David Rockefeller Was a New World Order Agent

David Rockefeller

…by Jonas E. Alexis


David Rockefeller, the only survival grandchild of John D. Rockefeller, admitted quite frankly in his Memoirs:

“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty and I am proud of it.”[1]

The simple question is this: how did the Rockefellers themselves go about conspiring with others and projecting the New World Order ideology on much of the world? Well, John D. Rockefeller in particular strongly believed in Darwin’s survival of the fittest. As one writer puts it, John

“was able to demonstrate that what was good for civilization was also good for business—and vice versa. The large corporation that grew by swallowing up its smaller competitors was merely exhibiting the law of the ‘survival of the fittest…’”[2]

Had it not been for Darwin’s “survival of the fittest,” which was and still is a crucial element when talking about capitalism, Darwin’s theory would have been thrown in the trashcan of history long ago. But the oligarchs quickly realized that Darwin was simply providing “intellectual” ammunition for their greed and lust. So they ended up defending Darwin. As philosopher James Rachels puts it, Darwin’s theory was picked up by the capitalists and they used it as “an ethical precept that sanctioned cutthroat economic competition.”[3] One scholar noted:

“The theory of natural selection, it is said, could only have originated in England, because only laissez-faire England provided the atomistic, egotistic mentality necessary to its conception. Only there could Darwin have blandly assumed that the basic unit was the individual, the basic instinct self-interest, and the basic activity struggle.

“Spengler, describing the Origin as: ‘the application of economics to biology,’ said that it reeked of the atmosphere of the English factory . . . natural selection arose . . . in England because it was a perfect expression of Victorian ‘greed-philosophy’ of the capitalist ethic and Manchester economics.”[4]

Both Julian Huxley and H. B. D. Kittlewell agreed that Darwin’s theory “led to the glorification of free enterprise, laissez-faire economics and war, to an unscientific eugenics and racism…”[5]

The Rockefellers just indicate that Darwinism does play a role in bringing about the New World Order ideology, which is fundamentally based on strife, greed, and lust. Darwin’s entire project was doomed to fail precisely because he deliberately excluded morality from his weltanschauung. (We will pick this theme up in the summer in an article entitled, “Darwin Meets Aristotle, Kant, and Hegel.”)

Darwin could never solve the moral dilemma without abandoning his metaphysical premise. He therefore had to live in blatant contradictions. To this very day, his intellectual children are still morally and intellectually crippled by his worldview. These people are still toe-dancing around Darwin’s obvious contradictions because some of them, sad to say, do not want to think or do not want to abandon a morally and intellectually repugnant idea.

These people use morality to debunk Zionism, but they people love Darwin and modern Darwinists, who say that morality is an illusion! Philosopher of science Michael Ruse again meant it when he said:

“Morality is a biological adaptation no less than are hands and feet and teeth . . . . Considered as a rationally justifiable set of claims about an objective something, ethics is illusory. I appreciate that when somebody says ‘Love they neighbor as thyself,’ they think they are referring above and beyond themselves . . . . Nevertheless such reference is truly without foundation. Morality is just an aid to survival and reproduction, . . . and any deeper meaning is illusory . . .”[6]

Ruse went on to posit elsewhere that “Morality is flimflam.”[7]

Now how can Darwinists seriously go about criticizing Zionism using morality when morality doesn’t exist? Obviously one needn’t be an intellectual to realize that this is generally dumb. If people cannot see that this is just mumbo jumbo, then we have to say that they are being dishonest and that have no place in any serious discussion, particularly when dealing with Zionism.


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  1. Jonas, I seem to remember a great deal of argument some years ago about this “survival of the fittest” quote. One one side it was said that Darwin never said that, and that the entire thing was a twisted perversion of his work. The other side was that he was arguing for it.

    The actual quote was a bastardization used to justify the unstoppable greed of a gilded age oligarch. You may want to check into that background instead of simply using (or being used) what could be a big lie.

    CLUE: who is really into big lies?

  2. It is an obscenity that we operate on a multi trillion deficit but do not tax churches who own some of the most valuable property in any city of the U.S. Let’s tax these churches. Frankly most of them are little more than ruses anyway. This should pay off the debt quickly. Church is big business today. Let us stop giving these con artists a free ride.

    • Two 15 year old kids were jumping roofs in NY; they lost and one died with the other nearly dead. Let’s teach kids the laws of physics first and religion last and teach them that one violates the laws of physics at one’s peril. If they had, these kids might be alive and well today. All the sorrow and sympathy in the world won’t bring their lives back; but if they had followed the laws of physics both would be alive and well today. Ignorance is a dangerous thing.

  3. American Christianity does not choose its priests at all. Instead, con men and opportunists seek any deviation to create their own brand and enrichment. They allow the least of them the opportunity to interpret a book compiled by Catholicism. Thus, they break into mobs, seclusive and self serving, needing their own building, brand and identity, yet perpetuating the lack of true honesty in giving that exists in the hearts of the people. In this way, it is demonstrated, that people left alone to follow their own will or instinct, will always have more morality based wisdom than any gathering of social clubs that seek to profit from others search for the divine. If the Cathedrals need money, then every penny is taken from the poor. Perhaps it can be said, no, the rich gave it, but the poor is how the rich get rich. Under the rules of science, every person who believes in that book compilation, is Catholic. And the Catholic authority is the number one war crime suspect since early in the mellenia.

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