War President: Pentagon wants to declare more parts of world as temporary battlefields


Donald Trump’s administration is considering a military proposal that would designate various undeclared battlefields worldwide to be “temporary areas of active hostility”, the Guardian has learned.

If approved, the Pentagon-proposed measure would give military commanders the same latitude to launch strikes, raids and campaigns against enemy forces for up to six months that they possess in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

The proposal would in effect unravel a highly controversial bureaucratic structure for launching lethal assaults, such as drone strikes and counter-terrorism raids, set up by Barack Obama’s White House.

Under Obama’s structure, known as the Presidential Policy Guidance (PPG), the president and his counter-terrorism adviser at the National Security Council played a substantial role in approving life-or-death strikes on suspected terrorists on undeclared battlefields such as Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia.

The Pentagon’s proposal would push those authorities down to military commanders during the 180-day lifespan of the temporary designations, according to an administration official familiar with the proposals, who described Obama’s PPG as, functionally, a dead letter.

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  1. In December of 2011, the U.S. Senate passed a bill by 93-7 that declared America to be a battleground, which means the U.S. military can act with impunity to arrest, detain, torture and even murder U.S. citizens with impunity.
    So Drumpf has now declared the rest of the world as a U.S. battle Ground.
    When someone starts lobbing missiles into U.S. wedding, funerals and school playgrounds, how are Americans going think then? Who are they going blame?
    America is creating a shit storm for itself with no one else to blame for what happens.
    Donald Trump the president whose ignorance is surpassed only by those who voted for him.

    • It doesn’t matter who was voted in, both parties are cheeks of the same ass..

      Senators will vote on what ever aipac’s memos are for that week. Even the no’s are declared to give the vote legitimacy. We are awakening, but not quick enough.

  2. What are these designated areas in the U.S.A.? I assume the towers in NY and Pentagon since the four star generals didn’t lift a finger to defend them. One of these days these wars will arrive at our shores. They couldn’t even defend their own building.

  3. Permanent war strategy lives on. United States of Permanent War of America. And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, GAVE PROOF through the night that our flag was still there.

  4. Murdering more civilians in countries hostile to America won’t help U.S. to win friends & influence people.

  5. They have learned, they can kill a million Iraqi citizens and get away with it, but even 3,000 soldiers deaths , compared to the 1 million will bring great public outcry. Therefore, because the drones have been used and received bad press, the next best thing is missiles. The missile manufacturers are drooling all over the side of the clown bus ruining the paint. This accounts for the pushing for leverage against human rights and the extra 50 billion, and the use of widows as props. Less reaction time equals higher success rate according to Trump rules, and that equates to “Winning”. Trumps propensity for “unannounced attack” alone, means more missiles. Rules of engagement be damned.

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