Erdogan must be stopped, but do European leaders have the guts?


[ Editor’s note: President Erdogan is the worst villain on the world stage today, eclipsing even his friend Bibi Netanyahu in the bad guy stakes. He is largely responsible for the creation of ISIS and has the blood of millions of innocent people on his hands. Erdogan likes to rant and rave and insult, his current target being the nations of Europe, particularly Holland and Germany. 

Erdogan’s verbal assaults are quite breathtaking in their sheer audacity and utter disconnection from reality; but this is no madman raving, rather it is a gangster making carefully calculated insults, in order to stir up trouble inside Europe. When he calls the Dutch Nazis and blames them for the Srebrenica massacre, or when he says Europeans would still be using gas chambers to get rid of undesirables if they could, he is not spouting the insane rhetoric of a lunatic; no, this is all carefully planned and specifically designed to have a desired negative effect on Europe.

However, it is not just a verbal assault, Erdogan is also attacking Europe in other ways; first there is the weaponisation of migrants, the huge numbers of supposed refugees that he has sent to Europe in order to destabilise and damage European society and nation states; second, there is the presence among these ‘migrant communities’ of Turkish terror cells, primed and waiting to carry out false-flag attacks. In fact, they are most likely already guilty of carrying out some attacks in France, Belgium and elsewhere. 

Erdogan is now threatening to send 15,000 immigrants a month to Europe in revenge for the Dutch and Germans not allowing pro-Erdogan rallies to be held in their countries, something that is perfectly legal and very much within their rights to do so. Why should they let foreigners gather in large numbers to promote voting to give Erdogan the powers of a totalitarian dictator?

Why are Europe’s leaders behaving like a bunch of cowards, why aren’t they standing up properly to Erdogan, telling him to stop his attacks or else…

When the attacks on Europe were just the flow of migrants, we thought that the reason why Merkel and others had allowed the migrants in was that Erdogan had used some of the billions stolen from Syria and Iraq, much of it in the form of profits from stolen oil, to bribe European leaders into allowing this migrant assault to take place. We took the refusal of four countries – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia to allow migrants entry as a sign that their leaders had refused to take Erdogan’s bribes.

However, since then, there have been the false flag attacks that are likely the work of Turkish terror cells and other acts of aggression by Turkey, so why are Europe’s leaders still not standing up to Erdogan? Bribery could still be the answer, although I suspect there is also the fear of mass civil unrest by the millions of Turks living in Europe and that fear is crippling Europe’s leaders.

Only last week, a Turkish daily newspaper called for the 400,000 Turks living in Holland to start a civil war, pointing out that the Dutch army was only 48,000 men strong; this should have been taken as a direct threat and responded to in very harsh terms.

Perhaps the greatest fear among European leaders when it comes to dealing with this Turkish problem is that they know in their heart of hearts that the inevitable solution, if Europe is to maintain its sovereignty and avoid becoming an Islamised vassal of the Turks as they seek to recreate the Ottoman Empire, is to forcibly deport all the millions of Turks back to Anatolia, kicking all of them out of Europe.

Of course, this would be very difficult to sell to the people of Europe, as they have been imbued with a deep sense of guilt over the last time a group of outsiders were evicted for causing trouble – the Nazi years when Hitler decided he had to act decisively to break Zionist power in Europe and began to round up and deport Jews.

This is why Erdogan is spouting his hate speech about Nazis and gas chambers — he is trying to tap into this deeply ingrained feeling among Europeans that large-scale roundups of trouble-making aliens and subsequent deportations is something intrinsically wrong, something that only those evil Nazis would dare to do.

Of course, all of this is utterly hypocritical, as no other nation has been guilty of ethnic cleansing and genocide more times than Turkey. Just in the 20th century alone, the Turks murdered or expelled millions of Greeks and Armenians, people who had lived in Anatolia since long before the Turkic horsemen arrived from the east. No one in southeast Europe has forgotten nor forgiven the multiple genocides the Turks committed in earlier centuries. Hungary saw more than half its population murdered by Turkish invaders, for instance. Then there is the present day genocide against the Kurds and the covert war against Syria…

Europe’s leaders would do well to pick up a history book and educate themselves about the Turks, their propensity for genocide and their previous assaults on Europe; and they need to do it before it is too late and the Turkish hordes are once again laying siege to Europe… Ian ]

Al-Masdar News
VIDEO: Europeans ‘would revive gas chambers if they weren’t ashamed’ – Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Europe’s “masquerade ball is over” in a rally in Istanbul on Sunday, hitting out against Germany and Netherlands for banning rallies for a ‘Yes’ vote in Turkey’s upcoming constitutional referendum.

