Time to start defending Christianity (Part I)

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow with Vladimir Putin

by  Preston James and Mike Harris

“With her she took the clean smell of lilies wherever she went; perhaps that is why she loved white so much: it was the reflection of her heart.” ~The memoirs of Archbishop Anastasius, regarding St. Elizabeth (Fyodorovna) the New Martyr and Grand Duchess of Russia (1864-1918), who was brutally martyred by the Bolsheviks on July 18, 1918.

Christianity is under onslaught by an age-old plan to infiltrate it, to hijack it, neutralize it, use it to further a Zionist Global NWO Agenda and then to destroy it. Unless Christians begin to understand how they have been misinformed, this attack will continue to erode their ranks of believers until Christianity is dis-empowered, reduced and then eliminated.

In 1917 the horrific slaughter of Eastern Orthodox Christian Priests and their parishioners began as the Bolshevik Communists unleashed their well-financed and supported revolution in Russia.

Their initial actions also involved burning down hundreds of Eastern Orthodox Christian churches as fast as they could get to them, one after another as they moved their new Peoples’ army inward into Russia.

In one day alone, approximately 80,000 Eastern Orthodox clergy and church members were executed by the Bolshevik Communists.

This blatant, deadly attack on the Russian Christian Church was progressive and spread inward through Russia and was one of the first major goals of the Bolshevik Communists — to label Christians as subversives, murder them and destroy their churches.

Want to trace the pattern that the Bolshevik Communist revolution spread into Russia beginning in 1917?

Just map out the Russian Orthodox Christian Churches they destroyed; and the spread of Bolshevik Communism in Russia beginning in 1917 parallels this.

As long as the Christian Church is strong and maintains a proper scriptural basis, the USA cannot be destroyed by this same group of bankers that created Bolshevik Communism and invaded Russia with it in 1917.

100 Years Ago — 1917, November – Metropolitan Tikhon of Moscow excommunicates the Communists. “Come back into your senses, you madmen and stop spilling blood! What you are doing can please only satan. The retribution for it will be curse on you down the generations and eternal torture in hell fire. In the name of Almighty God I hereby anathematize you and also excommunicate those of you who happened to be Orthodox Christians by birth… I hereby call on the Orthodox faithful to rise in numbers and beat off the forces of evil that are besieging the Church on all sides.”

The main motivation of the top several City of London bankers who created Bolshevik communism and deployed it as a “Peoples’ Revolution” in Russia in 1917 was actually a strong desire to eradicate Christianity from the world.

This attack on Russia was to be the first step, followed by the take-down of Europe, then America and then China, then Malaysia and then Japan.

Thus the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1917 was nothing less than a well-planned agenda to eradicate Christianity and God from Russia.

The Bolshevik Communist leaders believe that, in order to transform Russia into a Communist totalitarian society with them in charge as a dictatorial group at the top, they had to eradicate Christianity completely and make the new Communist state itself god.

There was total stripping and theft of any from the Churches, Christians by the Bolshevik Communists as they were mass-murdered.

These Bolshevik communist leaders stole all the gold cups, art and valuables from the churches and from Christians and kept it for themselves. They also stole all the Tsar’s family crown jewels, art and gold and any valuables they could find anywhere in Russia.

It wasn’t long before these several top Bolshevik Communist leaders had accrued immense, almost incalculable fortunes and taken their wealth to other nations, such as Switzerland to place in secret, numbered accounts.


Funeral of priests killed by Bolsheviks (L) — February Revolution (R)

Now if you think this couldn’t happen in America to American Christians, you had better carefully consider the evidence we are going to present in this four-part series.

America is rapidly becoming the new Soviet Union, while under Putin’s direction the new Russian Republic is experiencing a complete rebuilding of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Churches and Christianity. Putin has formed a strategic partnership with the Russian Christian church and is creating an environment where it can flourish. Why would he do this? Because he believes that in order for Russia to become a strong, successful nation, the people (especially the young folks) need to be morally upright.

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow with Vladimir Putin

This same pattern occurred when Mao and his communists took over China after WW2.

Mao and his cronies had been placed in power by the same secret group that built up and supported placed Lenin and his Bolshevik Communist cronies, a small western-based group that had unlimited support from the City of London Rothschild private Fiat Bankers and their American franchisees, the large Wall Street banks.

