Duff on Press TV, Interviews on Hate Crimes and the Damascus Bombings



  1. America is becoming more fractured by the day. The zionists have been the leadign force behind all this: to break up America and rape it like they did to Germany, Russia and the middle east. They have Americans, mainly Trump supporters totally brainwashed into hating Muslims and all people who don’t look like them. The attacks on people by ignorant, redneck imbeciles, many who are not even from the middle east have been cropping up in ever increasing numbers. This is going to have disastrous consequences for America. The Rethugnican party may have the majority for now but they are digging their own grave.
    Now one thing that needs to be mentioned are the fake hate crimes that were committed buy the same people who claim to be the victims. We need some common sense here. When a black man paints a swastika on a black church and then sets it on fire; when a lesbian punches herself in the eye and claims victimhood, when Jews set fire to their own synagogue, when minorities resort to this kind of debasement and fraud, then we have to ask ourselves why are these people so desperate that they commit these acts.
    It’s bad enough that so many Americans have fallen for Trump’s toxic soup it’s also bad when others attempt to fan the flames by harming themselves along the way.

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