Russia may be supplying the Taliban: NATO commander


[Editor’s note: The Russians have been quick to deny these allegations and I tend to believe them – as usual, the NATO anti-Russian rhetoric is not supported by any proffered evidence. In Afghanistan, the government installed by the US and it’s allies is increasingly powerless, it controls Kabul, or most of it, but the rest of the country is a patchwork of tribal and warlord controlled zones.

The US and NATO still have a presence of course, but it is in order to oversee and protect the opium production and the exploitation of the natural resources, primarily the numerous rare earth minerals found in the country. None of this benefits Afghanistan or it’s people, who continue to suffer an unstable, violent and impoverished situation while the foreign powers take all the profits.

The US is experiencing a colossal epidemic of heroin use – middle school children across the nation have been found to be carrying straws and piece of foil to chase the dragon, it is an unprecedented level of use and the heroin has never been purer or less expensive. All of this is thanks to the CIA and the US military and their Afghani opium production.

The Taliban are bitterly opposed to the growing of the poppy for opium, they brought production to a halt in the 90s, before the US invaded and the industry grew to heights never before seen, therefore the Taliban are a direct threat to the CIAs main occupation – drug dealing. That in itself explains why the US continues to be at war with the Taliban and there is no prospect of peace. Ian]

World Bulletin
Russia may be supplying the Taliban: NATO commander

Russia is “perhaps” supplying the Taliban as they fight US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, a top US general said Thursday.

“I have seen the influence of Russia of late — an increased influence — in terms of association and perhaps even supply to the Taliban,” Scaparrotti told the Senate Armed Services Committee, without elaborating.

NATO troops have been fighting in Afghanistan since a US-led invasion in late 2001, following the September 11 attacks.

About 13,000 NATO service members are in Afghanistan, the bulk of them American, under its Resolute Support training mission.

Scaparrotti’s comment goes one step further than remarks last month by General John Nicholson, the US commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Nicholson testified that Russia is giving the Taliban encouragement and diplomatic cover in order to undermine US influence and to defeat NATO, but he did not address whether Russia is supplying the Islamist insurgents.

The United States in the 1980s supplied the Mujahideen, parts of which ultimately became the Taliban, with high-tech weapons as they battled the Soviet Union.

After more than 15 years of war, US generals say the Afghanistan conflict is stuck in a “stalemate,” with the Taliban continuing to carry broad regional influence and NATO-backed Afghan security forces struggling to make progress.

Taliban fighters captured the strategic southern district of Sangin on Thursday, another setback for Afghan forces in opium-rich Helmand province ahead of the spring fighting season.

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  1. Once again, if Russian influence is involved in defeating the Khazarian Mafia control of NATO, especially in Afghanistan, Americans owe gratitude to Russian leadership, once again. The Bush-CIA, Iran-Contra, drug-smuggling fraud, and the MKUltra influence on American thought during the Reagan-Bush administration is somewhat revealed in the “missing chapter” information.

    I wonder how the profits from the Bush-CIA-USMilitary, poppy-products-smuggling from Afghanistan is split. That might have been one of the questions posed by CPL Pat Tillman. Pat joined the army with his brother Kevin in 2002, and they served together in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pat was killed in Afghanistan on April 22, 2004, by a burst of 3 rounds to the forehead, within a 3″ circle, from a distance of about 30 feet. He planned to exit the USArmy and reveal the Bush family fraud in Afghanistan. One wonders if the assassin were subsequently removed to preclude his testimony?

    • No, there are not many General Frederick M. Franks around, but suckups to Bush Sr. and McCain, such as Colin Powell and Norman Schwarzkopf abound. The extensive wiki article on Schwarzkopf does an excellent job of sanitizing faulty military actions and history of destructive temper outbursts by Schwarzkopf. The soldier history of Schwarzkopf is magnified in a manner that memorializes the destructive aggressions of George H. W. Bush, suppressing Bush´s destruction and division of Viet Nam. The millions of innocent Viet Namese folk murdered, the thousands of American soldiers killed by Bush´s fraudulent action, and the many American soldiers of Viet Nam who remain alive, yet suffering from their physical and mental trauma, are overlooked. Just as George H. W. Bush would have it written.

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