This pattern of communist puppets, well-financed by these Western banks run out of the City of London, is well-established; and the pattern has occurred in Russia, China, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. In each case, the Christian church was first outlawed, the clergy and members were either persecuted or mass-murdered, and their assets stripped and put into the pockets of a small number of communist leaders.

The folks who created Bolshevism intended to take it westward from Russia, and then eastward too, and eventually eradicate Christianity from the whole Earth. This was always their main motivation for deploying Bolshevist Communism and any kind of major, state-based totalitarian socialism, even in kinder friendlier forms.

The socialism rolled out in Europe and Scandinavia was designed to only serve as an intermediate step to be quickly dissolved by the massive, repeated deployment of false-flag terror, which is what is happening now with all the importation of radical Islamics, many of whom have been mind-kontrolled.

The folks who started and ran Bolshevism have planned to deploy this same playbook here in America, as soon as they are able to do it.

After their incredibly successful acquisition and asset-stripping of Russia in 1917, and complete neutralization of the Russian churches, and the mass murder of almost every Christian priest and Christian believer, the Bolshevik Communists planned to move westward and repeat this process in every single European nation. It was the Nazis that stopped their advance.

But after WW2, the same private Western Banks run out of the City of London continued providing massive support to these Russian Communists, and began plans to take America down that same road, using socialism as an initial entry point.

The leaders of these large western banks who were supporting Bolshevism (Communism) all over the world secretly, began a long-term program to transform America into a socialist state, with an ever increasing centralization of power. They have used the war on drugs and other actual shooting wars that they have engineered by deploying false-flag attacks, as in the Gulf of Tonkin, which was later admitted by then-Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara to have never happened as reported.

These engineered shooting wars since WW2 (including Korea, Vietnam, and all the Mideast wars) have been completely illegal, unconstitutional, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual and have been a great means to generate huge profits for the banks, the defense contractors and the 66 families that own their major blocks of stock.

The bottom line to this series is: the folks who started and supported the Bolshevik Communists’ takeover in Russia whose first task was to destroy the Christian churches, and murder the Priests and all Christians are now deploying the very same playbook here in America; but they are doing it slower, more progressively and just as well-financed.

Why would any Christian believe this group who runs the big banks and has financed Bolshevism would not follow through with their plans to progressively eradicate Christianity from Planet Earth, which includes here in America?


Duplicity and Depravity – Satanic Twins

For the last 500 years there has been a secret plan deployed against Christianity to eradicate it, and in the last 100 years great progress has been accomplished in this goal.

In this article you will learn what the origins of this long-term, secret plan to destroy Christianity are, why they developed in the first place, what secret occult group is behind it, and what this secret plan is comprised of.

You will learn how far this secret plan has advanced in the last 100 years and what must be done to stop it before all Christianity is eradicated from planet Earth.

You will learn how this plan is just the first stepping stone to eradicating any an all religions and moral standards from Planet Earth in order to transform humanity into a humanistic society based on moral relativism that is, situational defined morality with no absolute moral standards of right and wrong.

And this is all being done hidden in plain sight, without most Christians even being aware of what is being taken from them. And it is being done subtly by influencing the doctrines of American Christian Churches to conform to a false doctrine that upon first consideration seems reasonable, positive and even appears to be true.

This is the false doctrine of Christian Zionism, the belief that Jews should return to the Holy Land and re-establish ancient Biblical Israel, which was the source of Jesus Christ and Christianity in the first place.

There are numerous problems with this ideology that most American Christians just do not understand. Before we dissect the ways this ideology is seriously flawed and harmful, first we must understand it.

Typically most American Christian Churches teach that, since Jesus was a Jew, the source of Christianity and therefore Jews today, especially those in Israel, are our brothers and sisters – part of the same family – and deserve support no matter what.

This ideology extends to the typical Christian belief that Israel as a nation-state must be supported, no matter what, and that it is okay for Israelis to take land from the Palestinians to build new settlements, since supposedly God gave it to the Jews in the first place, and it is their ancestral right.

There are many falsities associated with this doctrine of Christian Zionism. Let’s list the prominent ones here. These were never supposed to be exposed publicly.

