Breaking, Exclusive: Israel Claims Russia Gave US Syria’s Air Defense Codes, Helped US Bomb SAA


[ Editor’s note:  This Jerusalem Post story is highly suspect and we currently have teams looking at every aspect of it.

If Russia fails to respond and “close the door” on Israeli attacks on Syria, this blackmail article will destroy Russia’s credibility and defense industry. If this is a hoax, it is a sign that Israel is in meltdown and ready to force Russia’s hand in Syria.]

In a separate but similar story, Israel is leaking that Putin told Netanyahu in their recent meeting that Russia would allow Israel a “free hand” in kidnapping Hezbollah commanders inside Syria and taking them back to Israel.

Please read the Jerusalem Post story, published unedited and unaltered in its entirety:

JPost/Jerusalem: Kuwaiti daily quotes Iran Defense Ministry source as saying Iran was able to change the codes without Russia’s knowledge, enabling Friday’s missile launch against Israeli aircraft.

Iran has accused Russia of giving the codes for Syria’s anti-aircraft missiles to Israel, a senior official in the engineering department of Iran’s Defense Department told the Kuwaiti daily Al-Jarida on Monday.

(Editor’s note: Al Jarida is a commonly used sockpuppet/surrogate source used by Israeli intelligence for seeding material, much as Israel uses WikiLeaks)

According to the report, much remains unknown about Israel’s attack on a Hezbollah weapons convoy and the Syrian response to the Israeli fighter jets early Friday morning. Israel has reportedly attacked dozens of times in Syrian territory since Hezbollah joined the Syrian civil war in 2012, but Friday marked the first time that an anti-aircraft missile had been fired at an IAF jet.

Al-Jarida’s Tehran correspondent, Farzad Qassemi, cited a source in the Iranian Defense Ministry as saying that Iranian experts had changed the operation codes for the Syrian air defense system, which is what enabled the anti-aircraft missiles to be used against the Israeli Air Force on Friday morning.

According to the source, Damascus and Tehran “were shocked” every time the Russian-made air defense system did not work to defend Syria’s airspace, or even give notification that the air space had been penetrated in order to evacuate outposts prior to the airstrike. The systems are supposed to identify the takeoff of Israeli Air Force jets from their bases because of the small distance between the countries and is even supposed to attempt to target the planes and any missiles that are fired from them.

According to the source, the Iranians and the Syrians suspected that Russia gave the codes for the air defense system to Israel and even refused the requests of Tehran and Damascus to check the codes. “Iran has the ability today to change the Russian security codes since it received the advanced Russian S-300,” the source added.

“This came after it received reports that Israel got the operation codes for the missile system. In Iran, they even expanded their knowledge when they built the Bavar-373 air defense system – which is a domestic copy of the Russian S-300 – in order that the systems would work together during an attack.”

According to the source, three weeks ago, during Iranian military maneuvers, Iranian engineers hacked into the codes of the S-300, but when the Bavar-373 was not working in conjunction with the Russian air defense system the experiment was suspended.

The source said further that the Iranian Defense Ministry sent several engineers to Syria to change the codes of the air defense system that was under the control of the Syrian army, without Moscow’s knowledge. “They succeeded in changing some of the codes last month and therefore when the Israel fighter jets took off from their bases – the air defense system succeeded in identifying them and firing interceptor missiles at them and at the missiles they had launched.”

The source added that “the Syrian radar treated Israeli fighter jets as friendly planes in the past and not as enemy planes, which proves that Israel knew the codes of the missile system.”

According to the source, the identification of the Israeli fighter jets taking off enabled Hezbollah to evacuate the outpost and even to launch a missile toward the military base from which the fighter jets had taken off. “The missile launched by Hezbollah toward Israel was worth some $2,000, whereas the missiles used by Israel to intercept it were worth some $3 million,” the source added.

The Iranian source said further that in a report sent to the Russian military command, the Russians were asked if someone penetrated the Syrian air defense system. Both the Iranians and Syrians were awaiting an answer.



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  1. Since when is “information” released by the UN land-grant of 1948, that fraudulently named itself “Israel”, to be accepted as accurate?
    It is scarcely likely that “Israel” would reveal its spies w/i Syrian government – or whichever government – that has access to the “codes”?
    – reminds of the MOSSAD spy who wormed his way into Syrian “high society”, and was awarded a government position. He transmitted Syrian military secrets to Tel Aviv for +- 20 years before being isolated, apprehended and rewarded with his just deserves by Syrian government.

