Israeli Arrow-3 missile used to shoot down Syrian missiles fired at Israeli planes

Syrian S-200


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Israeli Arrow

[ Editor’s Note: We have had the usual questions today about why Russia does not shoot down the Israeli planes. We are privy to no direct sources on the matter, but Moscow’s language on the use of its air defenses has always been very specific — that they were to protect Russian facilities and troops.

The unsaid was quite clear. Syria has air defenses. Israel consistently says it strikes only to take out sophisticated arms getting to Hezbollah – code for modern anti-armor and air defense goodies. They break the rules when they want, like the times they have flown fire support missions for their hard-pressed opposition buddies fighting Damascus.

The US embarrassed Israel this week, kind of, in a very coy critique of “an ally” using a Patriot missile to shoot down a little quad copter $200 drone. The US Pentagon spokesman, who did not name the country, was still giving it a public spanking over the cost versus benefit ratio on that transaction, maybe because we have a deal to cover their Patriot costs with free restocking. Screwing the taxpayers is the national sport in the defense industry.

Suspicious me, the story sounded fishy. I have not made any calls to find out yet, but their radars being able to pick up a quad copter seems a bit stretched to me. They are mostly plastic, which defeats radar, plus, hovering craft do not have a predictable trajectory for a typical missile battery to lock onto. I think the Pentagon story might have been a ruse.

Syrian S-200

What is not a ruse is the missiles the Syrians fired; the trigger was pulled on them as the Israeli planes were on afterburner coming in. Their tactic is to come in fast, get within range to fire their own missiles and then bogey out on after burner to get out of range.

The trigger on the S-200s (which must be modernized) has to be pulled when they are incoming to have time to get them returning. VT has confirmation that one plane did go down in the Golan Heights, and one was damaged.

We might have had Israel using Patriots here to defend their returning planes if a salvo of defensive Syrian missiles were coming after them, not just their own Sparrows. That would have the Patriots being used as part of an attack on Hezbollah, in the stated Palmyra area who was fighting ISIS, thus a fire support missile for ISIS.

If anyone tells you sophisticated weapons were being smuggled into or through Palmyra – that is hardly a logical transportation route. Where in the hell could they have come from; a donation from the Saudis via ISIS in Deir Ezzor? I don’t think soJim W. Dean ]


– First published …  March 17, 2017

Video and photos show the remnants of Israeli Arrow-3 missiles used to shoot down Syrian anti-air missiles launched against Israeli warplanes.

The Syrian military claimed on March 17 that Syrian air defense troops had downed an Israeli warplane and damaged another one after they hit some “military target” near Palmyra. Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces denied any losses.



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  1. The bogus story about the famously economical “Israelis” knocking down a $10 Radio Shack drone with a multimillion dollar missile may have been planted for a different reason:
    Anything they hit these little drones with — beit a ballistic miisile, a faster drone, lasers, gatling guns, nets, whatever (except the birds of prey being trained for this purpose, of course) depends on finding them first using radar.

    “Stealth” more often than not simply means “made of composites” — Remember those fake plastic rocks people used to buy to hide their satellite dishes?

    These little drones seems to be the future weapon against any target unable to withstand a small explosion — they can detonate themselves inside the launch tube, on the roof of the cab, on the radar dish, wherever makes sense. A swarm of these things can hit dispersed targets or one high value target.

    • …on top of a vehicle, in an open window, etc. They can probably be developed to guide themselves by gps or launched in a general direction and then guide themselves to a target illuminated by laser by a spotter. They can currently be guided using radio waves. Maybe they can be guuded uses a phone app. They can probably find their own targets using heat sensors or else be dispersed in a grid or along a road etc and go dormant until they are detonated using a cell phone, clock or a broken laser beam, etc. Like a perfectly positioned IED. Or they can probably be programmed to detect heat, vibration, radio waves, sound, whatever.

      Their low cost (imagine what China can produce many tens of millions of them for) makes them a great candidate for the Kalashnikov of the future. Imagine swarms of these things flying out of Gaza each night and looking for the heat given off by a vehicle or a window.

      The fake story about wasting milliins might have just been there to imply that the technology is on the fround in Israel to detect these things.

  2. ISIS has been burying ammo in the ground in Iraq, so it is not too much of a stretch to think that they might have buried something near Palmyra, say 100 TOW-2 ATGMs (courtesy of Saudis). Maybe the ammo truck blew a tire – lol. They would not want them to fall into the hands of Hezbollah who would use them effectively in case of an invasion. Could be why they would risk an air incursion deeper into Syria. They’d prefer losing a couple of F-16s than a hundred tanks and crews.

  3. After seeing the Avenger anti-drone system deployed at Standing Rock, I assumed the system targeted the signal from the drone. On the other anti-missile missiles, or even anti-anti-missile missiles, I have got to think many are scrubbed of identification whereas we see images of missile parts with numbers and letters, who can tell if such were planted as countermeasures ? Missiles missiles everywhere, who is who and what is what is getting quite wild. Wearing the enemies uniform has to be mixed into the missile mania somewhere. Israel should be sanctioned if they don’t provide proof of intelligence to warrant the incursion. Lawless it seems. Do they have an open declaration of war against all ?

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