1. A recent peer reviewed genetic study from John Hopkins by a Jewish MD showed that approximately 97.5% of Israeli Jews living in Israel have absolutely NO Hebrew blood at all and are from ancient Khazaria in Eastern Europe, now the Ukraine. And some were called Ashkenazis and ARE NOT Semites at all, while approximately 80% of the Palestinians have ancient Hebrew blood and are true Semites. This has secretly been admitted to in the highest echelons of the Israeli government and was leaked in a largely ignored article.

Anti-Zionist Torah Jews in London, March 2017

2. Zionism originated as a secular Judaic social movement and most Orthodox and hard-core Torah (Old Testament Judaics) do not accept it as true and believe that the resettlement of Israel by the British Balfour proclamation beginning in 1947 was wrong because it was un-scriptural.

3. These Torah-believing Judaics, mostly Orthodox, believe that God divorced the Hebrews for their continued sin and worship of false gods and unwillingness to listen to the prophets that God sent to warn them. They do not believe that Judaics have any ancestral right to the land of Palestine because of this divorce described in Jeremiah 3, verse 8:

“And I saw, when for all the causes whereby backsliding Israel committed adultery I had put her away, and given her a bill of divorce; yet her treacherous sister Judah feared not, but went and played the harlot also (KJV).”

4. The Bible refers to Israel as God’s Chosen People as a genetic group, which were called the Hebrews, but He divorced them for their continued sin and lack of repentance and the promised land he gave them was called Palestine. After God divorced the Hebrews who had been His chosen people which He selected to use to reveal his very presence to the world, he grafted in the gentiles to become his new Chosen People according to New Testament bible scripture, while promising to maintain a remnant of Hebrew to bring forth later and once again reveal Himself to.

5. When God divorced the Hebrews, the tribes split up from one nation into two, the northern ten tribes which were called “Israel” and a separate nation of the remaining two tribes called Judah, since that part of Palestine was called Judea. After Jesus’ crucifixion, the Roman Caesar ordered the Hebrew nation and their Temple to be destroyed because of their continued rebellions. The Hebrews scattered and migrated to many places all over Europe.

6. Committed Torah Judaics reject the Babylonian Talmudism, the Kabbalah and other mystical texts and declare the Torah (Old Testament of the Bible to be Supreme) and follow it, often to the letter of the law. Because they do not accept Jesus Christ (who was of Hebrew blood) to be their messiah, they are still awaiting the appearance of the true messiah and do expect him to come.

7. When the Hebrews were captured by the Babylonians and taken into captivity, a small select group of their top, elite leaders had started worship the Babylonian God Baal, and became involved in the worship rituals, which provided them with strange mystical powers. When their captivity ended, these secret Black arts of Baal-worship were continued by a small group within the top Hebrew religious leaders, who were called the Pharisees.

These black occult arts were practiced in secret, because otherwise the practitioners would have been exposed and executed by their own fellow Hebrews and the Romans, who occupied Judea. This practice of the black occult arts of Babylonian Talmudism (secret Baal worship) involved periodic child sacrifice to the false-god Baal, and in return these practitioners of the black, satanic arts received power over the masses, riches and status.

8. This satanic cult of Babylonian Talmudism was practiced by the few top leaders of the Nation Khazaria very secretly. Khazaria had become a very evil nation because its leaders were so evil, due to their secret worship of Baal and their secret Child sacrifice to Baal. They had become known as a nation of crooks, con artists, road robbers, murderers and identity thieves.

Their crimes against travelers and those living near their border became so frequent and so outrageous that the Persians and Russian leaders threatened to destroy Khazaria if the ruler did not select one of the Abrahamic religions as the national religion for Khazaria. Khazarian King Bulah then responded and accepted Judaism as the official Khazarian religion. He did this because historically a small group of Pharisees had secretly practiced Babylonian Paganism (Baal worship) while hiding behind their official roles as Pharisees (leaders of the Hebrew Synagogue in Judea (Palestine).

9. The fact that Khazaria as a nation began to practice Judaism as their national religion did not in any way cause the Khazarian people to clean up their act. Their crimes continued, and eventually the Russian Ruler ordered their destruction. Before this happened, the top Khazarian leaders who practice this satanic Babylonian Talmudism escaped to other European nations  and took the vast wealth with them, which they had accrued as the leaders of a large organized crime theft, robber ring they ran in Khazaria.

