VIDEO: Militants claim 150 Syrian soldier casualties in single TOW strike in rural Hama


[Editor’s note: The TOW missile used by the ‘rebels’ in this video is the product of the Raytheon Corporation, it will have been smuggled into Syria recently, either from Turkey or from Jordan, supplied by the US, paid for by Saudi Arabia.

It is the possession of advanced weaponry like this that has enabled the various ‘opposition’ (in reality, mercenary terrorists) to take on the Syrian Army and its Iranian and Hezbollah allies and to have sustained this conflict for a full 6 years now. As long as weapons like these and mercenaries to use them keep being injected into the conflict, there is little prospect of it ending.

We must also point out that the Syrian Army and Hezbollah troops on the receiving end here committed a grave act of incompetence, indicating they are not well trained. Any grunt should well know that congregating in the open in an area where the enemy may well be present is just asking to get stomped on by mortar, artillery, airstrike or in this case, state of the art wired-guided missile. Ian]

Al-Masdar News
VIDEO: Militants claim 150 Syrian soldier casualties in single TOW strike in rural Hama

Jaish al-Izza militants fighting in rural northern Hama have released a video of achieving a direct hit on Syrians Army soldiers.

In their media release, they claimed that over 150 casualties were sustained from the TOW missile attack that occurred on the Maarzaf front.

They claimed that Hezbollah were also in the gathering that sustained that shock attack.

However, Al-Masdar News correspondent, Ibrahim Joudeh, has disputed the figure made by the militants and said the casualty number is closer to about 20 Syrian Army soldiers.

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  1. Only body count could tell if the number doesn’t have some FOX news umpteenph enlargement. Normally, shaped charges (HEAT) don’t have the blast effect as a high explosive (HE) Shell which, in comparison
    it has approximately the same explosive weight as a 120mm round. regular TOW misiles with a HEAT charge cannot have enough lethal radii to inflict damage beyond certain distance, which in this case,
    as the video shows, were scattered personnel.

  2. The 150 casualty number is from militants, even the correspondent says the number is closer to 20. Where do you get the notion Ian made this statement? I should be more careful with the word fool, were I you. Ian’s statements are in blue, the headline reflects the militants(‘militants claim’) statements.

  3. I can’t believe after all they’ve been through that this can happen. What was the distance? 2 Kms at most and not a single scout looking out.

    • At least 2km.
      12 sec. flight time
      187.5 m/s average speed to maximum range target. max speed 280m/s
      187.5 m/s x 12 = 2250

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