Turkey trying to ignite civil war in The Netherlands?

Erdogan is the greatest threat to peace in Europe since Hitler

[Editor’s note: The situation in the Netherlands, on the face of it, has all the characteristics of a political farce, but when one digs a little deeper, what lies beneath is far more sinister and dangerous.

To summarise: two Turkish ministers wanted to visit the Netherlands in order to lead large public rallies designed to increase support for Turkish president Erdogan in the upcoming Turkish referendum that will ostensibly turn Turkey into a totalitarian dictatorship.

The Dutch government protested and didn’t want to let these ministers into the country and didn’t wish these public gatherings to take place. In response, the Turks threw a big hissy fit and Erdogan called the Dutch fascists, likened them to the Nazis and suggested their country was a ‘banana republic’. Turks living in the Netherlands rioted and the Dutch police were faced with Turkish mobs on the streets, something very unusual for peaceful Holland.

The Dutch, to their credit, told the Turks to get stuffed and demanded an apology, especially for calling them Nazis, a very sore point to the Dutch as they suffered badly under Nazi occupation during WW2. The Turks have also demanded apologies and we are left with a standoff where both sides are offended and neither feels inclined to back down. 

Personally, I’m with the Dutch on this one, they are quite within their rights to not allow a foreign power to hold political rallies in their cities, the Turkish reaction has been pretty nasty and in my eyes, disgusting. The democratic Dutch are standing up to a tinpot dictator who dreams of being the Sultan and recreating the Ottoman Empire.

That is the broad outline of events, however I believe there is a deeper, covert agenda being played out here and the Turks are attempting to destabilised not only the Netherlands but most of Western Europe too. Over the last 2-3 years, Erdogan has attacked Europe directly by sending hordes of ‘refugees’, Germany has been a prime target, but Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Austria and others have been targeted too. He even managed to extort a few billion euros out of the EU over the whole mess – clearly Erdogan was acting like a gangster.

To make things worse, these migrants were then stirred up and incited to carry out violence and rape, especially public sexual assaults, including gang rape. Turkish ringleaders provided them with drugs and cash and incited them to these terrible acts which have been seen all over Scandinavia and Western Europe, but Germany especially. Furthermore, within these migrant groups are concealed Turkish terrorist cells, ready and waiting to carry out false flag attacks, they may have been responsible for some of the attacks we have already seen in Belgium, France and Germany.

It has been something of an open secret for years now that the millions of Turks in Germany are planning to, in the long term, take control of the country and turn it into an Islamic, Turkish-controlled state.

The same is widely believed to be the case in the Netherlands, where they have seen huge influxes of Turks, most of them criminals who are attracted by the drugs and sex trades – they deal drugs and traffic sex workers, the Dutch prisons are full of Turks and the Dutch people, once so liberal and welcoming, have become Turk-hating and far less liberal in their outlook on all foreigners – in short, they have had enough of seeing their once completely peaceful and law abiding country ruined by the Turks.

Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the other large cities now contain Turkish ghettoes that are no-go areas for the Dutch, street crimes and violence, including gun crimes have become common in some places, it is all one big mess and the Dutch are sick of it – hence the rise of the far right and the likes of Geert Wilders.

The Turks are not all that secretive about their machinations either, as witnessed by the disturbng calls from the Turkish press for the 400,000 Turks living in the Netherlands to start a civil war and pointing out that they vastly outnumber the 48,000 troops of the Dutch Army.

However, I think it is unlikely that we will see an attempt to start a civil war and instead, the goal is to influence the upcoming Dutch elections. The one person to greatly benefit from this fiasco is the far-right candidate Geert Wilders, but why would the Turks want to assist Wilders into office? The answer is simple – Wilders, like Donald Trump in the US, Marine LePen in France, Nigel Farage in the UK and others all across the right of European politics is an Israeli stooge. Turkey had long been a close ally of Israel therefore it suits both the Israeli and Turkish agendas to have their man in power in the Netherlands, a man who, like Trump, is a fake populist and would be a faithful and willing puppet. 

