Special Request: Japanese government is trying to murder me


By Benjamin Fulford

The Japanese government has made repeated attempts to kill me. The best documented event took place in June of 2009 when an agent by the name of Mutsuaki Okubo stabbed me with a poisoned needle in front of multiple witnesses.

When I went to the Japanese police they refused to take any action on the matter. Further research showed me that Okubo works for Japanese politician Ichiro Ozawa.

Japanese Finance Minister Tara Aso

Now the Japanese authorities are seizing 100% of my income. The want me to pay over 10 million yen ($100,000) for 7 years payroll taxes for people who sub-contracted for me. However, all those people paid their taxes so this is completely bogus. I have also been paying my taxes.

Last year I paid over 2 million yen ($20,000) in taxes and had an after tax income of 3.7 million yen. So, the Japanese tax authorities are saying I will have zero income for the next 3 years so that I can pay off this bogus bill.

The current 100% seizure came after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited Japan. Tillerson worked for Exxon Mobil so he is a Rockefeller slave. The top Rockefeller agent in Japan is a man called Hiroaki Fushimi, who also works for Exxon Mobil. Fushimi ordered Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso to order the seizure of my bank account.

David Rockefeller II

Aso also takes orders from the French branch of the Rothschild family. The low ranking bureaucratic dupe who carried out the orders is Rieko Shinohara.

Her phone number is 81-3-3542-2111 extension 3447. My entire paypal income is being garnisheed by her orders.

This means me and my staff of 3 will have zero income for the rest of this year at the very least.

The Rockefellers are also now trying to send 2 trillion fraudulently created Japanese yen from the World Bank to the Bank of Japan, according to Japanese royal family sources.

Ichiro Ozawa (file photo)

This money is to be used to make Ichiro Ozawa Prime Minister of Japan, the sources say.

The current Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, has begun to disobey orders and that is why they are exposing his scandals to prepare the way for Ozawa.

These are the same people who are trying to destroy Donald Trump. Enough is enough, these people need to be stopped.

The current head of the Rockefeller clan is David Rockefeller Jr.


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  1. They try to murder every “useless eater”, how they call us now not just him. so say hello to the community of “morituri te salutant” (the death candiates great you)

  2. I’ve thought the same — if they want you dead, sayonara.

    I’m cautiously suspicious of the latest claims by Roger Stone regarding the two recent failed “attempts” on his life. So many true enemies of the Deep State have been executed/suicided by professional “wet teams” armed with high tech devices (such as “heart attack guns” mentioned by Preston) I’d imagine their Targeted Individual kill percentage is pretty high.

    The Wet Teams appear to have a lower success rate when using a vehicle as a weapon, like in the latest Stone “attempt” or the Jeff Rense “accident” not long ago. Of course, the Michael Hastings murder was different as they took control of his Mercedes via remote, similar to how they take control of aircraft.

    That said, perhaps IF Fulford, Stone, Rense and the like are actually White Hats working on behalf of humanity, maybe they’re being protected by a higher force? The optimist in me would like to think so 🙂

  3. “Rockefellers trying to send 2 trillion fraudulently created”…..or pass off 2 trillion in counterfeit… are there not laws that could lock them up forever for that alone?

    • These people are untouchable. They are above any and all laws.The Rockefellers, the Bush crime family syndicate, the Clintons….so many more are never brought to justice. There is no such thing as justice in America. It simply does not exist. America is one of the most unjust nations on the planet.

  4. I’m sorry if this sound like pointing out the bleeding obvious, but if a powerful government with vast resources of manpower and technology (such as the Japanese Government) wanted you dead, wouldn’t you be? Already?

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