As incredulous as it seems, these Babylonian Talmudics had actually “sold their souls to Satan” by making a blood contract with Satan in order to receive vast wealth, vast power and great social status. The Khazarian leaders kept these black arts within their family systems and shared them only with certain selected initiates who were also willing to sell their souls to Satan and go through certain initiations.

10. One thing that these top Khazarian Babylonian Talmudic Satan-worshipers have been known for is their total commitment to revenge. These family lines (called “the Bloodlines”) have maintained a strong commitment for revenge against both Russia and Persia. This revenge was first enacted against Russia in 1917 by the creation of Communism, done by the Babylonian Talmudic City of London Rothschild private central bankers and the large wall street banks supporting Bolshevism.

The first acts of Bolsheviks when invading Russia in 1917 were to destroy the Christian Churches and murder the priests. They felt this was essential to taking control of the whole nation and viewed Christianity as a complete enemy of their collective, communist state and therefore made it illegal.

11. Ever since they took control of the money creation and distribution of most major nations, including America, the Babylonian Talmudists have practiced the ancient, secret Babylonian Talmudic black art of making money from nothing by charging people to use their money and charging pernicious usury, which is illegal in the Bible.

12. Because this small group of these Satanic Babylonian Talmudic leaders, who were the “money-changers” of the modern world, could create all the money they wanted, they have been able to buy up almost every single politician and government official and have been able to set most, if not all, US Governmental policies and control Congress.

13. Because these satanic Babylonian Talmudic Money-changers were presenting themselves as Jewish to maintain cover, they quickly learned they could con American Christians and most Judaics by claiming to be God’s chosen people and manipulating the British Government in 1947 to declaring that the land of Palestine was to become Israel, the rightful land of the Jews.

14. The big secret here is that most Judaics today are actually secular and practice Judaism only for family-related rituals. And over 97% of the Judaics who migrated to Palestine after WW2 have NO ancient Hebrew blood, and thus the British claim that they have an ancestral blood right to the land is a falsehood. These present-day Khazarian leaders are much like the Pharisees who worked and plotted so hard to crucify Jesus Christ. Jesus called the Pharisees that plotted against him the Synagogue of Satan”.

Entrenched Satanism guides many governments

15. These very powerful Babylonian Talmudics run a very large but secret worldwide satanic cult network today and are also best referred to the Synagogue of Satan. But let us be clear that this is a very small group of evil cult leaders who have enormous power and influence over many governments of the world, including the US Government.

They have infiltrated most large American churches by disguising them as sheep, but are actually ravenous wolves hard at work to misdirect Christianity and make it powerless and cause it to shrink in numbers. These satanic cult leaders are crafty and have conned many Jews into believing their lies that Judaics have an ancient blood right to own and occupy the land of Palestine.

16. Anyone who studies the facts will quickly conclude this is an enormous lie and a crafty deception originating from Satan himself, designed to deceive. Anyone who criticizes the modern-day Zionists, most of whom are Khazarians and thus NOT of ancient Hebrew blood, are severely criticized and accused of being anti-Semitic.

How can someone be accused of being anti-Semitic if those they are criticizing are not even Semites because they have no Hebrew blood and are actually of Khazarian bloodline? This irrational, false accusation of anti-Semitism leveled against anyone who criticizes any Jewish person (most of whom are secular Khazarian Judaics) or criticizes Israel is instantly leveled, with the notably false charge of being anti-Semitic.



Normally any discussion of how the Babylonian Talmudic Khazarian leaders became the modern-day Synagogue of Satan is prohibited, because these leaders of this worldwide Satanic Network use their spokesmen to immediately cry “you are an anti-Semite”. Then they claim that any such continued criticism will result in new persecution of the Jews. In many nations, it is a crime to even criticize the Jew or any Jewish issue for any reason.

America Land of Abundance — “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.” ~ Binyamin Netanyahu

Actually, the term “Jew” was not used until about 750 AD and became associated with the secular practice of Judaism in Khazaria. The Khazarian leaders during this period were very aggressive and have passed their evil practices down through their bloodline, and also to new recruit bloodlines they have initiated into their secret satanic cult.