There is another benefit to the Israelis of this Turkish destabilisation of Europe – it strengthens the election campaigns of their other puppets, such as LePen in France and the AfD (Alternative for Deustchland) party in Germany.

What is the ultimate goal of this agenda – to control Europe via puppet leaders who answer to Israel and where de facto control of the criminal trades in drugs and people is in the hands of the Turks? To ignite race wars between increasingly radicalised and pissed-off indigenous white, ostensibly Christian Europeans and their Turkish, ostensibly Islamic invaders?

Whatever the exact agenda, rest assured, it is going to be very bad for Europe and it’s people and unless someone acts to curtail the power hungry criminal regimes in Tel-Aviv and Ankara, Europe, quite frankly, is fu$ked…. Ian]


Prime Minister Mark Rutte has refused to apologize and has stood by his government’s decision to expel Kaya, saying she had been an “undesirable” visitor.


World Bulletin
Turkish minister sparks Netherlands state of emergency

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte Sunday ruled out apologising for banning Turkish ministers from joining pro-Ankara rallies here, but said he hoped a diplomatic row could be defused.

“There’s absolutely no way excuses can be made, they should make excuses for what they’ve done yesterday,” Rutte told reporters as he campaigned for Wednesday’s general election.

The Dutch have been particularly angered after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan likened them to Nazis for refusing to allow his ministers to attend a pro-government meeting in Rotterdam to drum up support for an April referendum on expanding his powers.

“This country, as the mayor of Rotterdam pointed out yesterday, was bombed during the Second World War by the Nazis. It’s totally unacceptable to talk in this way,” Rutte said in The Hague.

The decision by Turkish Family Minister Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya to defy repeated Dutch warnings not to come to The Netherlands had led to “havoc,” he said.

The mayor of Rotterdam had issued an emergency order late Saturday to prevent a pro-Turkish demonstration outside the country’s consulate in the city which has turned into a flashpoint of the worsening relations between the Netherlands and Turkey.

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb said he needed special powers to assure security throughout the center of the city, fearing that more people would join the demonstration and there was “serious concern” that riots might ensue. Under the powers, it is easier for authorities to keep people away from diplomatic compounds like the consulate.

Rutte urged Dutch citizens to “keep your cool. We have a fantastic society… and most Dutch people with a Turkish background are well-integrated.”

Tensions remained high, with Erdogan warning on Sunday that the Netherlands would “pay a price” for its actions. But Rutte said: “In the interest of our relations within the EU, with Turkey, it is now crucial to try and de-escalate events, not to add to this.

“Of course, if Turkey continues to talk in an inflammatory way about the Netherlands, we have to consider next steps.”

And in an interview with the Dutch public broadcaster NOS, he hit out at Ankara for treating Dutch people with Turkish roots as Turkish citizens.

“These are Dutch citizens,” Rutte insisted, adding that like Turkey “The Netherlands is a proud country”.

The Netherlands is home to some 400,000 people of Turkish origin, and Ankara is keen to harness votes of the diaspora in Europe ahead of an April 16 referendum on boosting the powers of the president.

Dutch police moved in early Sunday to break up protests, which erupted in Rotterdam over the incident, using water cannon, dogs and mounted horseback charges. Dutch media said that 12 people had been arrested and one officer was hurt.

World Bulletin
World condemns Netherlands for row with Turkey

Egypt, Iraq, Mauritania and Tunisia on Monday joined an international chorus of condemnation after the Netherlands barred Turkish ministers from meeting Turks in Rotterdam.

Adnan Mansar, Secretary-General of the Tunisian Harak Tounes al-Irada political party, said the Dutch’s denial of a flight permit for Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoglu as “provocative” and “aggressive”. Prominent Egyptian opposition leader Ayman Nour described the Dutch action as “unacceptable”.

