Charge Him, Fine Him, Lock Him Up, the Liar and Thief


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Trump thinks he is off the hook, having run up a $50 million bill investigating something he tweeted because he heard it on a conspiracy podcast from an alt-right (Nazi) blogger.  This was our money spent.  What did happen despite the machinations of Davin Nunes, who is trying to use his position in congress to derail real investigations and spin Trump’s insanity, and what we have now confirmed is simply this:

  • Trump lied and knew he was lying when he accused Obama of having him wiretapped.  The White House, when asked for it, had no evidence to give, has none and is getting none.  Trump simply made it all up.
  • Nobody said the election wasn’t rigged.  In fact, it is now more possible than ever before that we will be able to prove Trump was never elected at all.
  • The FBI is currently conducting criminal investigations into the conduct of: Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Paul Manafort, Roger STone, JD Gordon, Jeff Sessions and Kellyanne Conway.  All face indictment if sufficient evidence of wrongdoing is established, according to Director Comey.
  • The FBI has confirmed that Trump personnel colluded with Russian intelligence to rig a presidential election and that if specific laws were broken as part of this collusion, which is now an established fact, those involve face prosecution.
  • Trump lied when he claimed Obama asked British GCHQ to wiretap anyone.  Trump simply made it all up or heard it on Fox News, which is even worse.
  • The GOP is asking for prosecution of anyone who has given evidence of crimes such as treason, conspiracy and obstruction unless of course they are Julian Assange, who is OK.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Comey were asking about Turkey?  They were the ones paying off Flynn and how many others?

Why Turkey?  We sort of want to know.  We actually like Putin and its nutcase Erdogan who reminds us so much of Trump, we imagine them playing cards like those dogs, that Saudi guy, Netanyahu and Erdogan, splitting the world between them.

Things remind me of that time Trump saw a “really cute” 10 year old girl on an escalator.  I will do my best to paraphrase his response:

“In three more years she will be old enough for me to rape, beat viciously and threaten to murder her family.”

Do I have this one right?  Did I leave out the part in the testimony where Trump won’t allow himself to be touched “down there” unless the child is wearing rubber gloves?

Check Ann Deiner’s story on this and how Acosta kept Trump out of prison and got a cabinet post out of it.


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  1. Golly, judge, jury and executioner all right here on Veterans Today? Despite the bombast, I’m spending more time at Infowars than VT. I just come here for laughs.

  2. “Trump lied and knew he was lying when he accused Obama of having him wiretapped. ” :
    New York Times 1/20/2017, front page- “WIRETAPPED DATA USED IN INQUIRY OF TRUMP AIDS”

  3. There was comparison to Watergate today and there was comparison to Watergate with Hillary’s emails.
    Neither of these two compare to Watergate, because, a foreign govt(s) was involved. The more proper comparison would be Iran-Contra. Both sides are covering for drug and weapons trade for regime change. The only link to Watergate is “intercepted communications”. For now, it has to be named “Comey don’t play dat” in recognition of the inaction.

  4. If the evidence supports prosecution he and his crew need to go to Atlanta Fed. Penetentiary. I am curious how McCain gets a pass, how Obama leaves office much wealthier than when he entered, same with the Clintons. It has become necessary to admimister, and streamed on the net, polygraph tests to all elected officials. The supreme court too. Those running for office, corruption has become a religion.

  5. Looks like it’s FINALLY time for Uncle Gordie to get a super PAC going since we’ll be in need of a new POTUS soon for our newly returned Republic.

    “Duff/Dean ’17” kinda has a ring! VT alone has enough qualified talent to fill the cabinet positions (yes, even a spot for you, Doc Susta 😉 )

    Hey, I can dream…

    • MHL: Even Duff & Dean can’t make me sit in Jeff Sessions’ chair! ;-).

      All seriousness aside, after Congress impeaches & removes Trump from office, Pence becomes Prez — unless Congress also impeaches & removes Pence. Or maybe both will resign…

      If they are impeached & removed (or if they resign), the U.S. Constitution provides for succession. Hillary ain’t comin’ back. Nor should she. Also, the U.S. Constitution does not mandate a meritocracy.

      In 2016, some Trumpettes voted for “the lesser of two evils” — the less competent evil (i.e., Trump). Voters & the Electoral College eliminated the more competent evil (i.e., Hillary).

      The nice part about this is that getting rid of the less competent evil will now be easier… ;-).

    • Nice dream indeed MHL.

      Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta: …… and then what?
      Getting rid of less or more evil will not change any direction in world politics and war advocacy?
      “The US constitution will provide for succession”? The constitution was/is a success for the American People – right from the beginning. The best success was/is: It can always be changed or altered along the way by the lesser or more political evil in its own ranks and for the “GOOD” of the people.

    • Eduardo (a Spanish spelling, almost my native tongue): VT, others, you & I will retard WW3. Really.

      U.S. Constitution & Federalist Papers came AFTER Declaration of Independence & American Revolution. Does that tell you anything? Who controlled ‘America’ at that time? Was it Rothschild?

      Dumping Hillary AND Trump will change much. Watch… ;-).

    • All well and good but we in America no longer have a Constitution. It has simply been tossed into the dumpster and the Bill of Rights are soon to follow.The government in Washington, D.C. now operates so far outside the Constitution that it will be virtually impossible to rein it in. It is so out of control and so massively corrupted that cleaning it out would be akin to Hercules cleaning the stables.
      Once a government becomes so corrupt and so tyrannical, the only way to reverse it is by revolution. That is why we have the Second Amendment. Voting does no good, you just replace one corrupted idiot with another.
      The republic that we were given has been thrown away and replaced with tyranny.

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