Exclusive:US Kills 143 Syrian Refugees in Major Escalation


…by Gordon Duff with Nahed al Husaini and Dr. Bassam Barakat

March 20, 2016 Damascus: Coalition F16s attacked the village of al Mansourah (Arabic Translation), hitting a building providing shelter for displaced persons from the Aleppo countryside.  143 civilians were killed and 250 seriously injured with as many as 500 more requiring treatment at the scene.

The building was hit with two laser guided bombs dropped from a US Air Force F16.  This story is blocked from publication.


Friday evening, greatly reinforced terror groups, with fresh supplies of advanced arms from Israel and Qatar (based on interrogation of prisoners of war by the Ministry of Justice, Damascus), Damascus became a target.  The neighborhood of Jobar attempted to break the siege of the Syrian Arab Army.

Meanwhile, as many as 50 terrorist sharpshooters began targeting primarily military personnel inside the city itself, leading to several hours of chaos as special operations teams were deployed to deal with the threat.

Dozens (or more) were killed in Damascus.

It is believed that this two pronged attack is intended to support a combined Israeli, US and Jordan attack on Daraa, south of Damascus.  According to Russian sources in Damascus, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are financing this major escalation against Syria, led off by Israeli air attacks against Syrian forces which began a few days ago.

It is estimated that a force of as many as 30,000 can be deployed against Damascus with full support through Jordan from the US coalition and Israel.

Restricted Weapons Arrive in Syria 

Syrian forces intercepted a shipment of Raytheon Corporation Stinger II missiles, with long enough range to threaten civil aviation, in shipping containers labeled for Qatar.

The missiles, restricted by secret convention from use in the Middle East, are a new high altitude FIM92 Block 2 variant stinger with advanced propellant.  These weapons may not be transferred to non NATO users based on their threat to civil aviation.

They are arms control restricted by conventions never made public.

Sources indicate that Qatar recently signed a $1.1 billion contract with Raython to provide an airborne early warning system.  In lieu of that system coming online, Qatar asked for Raython to illegally send these advanced missiles in order to defend Qatar from a possible air attack from Iran, we are told.

Qatar had the missiles transshipped directly to al Qaeda inside Syria.



  1. Curious as to how 30,000 heavily armed terrorists can approach Damscus without being detected and without serious air support?

  2. I guess this reinforces that the U.S. Air Farce can only hit civilian targets. Nice work boys…don’t forget to pick up a load of smack on the way back. Too bad the Syrians in that village didn’t have a couple SS 300s in their possession at the time.
    More dead bodies to add to evil America’s already massive body count for the past 300 years.
    America is a death nation. Built on death and feeds on it. It glorifies the murder of innocent men, women and children. It is a nation bathed in blood. Every American has that blood dripping from their hands especially those who work for the arms industry and of course America’s death machine, the military.
    One nation under god? What a joke! A farce, a lie that is repeatedly proven. America has no god, if there is one. America is cursed, loathed and hated by every other nation on earth. meanwhile its citizens, most of whom are dumbed down, nearly illiterate and brainwashed, are clueless and could care less about all the death and misery their country has caused, as long as they have NASCAR and basket ball to watch, everything is just fine with them.
    The opinion I have of these people cannot be printed here.
    America is an international disgrace to the world and to humanity.

    • Ez JohnZ … don’t blow a gasket. The American people are also victims. It ain’t us against the others, what it is is the Elite and their ruling class against us.

    • Khalid, Most Amurcans could give a damn about the deaths in the middle east, after all they’re all mooslims who are out to get us all!
      The vast majority of Amurcans are more interested in the latest lesbian/gay comedy, NASCAR/ basket ball or whatever captures their short attention span. Theyare the low IQ, half literate flag wavers with yellow ribbons and God Bless America bumper stickers all over their vehicles. The lot of them are intellectually deceased.

  3. Murderers. Who will hold them accountable for illegally invading Syria and killing innocent people? What is Syria supposed to do? Shoot down US jets? They have every right to, but they are dealing with the biggest bully in history. If you poke him in the eye, he will just beat you up worse. At the same time, the legitimate Syrian government cannot just sit back and let it’s people get slaughtered by foreign invaders, regardless of who those invaders might be. Nation after nation has been intentionally stomped on and left violently divided along sectarian lines. Both Israel and the USG have expressed the intention to do exactly this. Yet, nobody is ever held accountable. They say it’s all one big accident, while the Syrian, Libyan, Iraqi, Sudanese, Yemeni, Afghans, etc, have paid for these “accidents” with their blood. Enough is enough.

  4. Well Raytheon best get busy building a better one, because Russia and China will back engineer the FIM92 by tomorrow morning. No worry us tax payers have deep pockets. Personally I’m ready to bailout Wall Street again. How about you guys?

    • Lol, be careful what you wish for!..Wall Street got away with it last time and since the problem was never actually solved, they will do it again. Except the next time they try, it might end up becoming open season on swine. If there is no justice in the courts, then there might be justice in the streets.

    • That just about sums it up. Don’t expect justice from Washington the courts or anyone in congress to do anything moral or just.
      There is nothing moral or just about Washington. It is unjust and immoral to its rotted core.
      Sooner or later justice will be in the streets of Washington and Wall St.

  5. There is a noticeable pattern in speech and action in regards to Trump. Civilians in the war zone are considered legitimate targets. Proof that it is intentional is elusive. The Mad Dog needs to be Calm Down Dog. If there is an impeachment case, urgency would be appreciated.

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