This kind of aggressive lie imposed as a muzzle on any discussion of the reality of the existence of the secret Babylonian Talmudic cult also known as the Illuminati, the Synagogue of Satan, the Black Sun, the order of the Snake, the Olympiads, and many more, has prevented any open honest discussion within the American Christian Church.

This must change. And here at Veterans Today, we are committed to open source Intel and telling it like it is, letting the chips fall where they must.

It is high time the American Christian churches wake up, face the truth about the age-old secret Babylonian Talmudic plan to destroy Christianity. This means American Christians must realize that they have been falsely indoctrinated with Christian Zionism and stop allowing a secret satanic cult to neutralize the Gospel of Jesus Christ and prevent them from presenting the true Christ the way that Jesus lived it, as our saving grace and the certain means to peace, joy and an eternal life.

The bottom line is this. The same secret group of the world’s most power financiers, a secret group of a small number of the City of London bankers and their stateside franchisees of the largest Wall Street Banks are still hard at work and deeply committed to eradicate Christianity and Christians from America.

When they do this in any nation, based on their history, we know that they mass-murder all Christian clergy and believers, including women and children and steal all their assets for themselves. They transform the state to become the peoples’ new god, after they have destroyed or neutralized all Christianity.

These Babylonian Talmudics are in the process of secretly rolling out this same plan here inside America, and it is up to all Christians and anyone who believes in freedom of religion to stand up and stop this sinister plan, which is best described as political correctness, diversity, open borders and the destruction of a common American language (English) and a common American culture.

We must all work together to defend Christianity from eradication. It is now time to work together to expose these Babylonian Talmudics and their evil satanic playbook in order to do this.



Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls — It Tolls for Thee (John Donne)

[ Editor’s note: Christians and others “who don’t want to go to ‘the dark side'” be forewarned. St. Louis police have bought Israeli Skunkspray, which contains a strong, lingering odor that can camouflage biological, chemical and nanotechnology weapons to be deployed against citizens. Anyone who imagines this is only going to be deployed against “someone else who caused a problem” is deluded. Turn the knob and play video at 1.25 speed. Hover In Place: In addition, certain streetlamps or town landscape watering systems are fitted with small sprayers and WIFI to detect a pre-identified, nano-GPS tagged person as they approach on the sidewalk, deploying a “surgical strike” on the individual and anyone who happens to be around them. What is being sprayed is unknown. ]

Time to start defending Christianity (Part II)


Mike Harris is the Veteran’s Today Financial Editor and radio show host of Short End of the Stick (Tu  & Thur, 7-9 CST). Mr Harris has enjoyed 30+ yrs in the manufacturing, financial, and technology sectors. He’s been core to numerous domestic and international start-ups, acquisitions and mergers, skyrocketing profit margins through a highly co-operative/collaborative team approach. His sharp intellect and a fluid intuition was a significant boon during his 2005/6 run for the Governor of Arizona where he emphasized the need to initiate immediate, practical, working solutions to the issues at hand.

From 1995 to 2000 Mr Harris served as a technical advisor to the Committee on Science and Technology of the US Congress, as well as sitting as Chairman of various boards over the years. With an MBA in finance, from a foundation of Applied Physics and Economics, he has proven an exceptional ability to function well-above and beyond “the box”.

Dubbed “iron Mike” through his many years as a martial artist, Mr. Harris has clearly demonstrated the resiliency to take blows and to come back fighting. This extraordinary skill-set he now brings to his ultimate Vision for a free, abundant, and prosperous society.


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  1. I’m going to wait for parts 2 through 4 before I issue any comment ..

    To offer a book review (or say “pamphlet”) of 4 chapters, based on only one chapter ..

    That is to miss complete context ..

    BTW, when one listens to Mike and Preston’s talk this past Thursday ..

    When Mike mentions the “good gentleman” and Preston affirms everything ..

    Yes, that would be me ..

    And when Preston mentions Dr. Michael S. Heiser ..

    I implore ALL to look up this guy, and get to know him!

    Your life is about to be changed ..

    Especially re: the date 9-11 ..

    * note of correction; it is “The Unseen Realm” vs. “The Hidden Realm” ..

    between these two words, there is distinct context here ..

    Similar, but not identical ..