Iraq’s former Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi wrote on Twitter that the Turkish government’s move to explain proposed constitutional changes were democratic as he went on to accuse European nations of acting in a “totalitarian” manner.

Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hikmet Haciyev reacted to Netherlands’ attitude towards Turkish ministers. In a written statement, Haciyev described the Dutch treatment of Turkish ministers was “contradictory” and “prejudiced”.

“What has been done against the Turkish government’s officials, the hinderance of meeting and demonstration freedom of Turks in the Netherlands and the use of power against them is contradictory and prejudiced,” Haciyev said.

A representative of a Mauritian umbrella group the National Forum for Democracy and Unity, Veled Eddi said that it was a “weird blockage”.

The Dutch government canceled Çavuşoglu flight permit to the Netherlands and then blocked a convoy carrying Family Minister Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya from entering the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam.

The ministers were due to meet Turkish society ahead of a referendum April 16 that will decide constitutional reforms. The Dutch government said it canceled Cavusoglu’s flight permit because of “security” and “public safety” concerns.

Protests erupted outside the consulate in Rotterdam, where police used guard dogs and batons to disperse a peaceful crowd that had gathered in support of Kaya. She was later forced to leave the consulate area with a police escort.

Council of Europe Secretary-General Thorbjorn Jagland said Sunday tensions between Turkey and several European countries was damaging to diplomacy and democracy.

“We cannot allow it to escalate any further,” Jagland said, adding that all Turkish citizens should have ample opportunity to be informed about the referendum campaign.

“All public meetings and political campaigns held in Council of Europe member states should be conducted in accordance with national legislation and the European Convention on Human Rights,” he said.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault urged Dutch and Turkish authorities to reach an agreement. “Faced with the current tension between Turkey and several member states of the European Union, France calls for appeasement,” he said in a statement Sunday that also “calls on the Turkish authorities to avoid excesses and provocations,

In these circumstances, it is essential to be accountable and to avoid unnecessary polemics,” it added. Azerbaijan foreign ministry spokesman Hikmet Haciyev said the Dutch treatment of Turkish ministers was biased.

“What has been done against the Turkish government’s officials, the hinderance of meeting and demonstration freedom of Turks in the Netherlands and the use of power against them is contradictory and prejudiced,” Haciyev said.

The stand-off between Turkey and the Netherlands should be sorted out “as fast as possible”, according to British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

“I think this is very regrettable,” Johnson said while speaking at a weekend political program on the ITV channel.

French Foreign minister Jean Marc Ayrault said the meeting of Turkish foreign minister in Metz “is a matter of freedom of assembly”.

Yousuf Al-Koda, head of the Islamic Wasat Party in Sudan, said the move against Turkish ministers contradicted human rights and concepts of democracy “advocated by Europe”.

Algerian lawmaker Muhammed al-Hadi Osmaniye said such racist and provocative attitudes served far-right groups in Europe. “The West does not want the spread of democracy in Muslim societies,” he said.

Premier Binali Yildirim says attitude of Netherlands against Turkish female minister ‘unacceptable’

World Bulletin
Turkey vows to retaliate harshly against Netherlands

Turkey will retaliate harshly against the Netherlands following its actions against a Turkish female minister in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said on Sunday.

Speaking at a rally in western Yalova, Yildirim said: “The attitude of the Netherlands yesterday [Saturday] towards Turkish family Minister Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya is unacceptable.”

The premier said the Netherlands have violated diplomatic principles, thwarted the freedom of movement of a serving Turkish minister, forcing her to leave the country.

“Everyone should know that Turkey will retaliate in the heaviest possible way,” Yildirim said.

He said Turkey will do everything necessary to ensure that such events against Turkish citizens and the country do not occur again.

He noted that while supporters of terrorist organizations like Fetullah Terrorist Organization and the PKK roam freely in Europe, Turkish ministers were not being given permissions.