  2. I don´t believe one word of this. We all know what the intention of Israhell, espec. Nuttenyahoo is and how highly manipulative they are to reach their goal without blood on their hands. They will tell you a new circus is in this or that town and send you to look for it. Stupid enough if you fall into the trap of their lies.
    I just remember of the Balfour Declaration and how many nations fell into this trap.

  3. So what did the system do, ID the planes as friendly while they are taking off from Jordanian or Israeli bases?? I supposed there should be an override function in such a system just in case the enemy mimics the friendly ID tag or an enemy gets hold of friendly aircraft or a friendly turns hostile.
    I think we are missing much of the detail concerned with this matter and some misinformation injected by IDF.

  4. Of course, Turkey may have cracked the codes, since Russia also sold S-300s to Greece (to defend against Turkish air incursions into Greece, a common occurrence). Erdogan/Turkey would then share the S-300 codes with Bibi/Israel.

    Thus, JPost’s story may be a hoax by Bibi & Co. for Divide-&-Conquer purposes. Regardless, now that Iran, Syria & others know that Israel has the codes, they can change the codes; and the S-300 systems will then be more effective — much to the chagrin of Bibi & Co.

    Regardless, Israel struck SAA positions near Damascus today, and Syria did not defend. Hmmm…

    • A relevant 2012 article (with support for multiple hypotheses): “WikiLeaks: Russia Gave Israel Iranian System’s Codes” at,7340,L-4196367,00.html.

      Excerpt: “The source said that Israel and Turkey were collaborating very closely in regards to the [S-300] system and that since Russia sold them to Greece – Turkey’s longtime rival – Ankara has been busy trying to crack their codes. He added that Ankara shared intelligence with Israel to make sure it has an edge over Iran should it get the [S-300] systems from Russia.”

    • It was at least the past government/s, or all three – rightists/conservatives, “center-leftists” (defacto rightists), and maybe also todays leftist – that around 2010 started to do excercises with the Israeli airforce and respective army aviation.

      At least once Athens has allowed Tel Aviv to practice “aireal invasion of Crete”, although claiming officially that “the S-300 stationed there was turned off”… [rolling eyes]

      If I’m not mistaken, the then minister of defence (center-rightist IIRC) was a Talmudist called Abramopoulos.

  5. I tend to agree with US-First’s analysis…… ‘By deception’ etc…. is evident and might well be presumed in any analysis of what Israelis do. Just as the Khazarian Mafia’s ‘central’ banks must go into the dustbin of history… so also the ‘shitty little state’.

  6. Don’t buy it. This week, Eisenkot, head of the IDF claimed Hezbollah assassinated their leader with a huge bomb outside Damascus last May when in all likelihood the Israelis – unable to get close with small arms as Hezbollah officers could, killed him from afar. The Israelis are on a disinformation campaign sowing doubt everywhere they can in line with their forte for deception. If Netanyahu, as he claims, was given carte blanche to do what he wishes against Hezbollah by the Russians their raids would be on a daily basis. Russian senior officers and diplomats have denied recent Israeli claims at connivance against their allies in Syria and stressed Putin has warned the Israelis off by stating that Syria was now – terrain interdit. Today’s news that the US is not going to renegotiate the Iran Deal is just another clout up side of the head of Bibi who has, it appears, resorted to subterfuge to bully his way on tenterhooks. Putin will call his bluff.

    • US-First. Eisenkot notwithstanding, The fact that Greece cooperated and exercised with IDF is a possible source, as the IDF was keen to collect data on S-300, on the opposite as both, Turkey and Greece have the same system but the latter has a defensive agreement with Israel. In the case of Greece, lessening the pressure on Greek external debt could have something to do, irrespective of Aegean rivalries. IFF silence or countermeasures as well as mission flight patterns would have something to do as any IDF a/c heading to the North even with detours over Jordan and Lebanon, is always a suspect even more when accompanied with EW to black out Syrian radar from Hawkeyes stationed on the Med Sea. The simple use of electrooptic guidance would bypass on short distance the ned of radar guidance. Russia its conflict engaged not only to preserve Assad as well as its military bases.

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