state that adoptive and grant them citizenship and destination address that they were created from abnormal conditions and the situation of illegal and unethical and illegal.

Matter where a lot of complexity and negative results that did not materialize in full, there are cases of those who were fighting with the armed terrorist gangs were their ministry to hospitals turkey Vivaji person eradication college or part of its members, and there are Western countries involved in it, even illegal immigrants exposed section of children like these things, the Syrian judiciary receives any of these cases, and watched, and today is preparing for a law to prevent illegal immigration and puts her precise legal controls prosecute everyone who works on the displacement of the Syrians illegally.

Sputnik: If Syria were tried before the International Court .. Will we see the Syrian Minister of Justice Najm al-Ahmad defender and lifters from Syria or will be assigned two lawyers with the jurisdiction of the subject matter?

Al – Ahmed: If our intention to accuse the state as a whole , this can not be imagined be proven before the International Criminal Tribunal for it prosecutes individuals, not countries , but in case the trial towards people Syrian officials, the Minister of Justice will be in the forefront because it would be accused of not defending, I defend national now online when I can be and ready to testify way to win either a Syrian official it is unlikely and that for legal reasons that Syria is not in the Convention on the international Criminal Court by political reasons Valahalh to this court need to be successful international security in the case of the State of the members of the court, and if we take This position seriously

The countries that have contributed to the destruction of Syria are the ones who should be brought before this court, not Syria, which defends its existence, we will not go to that one, but the other two are the ones who came to our country to destroy it and destroying it.


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