    “hidden” points to more of what is kept from us from an external source ..

    “unseen” is more tantamount to what we wish to not see ..

    “hidden” generally alludes to what is not available .. [i.e. classified]

    “unseen” is most [publicly] available; most simply fail to see it .. [albeit, due probably to one’s “conditioning”]

    • Real Christians who follow what Jesus taught are not the Christian Zionists that are easily manipulated into war for the Babylonian Talmudics. You missed the whole point of this article. Obviously you haven’t been around any real non-mind-kontrolled Christians. If the Synagogue of Satan will destroy Christianity, eventually it will come for you and destroy you too, because they are committed to destroying society, male/female sex roles and the family, and then all humans, group by group. And they will force you to believe in Satan and bow to him or you will be executed (atheism will be forbidden and a capital crime). Doubt this then you haven’t studied this subject in depth. Hopefully you are committed to true freedom of religion because without it no one has any protection from the state and you will be forced to worship something evil eventually. Atheists in the Soviet Union were forced to worship the state as god or they were sent to gulags if the state found out. All it took was one phone call from any neighbor who got mad at them for anything.

    • You’re the ones that when the days come to an end rush to the Church to ask for forgiving and a ticket to heaven but meanwhile, tried to remove any presence of God or Faith wherever or whenver sees fit. but God knows that sooner or later you will be knocking at the door.

  2. Preston: Most Catholics understand Judaism intrinsic evilness but, also have to live in everyday struggling for jobs, speculation, inflation and Media degenarative climate. exiting the Church the Judaic World shows everwhere its presence. So, although sanctity its a commendable goal, its a hard journey. Admmitedly, our Church, with all its sins,, also, has in institutional scale, to face the same problem as we, as individuals do yet, keeps doctrinary coherence with the Gosspel. What you well describe at the beggining of the article, massacres are not only related to Bolsheviks, remind us of Henry the VIII, and before that,Becket, Thomas More, Elizabeth the Ist, Vasa in Sweden, Jesuit expulsions, the Cristeros (1Million mexicans murdered), Spain’s Republican elimination of 11000 priests, nuns and bishops. Masonry, the core of pharisees teachings has been the core of Judaism secret cult and practice, no matter opinions on the contrary, and when gentiles entered Masonry and consequently, ruling the nations, persecutions have been iterative.. Evangelists active denial of criminal Judaism based on Hollywood written Bible, has bewitched majority of Americans in accepting as a holy virtue the elimination of Palestinians and blessing Middle East wars for the sake of Israel, but always bypassing the American misery created by jews.

    • You make good points Roger. With the Islamic faith the plan was to infiltrate it, hijack it, pervert it, convert it to mercenaries, mind-kontrol them to the most savage atrocities including massive beheadings of men, women and children, massive rapes and sex slavery. Doesn’t this look exactly like Bolsheviks. It should because it is the same control group running it the Babylonian Talmudics (BTs). This all started for the Islamics with Lawrence of Arabia and the Mujahedin, later converted to ISIS and paid and supplied by CIA, Israel, Turkey and Saudis. The BC desires to continue this same process with ISIS against Syria and Iran, then Russia again and then America.

    • The Babylonian Talmudic control group at the top of the Pyramid runs a process on behalf of their Satanic cult. That process is to infiltrate all religions, hijack them, pervert them and transform them into a war machine to bring death and destruction on humankind. In Russia in 1917, the plan was to destroy Christianity and provide the state as an evil substitute, then aggress the whole world with it. With Catholicism at the very start the plan was to secretly hijack the Vatican and transform it into a tool of the Satanic world Hierarchy, later playing millions of well meaning Christian Catholics against Protestants who had discovered the Vatican clerics had strayed from scripture and true Christianity. In America the plan was to use Freemasonry and Christian Zionism (by using the Scofield Bible interpretations and Darbyism) to pervert and neutralize Christianity, and then transform it into a tool to legitimize illegal, unconstitutional wars for the profits for the BTs and their associates.

