US will honor Iran nuclear deal


… from Press TV,  Tehran

The Sword of Damocles hangs over all of us

[ Editor’s Note: This is good news, but we cannot be sure what tipped the scale  for Trump’s reversal. It could be said that after a closer review of the pluses and minuses, the Trump White house figured out they would be shooting a huge international accomplishment in the head which would be a hair shirt on Trump’s back for the rest of his administration.

The catch phrase here is the weasel term that Chris Ford used, “until otherwise decided”. But this gives us time to challenge the strategy of the military build up to add to America’s huge forward deployment that has been and is being debt-funded, when there is no conceivable offensive threat to the US by anyone.

What is going on here, which virtually all Americans and their civic orgs are completely asleep at the wheel on is that this forward deployment is and never was defensive. It is offensive, and not on grounds of conjecture.

What the unsaid is in this “threat” discussion is how the term has morphed into anyone having a retaliatory strike capability to a US first-strike is now deemed a threat, but this was done without any national discussion as to its sanity.

Of course, it is not a discussion that any administration could win in an open debate. Our VT core group cannot find anyone who will agree to brief us on the validity of this policy, as we can easily counter that the effect of the policy will be just the opposite.

Those targeted as “threats” for wanting to defend themselves from a UN preemptive strike are duty bound to their own people to protect them from such an event. The US military industrial complex knows this, and that the country in question will be forced to increase their own military technology and disposition, which can then be spun as proof of that country’s “aggression”. 

This is how cheap their argument is; and it is one that we somehow have to get out in the open, as most Americans don’t even know that our first strike policy, redone under Clinton when he was kissing the behinds of the NeoCons, says we reserve the right to strike anyone whom we feel “might become” a threat at sometime in the future.

America took this lying down, with not a whimper. No politician has ever made this an issue, that I am aware of. No one in the military or security fields other than VT that I know of has consistently challenged it as a policy on unexceptionalism that must be attacked and destroyed, since it hangs over us all as a Sword of DamoclesJim W. Dean ]

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– First published  …  March 22,  2017

Christopher Ford

US President Donald Trump’s nuclear advisor says Washington will honor the 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and six major world powers, including the United States.

Christopher Ford, the White House National Security Council’s senior director for weapons of mass destruction and counter-proliferation, made the remarks during a conference in Washington, DC on Tuesday.

Ford told the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace that the Trump administration will stick to the Iran nuclear pact unless otherwise is decided. “Until otherwise decided, the United States will adhere to the Iran nuclear deal and ensure that Iran also does,” he said.

However, the Trump aide also said that the White House is reviewing the Iran deal along with all other nuclear pacts that Washington has negotiated under previous administrations.

Iran and the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council — the United States, France, Britain, Russia and China — plus Germany started implementing the JCPOA on January 16, 2016. The deal limited parts of Iran’s peaceful nuclear program in exchange for the complete removal of all sanctions against the country.

Since then, Washington has on a number of occasions violated the agreement by imposing anti-Iran sanctions despite the United Nations’ confirmation that Tehran has abided by the terms of the accord.

In February, the Trump administration implemented a new round of sanctions against Iran following the country’s successful test-launch of a ballistic missile, which Washington said was a breach of the JCPOA. Iran rejected the US claim, reiterating the right to develop its defense capabilities.

Trump has been a staunch opponent of the international agreement negotiated by the US under former President Barack Obama.

During his presidential campaign, Trump had promised to repeal the nuclear accord which he referred to as a “disaster” and “the worst deal ever negotiated.” He also said that the agreement could lead to a “nuclear holocaust.”

Meanwhile, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has warned that Tehran is ready to restore its nuclear activities to the level it was before the 2015 deal should Washington fail to keep its end of the nuclear bargain.

Iran “is fully prepared to return to the pre-JCPOA situation or even [to conditions] more robust than that if the US reneges on its promises to the extent that the JCPOA’s continuation harms our national interests,” Zarif stated on Monday.

According to American political analyst Professor Dennis Etler, Trump is in no position to threaten Iran.