The referendum is to bring greater powers to Turkey’s president.

Erdogan then went onto claim that European states were responsible for the coup attempt that rocked Turkey in the middle of last year.

“The latest things we have experienced in Europe are showing us that the battle against our country and our goal is now in a new stage. Those who tried to come at us with their men, with the terrorists that they support and gave guns to, with the spies they bought with a dollar, are now in the field. My brothers and sisters, the masquerade ball is over,” Erdogan erratically said.

Erdogan then went on a scathing attack on the Netherlands and Germany and accused them of complacently ignoring the massacre in Srebrenia and levelling the government’s as being Nazi.

“They would revive gas chambers and concentration camps, if they weren’t ashamed. Can we forget about Srebrenica, can we forget the ones who killed, martyred eight hundred and thirty four thousand Bosnians in Srebrenica?

That is their mentality, that is Dutch mentality. And there are more, that is why they get disturbed when we say fascist. They are disturbed when we say that this is Nazi mentality. And their partners in Europe immediately cover for them. Primarily Merkel, she is covering for them too. You are applying the same mentality in Germany. To whom? To my brothers and sisters in Germany,” Erdogan said.

Middle East Eye
Boundary crossed: Erdogan has gone too far with ‘Nazi’ comments, Germany says

‘Has Mr Erdogan lost his mind?’, Julia Kloeckner, vice-president of Merkel’s CDU party, says angrily

Germany angrily warned Turkey on Sunday that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had gone too far after he accused Chancellor Angela Merkel of using “Nazi measures” in an escalating diplomatic feud.

Turkey and the European Union are locked in an explosive crisis that threatens to jeopardise Ankara’s bid to join the bloc, as tensions rise ahead of a 16 April referendum on expanding Erdogan’s powers.

The row erupted after authorities in Germany and other EU states refused to allow some Turkish ministers to campaign for a “yes” vote on their soil, provoking a volcanic response from the Turkish strongman who said the spirit of Nazi Germany was rampant in Europe.

“When we call them Nazis they (Europe) get uncomfortable. They rally together in solidarity. Especially Merkel,” Erdogan said in a televised speech on Sunday.

“But you are right now employing Nazi measures,” Erdogan said referring to Merkel, pointedly using the informal “you” in Turkish.

“Against who? My Turkish brother citizens in Germany and brother ministers” who planned to hold campaign rallies for a “yes” vote in the referendum, he said.

Germany’s Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel branded Erdogan’s comments “shocking”.

“We are tolerant but we’re not stupid,” he told the Passauer Neue Presse newspaper. “That’s why I have let my Turkish counterpart know very clearly that a boundary has been crossed here.”

Julia Kloeckner, the vice-president of Merkel’s CDU party, also reacted angrily to the comments.

“Has Mr Erdogan lost his mind?” she said, telling journalists she was urging the EU to freeze “financial aid amounting to billions of euros” to Turkey.

Home to 1.4 million Turkish voters, Germany hosts the world’s largest Turkish diaspora but the partnership between NATO allies Ankara and Berlin has been ripped to shreds by the current crisis.

Turkey reacted furiously to a Frankfurt rally on Saturday urging a “no” vote where protesters brandished insignia of outlawed Kurdish rebels, accusing Germany of double standards.

“Yesterday, Germany put its name under another scandal,” presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin told CNN-Turk. He said the German ambassador had been summoned, although this was not confirmed by Berlin.

The Turkish foreign ministry accused the German authorities “of the worst example of double standards” for allowing the pro-Kurdish protest while preventing Turkish ministers from campaigning there.

Many protesters carried symbols of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), listed as a terror organisation not just by Turkey but also the EU and the United States.

Ankara also reacted with indignation after Germany’s intelligence chief said he was unconvinced by Turkish assertions that US-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen was behind the failed July coup aimed at overthrowing Erdogan.

Kalin said Europe was seeking to “whitewash” Gulen’s group, while Defence Minister Fikri Isik said the comments raised questions about whether Berlin itself was involved in the putsch.

In an interview with Der Spiegel published Saturday, German foreign intelligence chief Bruno Kahl said Ankara had repeatedly tried to persuade Berlin that Gulen was behind the coup “but they have not succeeded”.

