Trump is taking US back into Middle East wars



[Editor’s note: We have been watching aghast but totally unsurprised as Trump wasted no time at all after squeezing his fat orange ass into the big chair in ramping up US military involvement in the Middle East. Trump had pledged to increase defence spending and we have seen precisely that with this week’s budget that virtually doubles US defence spending, reaching levels unheard of since the Reagan years where vast sums were spent on all kinds of defence projects in order to win the Cold War by simply outspending the Soviet Union.

All that increased spending is going to fund Trump’s return to direct military involvement in the Middle East, which began immediately after he took office with an escalation of drone strikes on Yemen to such a degree that a little over a month has passed and already more drone strikes have hit Yemen under Trump than did in all the years of Obama.

No doubt this is the US playing the role of mercenaries for the Saudis, intervening in a war which has seen the Saudi military and their Gulf State allies repeatedly humiliated by the Houthi tribesmen. The Yemen war is a proxy conflict between the Saudis and Iran who are backing the Houthis, therefore US involvement also increases US-Iranian tensions at a time when Trump seems dead set on obeying his Zionist master Netanyahu and destroying the US-Iran nuke deal, an action which will undoubtedly have a very negative impact on both regional and global stability.

More seriously in terms of the potential to ignite a wider, far more dangerous conflict is the US troops and heavy hardware that are being sent to Syria and Iraq to involve themselves in the ongoing wars there, ostensibly to fight IS, in reality, more likely to be a far more nefarious reason yet to be revealed. President Assad has correctly pointed out that any foreign forces entering Syria without the express permission of the Syrian government are acting illegally and has complained about the illegal presence of US forces in his country.

Of course, the Russians and Iranians already have large military presences in Syria as they are allied to the Syrian government in it’s fight against the various mercenary and terrorist groups; therefore the rather dangerous situation arises where US, Russian, Iranian, Iraqi, Hezbollah, Kurdish and and Syrian forces are all present, plus the various opposition groups including the Turks and their proxies. A mess like that is a very dangerous, most combustible situation.

Then there is the Turkish question – just WTF is Erdogan upto? The Turkish army has illegally invaded northern Syria and Iraq, we know that many of the ‘IS’ fighters are nothing more than Turks in Extremist fancy dress, and the ‘Euphrates Shield’ operation, ostensibly to combat terrorists that may threaten Turkey, appears to be intended to seize as much territory as possible.

This would be in line with the neo-Ottoman agenda that Erdogan appears to be following which was laid out in detail by former PM Davutoglu in his 2001 book ‘Strategic Depth’. In this work, Davutoglu makes the case that Turkey is entitled to expand it’s borders south and east, seizing former Ottoman territory that now belongs to Syria and Iraq in order to create ‘Lebensraum’ for the Turkish people, especially the cities of Mosul and Aleppo.

This map has appeared frequently in Turkey in recent years – it depicts the Turkish borders expanded to include large tracts of northern Syria and Iraq.

Of course, Trump is acting on behalf of his Israeli masters in sending the US military back into the Middle East and it is a Zionist agenda to destabilise the region, destroying the Arab nation states and creating a handful of small, powerless states from the rump left after their Turkish and Saudi friends have seized large areas for themselves. Sadly, the US military is going to play a major role in achieving this goal, which means the body bags will soon be laid out on the tarmac and the US finds itself embroiled in yet another war… Ian]


Pentagon Deploys B-52 Bombers, 400 Airmen for Iraq, Syria Air Campaign

The Pentagon sent to Iraq and Syria more than 400 airmen along with B-52H Stratofortress jets for day-to-day combat operations in a first event of a kind in over twelve years. B-52 bombers at Minot Air Force Base in the US State of North Dakota have been deployed, along with more than 400 airmen, to the air campaign in Syria and Iraq, Sputnik reported.

The 23rd Bomb Squadron sent a number of B-52H Stratofortresses to take over day-to-day operations, which will be the first time in 12 years aircraft from the base have deployed in support of the US combat operations.

The B-52 is a subsonic long-range bomber that can fly at altitudes of up to 50,000 feet and deploy the widest range of weapons in the US aerial arsenal. The aircraft has been operated by the US Air Force since the 1950s.

The US-led coalition says it has conducted an air campaign against ISIL in Syria and Iraq since the summer of 2014. However, the coalition’s actions in Syria have not been approved by the country’s government of President Bashar Assad or the UN Security Council.

It was also reported that the United States may deploy an additional 1,000 troops into Northern Syria in a matter of weeks to aid the offensive against ISIL in Raqqa.