    • Preston. Thanks for your reply. Gentile Freemasonry are the ones that facilitate Jewish goals and so, ypu can see them in every governmental post in most of the Western World. Specifically, official positions are opened once taken the masonic oath. Silence following banking scams, Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria operations and homosexuality, are all consequences of masons paving the road to all pain and decadence.yet, seldom or never masonry comes under the spotlight or popular scrutiny. because, the neighboring ones are seen as good fellows, with impeccable clothing and manners but ignoring that once the lodge doors are closed and the “brotherhood” assembly, instructions are given under utmost secrecy, and soon begins Christians to cry in despair seen atheism reaching a zenithal point , Reading the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. constantly denied but always fervidly applied, could open the eyes of dormant Americans on the causes of past and present misfortunes

  3. That is if you accept the language as a proper translation. I believe it is incorrect and the term was Judean or more likely Hebrew. The earliest evidence for the use of the word “Jew” was in Khazaria in about 750 AD form what I can find. When Jesus was crucified, Pilot had a sign put on the cross, I believe it said “King of the Hebrews”, not “King of the Jews”. The term Hebrew had to be transformed into Jew by the Babylonia Talmudics because they were actually Fake Hebrews. Now for the really esoteric. Some Biblical experts believe that Eve had two fraternal twins, Able who was sired by Adam and Cain who was sired by Satan. Evidence for this is that Cain’s geneology is not listed in the torah (Old Testament) as of Hebrew lineage.
    Cain started the Kenite or Canaanite bloodline from which the pharisees who were secret Babylonian Talmudists came from. These select few Pharisees who were secretly practicing Babylonian Talmudic Black Arts of Satanism, pedophilia and Child sacrifice were likely from the Cain Bloodline and thus the fake Hebrews of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. If true which I think it is this explains a lot.

    The several pharisees that secretly practiced Babylonian Talmudic Satanism were the ones that hated Jesus and plotted his death and the persecution and deaths of his followers and also plotted the destruction of Christianity. Many Christian see this as the battle between God and Satan over Mankind and Planet Earth.

    • You are welcome. Most Christians that try to educate their pastors on this will be shunned, as they are too mind-kontrolled to believe in Christian Zionism which has no true Biblical basis at all. We need to get the word out and hopefully in time these mislead Christians and pastors will wake up and stop being mind-kontrolled by the Babylonian Talmudists that hijacked America in 1913 and most of the American Christian Churches too.

    • Excellent comment Roger. The Babylonian Talmudic control group at the top of the Pyramid runs a process on behalf of their Satanic cult. That process is to infiltrate all religions, hijack them, pervert them and transform them into a war machine to bring death and destruction on humankind. In Russia in 1917, the plan was to destroy Christianity and provide the state as an evil substitute, then aggress the whole world with it. With Catholicism at the very start the plan was to secretly hijack the Vatican and transform it into a tool of the Satanic world Hierarchy, later playing millions of well meaning Christian Catholics against Protestants who had discovered the Vatican clerics had strayed from scripture and true Christianity. In America the plan was to use Freemasonry and Christian Zionism (by using the Scofield Bible interpretations and Darbyism) to pervert and neutralize Christianity, and then transform it into a tool to legitimize illegal, unconstitutional wars for the profits for the BTs and their associates.

  4. Excellent article! Christianity, in its non-compromised form, is like a huge fish-bone in the throats of those
    monsters, so eager to “liberate” us from the higher spheres of human emotions and behavior – based on love and light, and dump us into the dark, primitive, sordid, cattle-alike level – exactly where, according to their sick dreams, a robotized herd of serves and sacrificial human-lambs must be.

  5. Eduardo, face it the Judaics in America and in Israel are being “played” conned, manipulated by these Babylonian Talmudics too. These satanic leaders of the Synagogue of Satan are bringing the whole world against the country of Israel. Even Henry Kissinger said that Israel wouldn’t exist in its present form in 10 years.
    Many have been mind-kontrolled to believe numerous falsities like they have an ancestral right to the land or that non-Judaics that criticize Israel are anti-Semites when 97.5% of the Judaics living in Israel actually have no ancient Hebrew blood at all while 80% of the Palestinians do. Perhaps you are a troll or from outside America and have trouble understanding articles written in English.