There is also a possibility that Turkish ministers could plan another rally in Germany ahead of the 16 April referendum on changing the constitution, Kalin said, a move that could further heighten tensions with Berlin.

Kalin said that “Turkophobia” was on the rise in Europe, as Ankara points out the West’s mistakes.

The disputes have left Turkey’s ambition to join the EU – a cornerstone of its policy for half a century – hanging in the balance ahead of the referendum.

Erdogan threw further oil on the fire on Saturday by saying he believed parliament would, after the referendum, agree a bill to restore capital punishment which he would then sign.

It was Erdogan’s clearest warning yet that he could reverse the 2004 abolition of capital punishment, a pre-condition for joining the EU.

European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker warned on Sunday that any return of the death penalty in Turkey would be a “red line”.

And Gabriel told Der Spiegel: “We are further away than ever from Turkey’s accession to the EU.”

The crisis is hitting Turkey’s relations with key EU members and Turkish-Dutch ties hit an all-time low in the run-up to the 15 March election in the Netherlands.

Erdogan last week even called on Turks living in Europe to have more children to tilt the demographic balance.

Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen on Sunday said he was summoning the Turkish ambassador for an explanation after a report that dual nationals critical of Erdogan had been threatened.

Turkey Could Send 15K Refugees A Month to Europe: Interior Minister

Turkey’s interior minister says Ankara could send 15,000 refugees a month to Europe, to “blow its mind.” He said the bloc is “playing games” to prevent Turkey from becoming strong, taking direct aim at Germany and the Netherlands.

“I’m telling you, Europe, do you have that courage? If you want, we could open the way for 15,000 refugees that we don’t send each month and blow your mind,” Suleiman Soylu said late Thursday, the Hurriyet Daily News reported.

The minister was referring to a deal between the EU and Ankara, under which Turkey agreed to help stop the flow of refugees across its border and take back migrants rejected for asylum in Europe.

Ankara agreed to the deal in exchange for billions in refugee assistance from the EU and accelerated talks on becoming a member of the bloc.

It also rallied for visa-free travel to Europe’s Schengen zone as part of the deal, but was told by the EU that a list of 72 conditions must first be met – a key sticking point of which is Turkey’s strict anti-terrorism laws, which Europe has said must be loosened in order for the agreement to go ahead.

The EU parliament has also expressed concern about Turkey’s “disproportionate” reaction to last year’s failed coup attempt, which prompted Ankara to launch a mass crackdown. Those targeted included Turkish opposition figures, teachers, journalists, and civil servants deemed sympathetic to Kurdish separatism and self-exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen, who Turkey says was the mastermind behind the unrest.

Europe’s hesitation to fulfill its side of the refugee deal has led to Ankara threatening to pull out of the agreement numerous times. However, a German government spokesman said on Friday that there are no signs that the refugee deal has been suspended, Reuters reported.

Soylu went on to specifically address Germany and the Netherlands, both of which have interfered with rallies aimed at encouraging expatriate Turks to vote ‘yes’ in an upcoming referendum which would give Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sweeping new powers.

“Who are the main ones trying to get things done? Germany and the Netherlands. Are the elections going to be held in Germany? Will the charter change in Germany or the Netherlands?” he asked, referring to the April 16 referendum.

“This is our internal issue. What do you care? Why are you getting involved in it? Did you accept Turkey into the European Union? Did you provide support to Turkey in its fight against terrorism?” he said.

“There are games being played against Turkey in order to prevent it from becoming strong in the future,” Soylu said.

He went on to state that Turkey is in its strongest period and that “some people can’t handle it.”

Turkey has been particularly vocal against the Netherlands in recent days, after Dutch authorities banned ministers from addressing a rally in Rotterdam and dispersed hundreds of protests outside the Turkish consulate on Sunday.

Erdogan has made his distaste for the country well known since then, accusing it of acting like “Nazi remnants,” state terrorism, and having a “rotten” character.

Ankara has also imposed diplomatic sanctions on the Netherlands, suspending high-level talks and barring the Dutch ambassador from returning to Turkey.