US plans for Syria include another 1,000 troops: US official

Up to 1,000 additional US troops could deploy to northern Syria under provisional plans drawn up by the Pentagon, a US defense official said on Wednesday.

The plans, which still need to be approved by President Donald Trump and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, would mark a significant uptick in US boots on the ground in Syria as part of the fight against the Islamic State group.

Currently, the troop level is capped at 500 in Syria, but that number has become increasingly meaningless as commanders flow extra “temporary” forces in as needed — such as last week’s deployment of a Marine artillery battery near Raqa.

The actual number of American troops in the war-torn country is likely now between 800 and 900, and a US defense official said the new plans would allow for up to 1,000 more.

“That’s one of the proposals that’s on the table for discussion,” the official told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The possible deployment was first reported by the Washington Post, which said the extra forces would come from the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit and the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division.

The official said the troops would not be in direct combat, but rather serve in support roles for any additional capabilities the military requires in northern Syria, where a US-led coalition is training and backing a local Kurdish-Arab alliance to fight the Islamic State group.

Such missions could include additional artillery batteries and the use of rocket launchers known as HIMARS that can provide round-the-clock bombardment in the battle to recapture Raqa from IS.

Former president Barack Obama was loath to deploy combat troops into Syria and Iraq to fight IS, arguing the battle could only be meaningfully won by local forces.

Trump has said he wants to quicken the defeat of IS and told the Pentagon to come up with a range of plans that could accomplish that goal.

Syria is marking the sixth anniversary of its brutal civil war, which began with anti-government protests in March 2011 and has killed more than 320,000 people.

The civil war and the anti-IS fight are interconnected but for the most part have played out in separate parts of Syria.

“The United States does remain committed to finding a peaceful, diplomatic resolution to the Syrian conflict,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner said. “All of us know how hard that is.”


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  1. Trump cant let an employee just sit around and make money. Those soldiers need a job to do to earn their pay and make america great again. Cutting them back would be disasterous given the lack of jobs. Creating more domestic jobs is impossible since were in a “Service based” economy. It requires too much thought to fix it. Onward and downward right over a cliff.

  2. The U.S. is now an outlaw nation. The troops should refuse illegal orders not approved by proper authorities. They are defacto aiders and abettors of crimes against humanity and should be brought to trial in citizen courts when no proper world court prosecutes them along with every officer up to Trump. It is outrageous that our troops are celebrated in memorial day parades when they gang rape the law and the humanity of the world “just blindly following orders” like duped robots without a brain. Change the name back to War Department to reflect is current use as in WWII. America is a shameful disgrace to the Founders and the world. Do not celebrate these murderers of the world dropping bombs on innocent civilians and children while not even looking down at the carnage the wrought like the cowards they are. Shame shame shame all all these criminals with U.S. uniforms who do not possess a functioning brain or conscience or courage to tell Trump to shove it. They are whores doing anything for money. What is the difference between their cowardly actions from the air and those of the suicide bombers this week in Syria? Zero difference. When these war criminals return they should be ostracized from society not celebrated.

    • I am sure Gordon can easily obtain the list of names and addresses of every U.S.Air Force officer and enlisted men. Publish them every day showing them dropping bombs on innocent civilians and children. Find out the lies they have been told in briefings before their bomb runs and publish them too. Publish their pictures and home addresses and towns they come from. These are U.S. War Criminals as is every party to these crimes up to and including criminal Trump.

    • Just wait until B-52s start falling from the sky when those SS-400 missiles hit ’em. Or will the Russians use that keshe technology to knock them out of the sky without having to waste valuable missiles?

    • wjabbe. Rather almost never pilots, airmen, or air force and air naval (Mc Cain) commanding officers, have any remorse about knocking civilians or fighting for an unjust cause. Tibbets of Hiroshima fame, had always said he did the right thing bombing the city, even after seeing the pictures of those with limbs, unhealing burns and cancer, never shed a tear for being the one that dropped the bomb. In present day, those controlling UAVs and launching missiles in Afghanistan, from Nevada, US; not even live watching in their monitors people torn to pieces, feel to be just playing a war game, not caring a iota about innocents. The comfort of keeping distance and altitude form targets seems to numb the conscience when pulling the trigger. So, when the fight comes close in close contact with the fight its the time PTSD starts to knocking at the door and lacerating the soul, because you are not defending your family or country but without any reason invade other’s people homeland, have the sight of innocents eyes murdered, bleed to death and blood spilled on the killer faces, members sectioned and remaining ones left without, food, shelter and medicines, that’s the medicine kind that Israel and US jews lobby for and that the Pentagon obeying masons spread whenever sees fit and joyfully administers…. .

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