  6. Eduardo, you just plain don’t understand this article. I am referring to real Christianity not the apostate Vatican or many of the American churches that specialize in “social Gospel”. Nothing was said about getting rid of the Jews. In fact the Babylonian Talmudics are not even real Jew, specifically they have no ancient Hebrew Blood and are Khazarians. If the average Jew knew what these several leaders of this secret powerful satanic cult the Babylonian Talmudics was doing they would reject them out of hand, especially for their creating wars and the twisted demonic child sacrifices and pedophilia. If this small cult of twisted demonic secret leaders who run the banks and specialize in engineering war and destroying nations all to attain their age-old agenda to get back at Jesus and his follower demonic operated in the open and not in abject secrecy they would have been destroyed long ago. And non-Christians should still support freedom of religion by supporting the existence of Christianity or else they will lose their basic freedoms too.

  7. I always thought it was the Illuminati, but am not sure. Does anyone here know anything about the woman Kendall who appeared recently on Dr Phil’s show and told him about being kidnapped as an infant and growing up as a sex slave? We don’t watch TV, and heard about this a day or 2 ago and have heard nothing since. Dr Phil says he is convinced that her allegations are 100% true and I am inclined to believe the both of them. If this has gotten out in mainstream news, it is disturbing that this kind of news can fade away so quickly.

  8. Preston and Michael, I applaud your efforts and feel sure the message will get through. You don’t have to embrace Rome to see the Devil in Zionist Tel Aviv.

    All the works of E. Michael Jones need to be included in the library of works which clearly expose the Zionist/Khazarian/Masonic underworld ruled by Satan. The MSM – in thrall to their Zionist overlords segued or grafted their vehement campaign against the Catholic Church and aligned it with Fundamentalist Christian hatred for Rome which has sadly infiltrated every other Christian Church in the United States. Corruption within the Catholic Church was rampant back in Luther’s day and he was right to expose it. The Counter Reformation which followed is still on-going while the Reformation has reduced Christian adherents to a mish-mash of 30,000 – let me spell it out, thirty thousand, independent church entities. Zionists have exploited this to deceive everyone and drive a wider wedge between them and Rome. The story of the Scofield Bible is the story of Zionist destruction of Christianity in the US and the murder, day after endless day, of millions of innocents in the Middle East. Where there is no conscience there is no church … there is only Satan.

  9. Its pretty obvious that the Christian religions in the US haven’t combined to boycott/debate Washington/ Rome/ Tel Aviv/ on their foreign and domestic wars, the anti planet geoengineering, the international famines, or any of the dozens of anti-christianity agendas that are in progress. The last man standing will not be the Jews, Catholics, and their Satanists buddies but those who speak the truth and fight for the truth – whether they be Buddhists, Hindu, Orthodox or Atheiests. The religions in the US have shown their hand – and its not Honest.

    • Well said. The proof is in the product. The fruit. It is war, exceptionalism, vampirical feeding off the public economy, mind control, guilt, and most damaging of all, the ardent belief in a Satan devil. This pernicious insistence that a Devil exists is the same type of mind game as terrorism. Christians have no enemies they themselves did not create through bloodlust, fear, and obvious lack of a spiritual product. Pious fraud is based on the empathic notion that the people Need something to cling to, and why shouldn’t we let them. The answer is because it will lead to illegitimate wars based on solving invisible differences. And here we are.

  10. Also this text can serve to the Shia Muslims and their defensive strategies for defending their faith because they have here layed out historic examples of what happens to a fraction of faith (in this example the Orthodox Christianity) when it becomes the voice of reason and truth. For the USA war machine Orthodox or Shia is just like a different type of candy or caramel they do not prefer to taste. And the war was/is aimed to provoke retaliation, one to which Orthodox have succumbed during the 20th century, and now the Shia are being done the same so there is an opportunity for them to learn from what happened to the Orthodox. Sunni I am afraid have swallowed the war bait to the fullest, and Catholics well I don’t have a word for their naiveness and easy going. Jews are not the enemy and have never been, only the war is enemy. If Sunni and Shia would collaborate to the full you think that USA and Israel could rape and pillage the Middle East? Not in a million years.

  11. This is a good text. I wonder how nobody of the cardinals or other prominents of the Catholic church has never come to an idea to excommunicate anybody from the NATO ranks especially those who swear Christian or Catholic and call upon “Christian ideals for waging war, especially in the 21st century where it is visible from skies of the NATO crimes against humanity. That is absolutely incredible and Catholics are living in a dream land.

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