“The reason for Trump’s retreat from his bombastic rhetoric regarding both Iran and China is the sobering realization by his team that the US is in no position to follow through on his threats. There is also no prospect that the US will be able to do so during his first term in office,” Professor Etler told Press TV recently.


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  1. I watched McCain interview yesterday on Greta van Susteren’s program, a discussion that involved health care, foreign policy, etc. McCain very calm, even humorous, about all of it, very Zen. Interesting demeanor, trading jokes about whether the Congress or lawyers had lower polls. The only time he appeared mildly annoyed was when discussing N. Korea, and saying it was China’s job to take care of that problem.

  2. How long would that “US honoring Iran’s nuclear deal” last? As long as all other American honorings of contracts to other Nations in the history of US or as long as Bibi desires?
    How can honor or truth come from a corporation of professional liars and thieves?

    “When the leader of Sparta visited the Oracle of Delphi one of the questions was when the world would end. The response was: “When the ignorant speaks about knowledge, the whore speaks about honor, and the tyrant speaks about justice.”

    Sounds familiar dear Americans??????

  3. …killed him with bad water, poor food. Filled almost a full page the Times did. Not a word about the NY City kid who died because 3 social workers are over worked. I heard the defense team says the accused didn’t have time to read the employee handbook. Too long, about 1000 pages. No time, over worked, poor guys. Yeah China with 1.5 billion kills 1, NYC social workers kill about 5 a year. No story there. But China, yeah poor China.
    In the mean time back in the deserts we’re slaughtering them. A whitewash, no sport there. What is it now, the score? Anyone know the new betting line? Yeah the one covering when the 1st Marine is beheaded in Syria? I hear the London books will cover. They got an over and under too.

  4. A note on Africa, and immigration. Am I the only one that believes the turmoil there is designed to create refugees as a way to depopulation the continent? Malaria, and TB only kill about 2 million souls per year there. Not enough, poor David R. said before is 6th heart gave out. And what’s up with Zika? Unheard of before, and suddenly there’s a huge fuss, and a sudden vaccine. What lab turned out that sickness, if it exists. Maybe the same lab that created our congress which threw millions × 10s at pharmaceutical companies. German weren’t they, the corporations?
    We’re so busy with armed wars we don’t have time to reflect on the real covert shit. Yesterday the NY Times filled a page with news of a boys death. The claim is the state gave him bad water and poor food. Not a word about the 3 arrested social workers in NY implicit in a young boys demise. They kill about 1000 a year, those social workers do. Last I heard their defense team is blaming the agency’s business manual. Too many pages to read, over 1000 they say. Poor guys. Over a billion in China, 1 dead. They got a lot of catching up to do. Poor China, so behind.

  5. This is very good news, but I fear it is ingenuine, and but a breather. The US, and undoubtedly Israeli, plan to redraw the ME map by deconstructing 6 or 7 functioning states is alive and well. There is no indication anything has changed. Pure Darwinian BS. Personally if I governed Iran I would nuke up fast. Trust is not in the Talmud, and we know that those in DC won’t read a Bible, not even the latest edited version.

  6. Thanks, Jim! I was expecting this move by Trump admin, because it’s just common sense. Please let us know if McCain or other interesting people have a tantrum, would you? Oh, to be a fly on the wall…

  7. Good news for Iran but better news for the United States. Sucker punch for Bibi … no bomb blasts for bombast.
    The Telegraph, February 14, 2017

    This was news worthy of a report Gordon/Jim/Ian – Polish Officers Resign En Masse

    Some 26 generals and 260 top officers have left their posts in the last 16 months, frustrated with an apparent favouring of soldiers loyal to Law and Justice, Poland’s governing party, and the defence ministry’s failure to consult them on changes to the army’s structure.

    The loss of senior staff has raised question marks over the government’s handling of a key Nato military at a time when Poland and the alliance face increasing security threats from Russia and the war in neighbouring Ukraine.

    Stanislaw Koziej, a retired general who also served as head of Poland’s National Security Council, said the scale and the pace of the resignations pose a “risk to the effective function of the army”.

    Some of those leaving are from the highest echelons of the army, including Chief of the General Staff General Mieczyslaw Gocul, who stepped down at the end of January.

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