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  1. Apparently some remarks made here are meant to excuse the violence and crimes committed by these “refugees” as some sort of payback. Well, what do you say when one of your precious refugees rapes a 10year old boy? What then? Or when a young woman is viciously gang raped.? Will you say she deserved it? Probably so.
    It is high time for the governments of Europe to take a stand. To begin with, all the trouble makers need to be rounded up and sent back to whatever hell hole they came from. Especially Turkey and then the leaders of Europe need to tell Erdogman that he and his country are now in no way, going to join the E.U. Europe needs to isolate Turkey and in turn figure out a way to remove that tin pot dictator.
    IF you don’t believe it’s not going to get worse, just take a look at what we now have in the states: 2 of the most vicious, murderous and feared street gangs ever created, MS13 and Latin Kings. Both of these gangs have turned cities like Houston, Tx. into hell holes. They don’t care who they murder. Even the police are afraid to go after them.
    So just remember what happens when a nation cannot control who and how many can cross its borders. This is what you get. Don’t go crying about how something should be done, it’s too late for that.

  2. Who is the real Nazi now ? ErdoGollum should shut up and touch his own nose about the Armenia and Greek genocide which lead to this crisis today after reminded of this by the Deutscher Bundestag or like I call it the “Knesset 2”. He is like Porkoschenko and other criminals who live only from bribary, blackmailing and death threats. But Cesar was also brought down as a Tyrann.

  3. I agree Erdogan is bad but one should not make him out to be more then he is.
    After all Israel and USA could have carried out their war against Syria and Iraq without Turkey.
    And Migrant crisis is do to Turkish bribing is not true, it’s due to Jewish lobby in every Western country in Europe plenty of evidence, remember Jewess Barbara Spectre from Sweden?
    So it’s Netanyahu who Europe should expose more the Erdogan, but he’s off limit offcourse.

    Attacks in Europe have been carried out by Israel’s Mossad with cooperation of domestic Intelligence of that country. Most attacks have been drills that they had the media report as real.
    Charlie Hedbo – Supposed terrorist shoots cup in head, not the case
    Nice truck attack – No blood found on the supposed truck hitting over 100+ people.
    Munich – Supposed terrorist shoots at pedestrians directly no one hit.
    And so on.
    Erdogan is bad but he’s a smaller player compared to Israel and their controlled USA.
    Erdogan is a smaller player who also happens to serve Israeli interests in Syria and giving Turkey a bad name in Europe.

  4. Call me a cynic, but I don’t think.we’ve even begun to see immigration into Europe.

    Everyone except the indigenous Europeans want to flood Europe with “refugees”, including the nutters sho have taken over America and are at war with the entire world.

    How many? Well, the War on Terror has affected 500 million people so far in tye Middle East alone. Would they like to move here? Yes they would. India has 600 million people who defecate in the street for want of a toilet. Would they like to move here when Chaos comes to India? Yes they would. And then there’s Africa.

  5. Turkey should be forced to pay reparations for the Armenian Holocaust and acknowledge responsibility and apologize publicly for their crimes against the Armenians. As with Israel America should cease and desist all aid and military help to Turkey, stop all relations with them and all money sent to them and kick them out of NATO. Erdogan is behaving and acting just like a modern day Adolph. He even looks like him. History repeats. Americans never learn the lessons of history either. Even Putin treats Erdogan with kid gloves but Putin is very smart and likely to put him in his place when necessary. Turkey has plenty of cash from all that stolen oil and Syrian artifacts they sold and likely still are selling. These are world wide gangster criminals on a massive scale and we wink at them. What a disgrace America has become today.

    • However as a corollary to the above comment one must think of the other world gangster criminals who live protected in the Castle in London, those worthless pieces of human garbage called King and Queen and their totally worthless progeny scum who appear daily for a photo op after another worthless new product has popped out between her legs. They are a sickening lot. Most of the current world problems lay at the feet of these worthless human garbage and disgusting documents by Belfour a century ago and all the wreckage they caused in the Middle East then and did nothing intelligent to lead the way out for the world. They should be held totally responsible for virtually everything which has happened there today, stripped of their undeserved wealth and forced to pay every penny of it to the many damaged parties of the world for the world wreckage caused by Jolly Old England to the world for the last three or more centuries. England is a shameful disgrace to the world.

    • Erdogan does seem to resemble Hitler in that he is an opportunist, who can scarcely believe what he’s got away with – in fact, kicking on an open door much of the time. And having been given many inches, he’s pushing to go the extra mile, only not in the biblical sense, but quite the opposite.

      You’ve got it all wrong about the British royal family though, at the very least with regard to Elizabeth and Philip. It is the ‘deep state,’ the aristocratic magnates who, I believe, control the intelligence services who would rule on policy. They actually killed the dying George VI a little earlier than nature would have, in order for his death to fit more conveniently into a schedule for the public obsequies. Our sovereigns have always relied on the support of the magnates.

