Carnage at Syrian Justice Ministry


… from the staff of Veterans Today, in Syria

We are posting this not to be ghouls, but in solidarity with what the Syrian people have to see. It is easier for us as we did not know them and they are not our people, but we do share the pain of all these families. 

We live in a country where drug dealers and gang members kill more people than terrorists, but no one has posed deporting them, or even making gangs illegal, or even mentioning their race, religious or ethnicity. We don’t want to offend their families.

We asked our people on the ground in Syria to try to get us a photo, which is often not an easy thing to do. They came through for us so here it is, our way of honoring the dead in a small way, by giving what happened to them a bit more of a lasting memory. There is also a personal reason.

When the VT team went to tour the Terrorism Court when we were at the Damascus Counter-terrorism conference in 2015, we walked through this entrance. The front was crowded with lawyers and their clients waiting to get into court for their cases.

The ones you see wearing suits are probably all attorneys. The second bomber lost his nerve or something, and took off with security people chasing him down the street. At some point he ducked into a sidewalk restaurant of very light construction and not many patrons, and blew himself up, with not as many casualties as at the court, and no one reported killed.

As ISIS continues to really get ground down I feared they would retaliate with increased bombings. And I fear more that even with a “peace” these will continue due to the inexhaustible supply of extremist losers volunteering to do the work.

We cannot send our condolences to all who have been slaughtered in Syria, or even those every day. We do this as a symbolic act, and will get back to trying to stop this tomorrow, as we do every day…Jim W. Dean


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Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor

Jim W. Dean is managing editor of Veterans Today wearing many hats from day to day operations, development, writing and editing articles.

He has an active schedule of TV and radio interviews.

Jim comes from an old military family dating back to the American Revolution. Dozens of Confederate ancestors fought for the South in the War Between the States. Uncles fought in WWII and Korea. His father was a WWII P-40 and later P-51 Mustang fighter pilot. Vietnam found several uncles serving, a cousin, and brother Wendell as a young Ranger officer. His mother was a WWII widow at 16, her first husband killed with all 580 aboard when the SS Paul Hamilton, an ammunition ship with 7000 tons of explosives aboard, was torpedoed off the coast of Algiers.

He has been writing, speaking and doing public relations, television, consulting and now multimedia work for a variety of American heritage, historical, military, veterans and Intel platforms. Jim's only film appearance was in the PBS Looking for Lincoln documentary with Prof. Henry Lewis Gates, and he has guest lectured at the Army Command and General Staff School at Fort Gordon.

Currently he is working to take his extensive historical video archives on line to assist his affiliated organizations with their website multimedia efforts, such as the Military Order of World Wars, Atlanta, Sons of the American Revolution, Sons of Confederate Veterans , Assoc. for Intelligence Officers, the Navy League, Georgia Heritage Council, National Memorial Assoc.of Georgia.

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  1. In 2003, “Shock & Awe” is what Rumsfeld & Bush called the bombastic bombing barbarism of Baghdad.

    In 2001, supposed Saudi terrorists (maybe Bibi & Co.) bombed the U.S. and murdered 3,000.

    In 2017, Bibi-buddy Trump now helps terrorist recruiters by banning Muslims from the U.S.

    In 2017, we should also prepare ourselves for a “Shock & Awe” repeat — here or there.

    We can also fondly remember our Iraqi & Syrian friends — by welcoming them.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Two or more bombs also don’t make a right.

    If or Since the U.S. is funding terrorist bombers, we will reap what we sow.

  2. Yes, Mr Dean, I remember a while back where you predicted the that the Terrorists would resort to these tactics after their big losses on the field. And thank you for your kind words and deeds for Syria.

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