Israel Tries to Kill Assad in Damascus Air Raid (Updated)


…by Nahed al Husaini, VT Damascus

White House sources say Israel never asked, never checked in and expects to be bailed out if Russia comes after them….good luck with that, they’re on their own.


On Tuesday evening, Israeli F 15 fighter/bombers attacked the air defenses surrounding the Palace of the Lion, residence of Syrian President Assad and his family.  Israeli sources say the raid was authorized by President’s Trump and Putin.

If the American and Russian government’s have “green lighted” Israel’s efforts to decapitate the Syrian government, which is the only explanation for tonight’s action, it is a significant departure from stated objectives.

On Tuesday evening, after midnight, powerful explosions rocked the area around Damascus, resulting from Israeli raids targeting an important and sensitive location for the Syrian government’s air defense battalion, which is responsible for protecting Assad’s presidential palaces in Damascus.

Some sources from inside the city confirmed that the Israeli F15 Eagles bombed the strongest air defense battalion of the system in Mount Qassion, the fortified fortress of the presidential Palace of the Lion. All the radars and military systems in the military facility were cleared and settled on the ground.

Renewed Israeli raids on the sites of the regime reveals false allegations made by “Bashar Jaafari” a few days ago, Moscow sent a strong message to the Israeli side against the backdrop of raids on the city of Palmyra last Friday, on the order of President Putin to the Russian Foreign Ministry to recall the Israeli ambassador in Moscow the day after his return to Russia .

“Russia’s policy on Israeli strikes inside Syria has not changed,” Netanyahu was quoted as saying during a news conference. “Russia has not restricted our activities in Syria and I have made it clear to Putin that we will continue our strikes as long as we need them.


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Author Details
Nahed is VT Damascus Bureau Chief. She is a member of American Institute for Middle East Strategic Studies (USA) and serves as Assistant Director of Arab-American and Muslim Congress (Detroit, USA). She has a Diploma in English Literature from Damascus University (1987).

She's also been a reporter for Turkish newspaper Aydinlik, Special Coordinator for Arab-Armenian International Law Assembly, Correspondent for Qatari News Agency, Al Ayam news Paper in Bahrain, Al Liwaa in Lebanon, Correspondent for Petra News Agency in Jordan, correspondent for the Associated Press in USA, and worked as a freelance journalist for CBS, ABS and CNN in Syria. She is fluent in both English and Arabic.


  1. If this had really happened, the story would also be on at least one of the other reliable sites like whatreallyhappened, RT or Russia Insider, among others.

    It isn’t. It’s made up.

    By posting this trash, VT is supplying ammunition to the liars who contend the independent news sources on the internet are fake. Shame on you.

  2. Using Israeli logic, if crimes against Jews never go into statute of limitation legally or ideologically then how come the Western countries can be their allies, how is it possible that they are confronting Arab and Muslim people ideologically for something they are not responsible for? Which Jews are/were ideologically prosecuted by Muslims, how could even the original pre-Israel Zionists know about Arabs? Israel is pissing on Yad Vashem with every day and hour of their prolonging of the Syrian war.

  3. The Israeli government don’t care about truth, they care about land first and then second come the Israelis. Israeli government doesn’t even care for Jews in particular where they are not beneficial for Israel. But when you make land as your God then all hell is open. It is an old game – land for life, much older than Israel or Jews or any nationality on this planet, there is no Judaic guideline or Judaic wisdom or walkthrough for it, there is no Cain for dummies handbook out there to take you through the levels of your goal.

  4. So, I guess that we can take it from this action that Israel can indeed take out Syrian air defenses? If not, then why did Syrian defenses not take out Israeli planes? Is the Russian system all they’re cracked up to be?..or is there validity to the claim that Russia compromised those systems, is this proof that Russia will indeed stab an ally in the back? That Israel can continue to do this smells. Russia’s trustworthiness is in jeopardy…which means their ability to sell their systems will also be in jeopardy. Is Russia wanting to also take the lead from the US in shooting themselves in the foot?

  5. Dear All, Take a look at the name on the article. It is not Gordon’s, but Nana’s, working in a very dangerous environment, with electricity for like and hour or so a day, and a good part of the winter where she could get no gas. She has to hang out at the Dama Rose hotel to charge her phone up and have internet access. Her father was a Supreme Court Justice and she is a member of the Justice Minister’s tribe from Deir Ezzor. In the business this is considered a very good source. Taking Assad out would be a very aggressive act by Israel. Taking out his air defense might be a sending him a strong message. We will know more by what happens next, as always.

    • I know the Dama Rose Hotel very well and at the rear entrance is a service gate to the Air Defense Ministry. Although I’m sure Nahed has a lot of connections and info I’m still shocked that Israel would actually commit such an act of blatant aggression and then be the first to declare it! usually they say we neither confirm nor deny any involvement and never admit to anything!!! Saying that Putin and Trump agreed to this makes it weird as well. I’m really baffled by this. bib must be out of his mind if he ordered such an attack without prior approval!

    • Much appreciated. I also recommend for all who have time to listen the recent mr. Harris interview with ms. Al Husaini done here on VT. There is nothing like this on Syria online, at least not in English. A while ago she also did a great reporting on money trail from London to Isil. I share many of these articles with friends and others and I know it is hard for them to even comprehend something like this being bombarded all the time by MSM but ms Al Husaini stories are like sobering about Syrian war.

  6. If this is true, I hope Syria decides to strike the heart of Israel and makes sure they are finished forever. Shut them up for good and throw them in the dust bin of history, where they belong. Put them out of everyone’s misery. This imposter state of delusional khazarians, led by Talmud thumping satan worshippers, has been dragging the world to hell for 70 years. It’s about time they are held accountable.

  7. Regardless of the truthfullness of this incident, Isreal will loose. It’s already loosing on a much greater front than most people might re. alize.

    If they go to war with Syria, Israel will loose all – that’s for shure. The forces against the last criminal paria state on the earth will not allow this to happen and they know how to achieve it.

    Speaking of the mind of the Israeli culprits, I think from their totally deranged and criminal world view such aggressive acts against any powerful neighbour state is a logical consequence but at the same time it shows what Zionism really is and always was from the beginning:antihuman, only serving a small atheistic elite inside Israel and elsewhere. This will shuerely come to an end in a way they didn’t expect.

  8. I doubt this is true. First of all nobody else reported this bombing and secondly Israhell isn’t in the habit of being the first to claim responsibility for an act of war. Once accused and everybody points to them they usually say “we neither confirm nor deny”. Bibi just wants to try and drive a wedge and plant mistrust between Russia and Syria. Why would Russia spend this much time and money then suffer many sanctions on it for being on the Syrian side then turn around and give Bibi the green light to assassinate President Assad. You never assassinate or try to assassinate a president of a sovereign state that isn’t at officially war with you then claim responsibility for it! Kind of odd and smells too fishy to me; something is amiss.

  9. Assuming this is true at face value, this is an act of war deserving an appropriate response from all injured parties. Their defenses were not effective if they could be destroyed so easily. We have a mad man in Tel Aviv and the U.S. if this is true.

  10. Assuming this story is true, and that’s beginning to become a big assumption on this website, why would Putin green-light Assad’s assassination when he has been helping his solid ally in the Middle East since Sept. 2015 defeat ISIS and all the other Western and Israel-supported terror groups? Trump giving Israel the O.K. to do this cowardly act? Plausible. Israel doing it on its own? Always possible. But why do you think both Putin and Trump saying, “Go ahead, murder Assad,” is the ONLY explanation?

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