“These days, we see the dictatorial practices of those who give us democracy lessons,” Yildirim said.

He added that by preventing Turkish ministers from meeting their expat community, Europe was backing the No campaign in the upcoming referendum in April in Turkey.

Last week, Turkish ministers were barred from holding public rallies in two German cities ahead of the April 16 referendum in Turkey.

On Saturday, the Dutch government first canceled the Turkish foreign minister’s flight permit to the Netherlands and then blocked a convoy carrying Turkey’s family minister from entering the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam.

The ministers were also due to meet Turkish residents ahead of the April 16 referendum on constitutional reforms.


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  1. Never forget the bigger picture of NWO´s plan to ignite havoc everywhere so people may cry for law and order under NWO. I don´t forgot the word of this thug who said “all we need is a big major crisis etc”. A kind of new Pearl Harbor. Was it Rockefeller ? They will never give up their plan until they are dead.

  2. The EU hypocrisy on muslims and terrorism ties is rivaled only by that of the USA and its sattelites Israel and Saudi Arabia. So Erdogan, although an undoubted war criminal himself, is right about that one. War on and destruction of Libya is itself enough to take the whole EU down and no other inside/outside monetary or cultural or religious factor is needed. Erdogan may or may not send more refugees or disguise turkmen and isil terrorists as refugees, but they are pouring in through the rest of Mediterranean and other places regardless of his decisions.

  3. In what way is Le Pen on the list of Israeli stooges? This Holland-Turkey row (disagreement) is a both way hypocrisy, with rigid psychopaths like Wilders (personally I think this guy has matured for an asylum), and Erdogan as the new oil baron of Syria and Iraq. Nobody in the original EU governments protested Erdogan until he got into settlements and business deals with Russia. Erdogan and the ministerial sultanate were received with red carpet everywhere. The Dutch folks will certainly not profit from baning turkish officials or businesses.

    • All nationalist/fascist/nazi movements around the world are (among other movements and parties) infiltrated by Kabbalists. Their purpose is to act like “storm troopers” primarily against this constructed influx of refugees, with inbeded Takfiri Kefirs/extremist Sunnis, and secondarily agains the vanishinig Leftists of Europe.

      For instance, the 2011 Norwegian massacre on Utöya island and the truck bomb in Oslo (hours appart) was only blamed on the Freemason Anders Behring Breivik who was signaling Illuminati semiotics (the attacking snake) at the court. The Norwegian establishment led by the Talmudic PM Stoltenberg blamed it all on Breivik but they’re covering up a lot of facts like at least two shooters, etc.

      The Illuminati constantly use the Hegelian dialectic of (cause a) “Problem –> (public) Reaction ==> Solution. The solution has of course been prepared in advance and is one the elites otherwise would not manage to pass; as the US Patriot Act, etc.

      ERDOLF is part and parcel with the (supposedly Islamist but rather Talmudic) agenda of the MI6 created Muslim Brotherhood, and its sibling the Takfiri Kefir Sunnis.

  4. LS…

    Thank You for your support to start with… We are a tiny winy small country hardly visible to see on the map of the world. Our first concern is to fight the Sea. We have been overrun by the Romans. The Spanish (80 years of war) The French and we fought seven Sea Wars with the British we all won. We discovered America and we are found all over the world as a Sea going nation. (For better or for worse to be honest). Now we have to face the Nazi horror of the Turks who are not only in the Netherland trying to f#ck up the peace… Last time they were beaten before the gates of Vienna and now for the port of Rotterdam… And so be it ! By by Erdo have a good day and see a doctor before your next ridiculous outburst. You are a clown and we all know it !

    • PS…

      I forgot to mention Nazi-Germany in WW 2 and let us not forget that Mein Kampf the best sold book is in Turkey written by Hitler and that Islam is similar to Nazi-Fascism ! Etc.etc.

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