      And if you think a meritocracy woudl be as good as it sounds, I think you would be mistaken. Better the old money, ‘old buffers’, who genuinely retain a sense of ‘noblesse oblige’, than go-getting power ‘sharpies’, as your country amply ilustrates. I’ve read more than one American blog/journal poster state that they envy the Canadians, and would rejoice to have our nominal ‘gaffers’, Elizabeth and Mad Phil as titular heads of your country, as the font of patronage, instead of the MIC.

    • WJ : I have run into the concept of « pivot » (whatever it may mean) on several occasions when the topic of geopolitics came up, and I have retained a definite impression that Turkey is THE pivot. And hence the PTB cannot give it up.

      And what about the (failed) coup last summer? Would it have solved the ME crisis in any way? (from a European perspective, that is).

    • Wjabee. no German colonies when Adolph became Chancellor, all refugees are from countries that belonged either to FR or UK that, obliterated and decimated entire ME or African populations since the Berlin falling Wall and the PNAC became Talmud translated for Pentagon reading as for UK and FR warmachines.’ NATO was instrumental in entire families and countries homelessness, starvation and genocide . Following only the featured Fox &etc, info its falling under the planned stirring of the masses by silencing crime causality. Lybian refugees going Netherlands are the ones left without any livelyhood by the Royal Netherlands AF, Armee de L’Air” and Royal Swedish AF indiscriminated bombings after Yanin, Netanyahu, Barak and rabbi Ovedia decided so, and NATO masonic officialdom complied. Should NATO repaired the damage done by rebuilding instead, no one would have to be facing the desperates at front doors, vandalizing their cities and raping thier women.”sowing winds and reaping tornadoes”. Barbara Spectre was readying the ground by multicultural softeneng of Swede’s acceptance, and as Obama said, “becoming a little browner”. It’s not by accident that Erdogan is exporting refugees, as he’s part in the design to make white people loosing identity, stock, background and heritage, reducing nations into cities accordingly to the “Protocols”.

  6. I am still trying to figure out who the European leaders might be, Cameron? Sarkozy? Hollande? Merkel? Drunken Juncker? Leaders are those who manage an independent policy of thinking which none of the above posses.

    • Merkel and Juncker are the leaders, no doubt. Merkel tells too little, and Juncker some times too much, like when he slaps the face of visiting diplomats – jokingly of course. But you cannot deny his sense of humor and his honesty.

  7. What France, Holland,Germany and Belgium need to do is round up every single Turk and send them back to the Turkish hell hole they came from. Round them all up and tell them not to return under penalty of imprisonment.
    Then take out Erdogan. One way or another. The life of Europe depends on the removal of Erdogan.
    Boycott, divestment and sanction of Turkey ought to do it. Isolate it and cut it off from the west entirely.

  8. Migrant “attacks” on Europe spawned from attacks on Libya and Syria, attacks that countries like Czechia or Hungary had very little to do with or nothing, and they don’t answer to any European leaders whoever those might be. Also if you blame exclusively Erdogan for migrants, you should blame the mayor of Lampedusa as well for daily transfer of hundreds of Libyans, as well as all other migrant corridor watchguards. US and UK once again are washing their hands from any collective guilt over migrant crisis and are pushing for EU-Turkey social clash over it. Maybe in country of this author the perception is different but noone ever heard that guys like Blair or Cameron ever accepted the criminal negligence verdicts over their permanent middle-east wars. This is not a try to defend Erdogan, rather an attenpt to reveal the madness of calling for anti-turkish or anti-muslim laws in Europe, which is de facto a Trumpist agenda. Dutch are thankfully much more perceptive on this than the British and are smart enough not to escalate on behalf of anglo-american dogs of war.

  9. The Dutch have indeed accepted partial blame for Srebrenica massacre, criminal negligence and their prime minister resigned over it in 2002. So Erdogan is right about that one.

    • I can also recall the newspaper notes from back then, with much criticism of the Dutch UN boys :
      (See e.g. the Dutch Wikipedia)
      Minister-president Kok en de overige bewindslieden aanvaardden met hun ontslag de politieke medeverantwoordelijkheid voor het feit dat de Nederlandse militairen het bloedbad niet hadden kunnen voorkomen. Het ontslag werd nog voor een debat met de Kamer ingediend. Er lag dus geen conflict met de Kamer aan ten grondslag.

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