London Terrorist Attack

An armed police officer stands on Whitehall the morning after an attack by a man driving a car and weilding a knife left five people dead and dozens injured, in London, Britain, March 23, 2017. REUTERS/Neil Hall

Nobody in the States should suppose for one moment that a serious investigation is underway in the UK into the London Terrorist Attack. Apart from anything else the ‘investigation’ is being led by the Metropolitan Police, the same corrupt and badly-penetrated organisation which let the ISIS-affiliated Anglo-Nigerian Islamist terrorist Khalid Masood into the precincts of the Palace of Westminster in the first place.

I say “Anglo-Nigerian” as Masood was a dual national of the United Kingdom, via the jus soli, and the Federal Republic of Nigeria, via the jus sanguinis. How many times have I warned about the dangers of not deporting dual nationals convicted of serious criminal offenses or with terrorist affiliations?

Within days of the attack the police announced that Masood was a ‘lone actor’. The investigation, such as it was, led by Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, promoted for fouling up the Tia Sharp murder enquiry, which was farcical even by the Met’s miserably low standards, has been opened and shut. The police are not of course bothering to answer the questions of why they let an armed Islamist terrorist into the Palace of Westminster in the first place, allowed him to murder one of their unarmed colleagues, PC Keith Palmer, and then failed to shoot the terrorist.

Masood was very properly shot by the Secretary of State for Defence’s protection officers, who I assume were SAS. The ‘Met’ are not exactly straight-shooters at the best of times and would scarcely have hit the target at that distance, let alone with three rounds in swift succession. We are asked to believe that the SAS just chanced to be in the vicinity at the same time as an Islamist terrorist was attempting to gain entry to the Palace of Westminster.

We are also asked to believe that the said terrorist just happened by chance to be attempting entry just as the gates had been opened for the acting Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Craig Mackey, head of the same police force which participated in an act of attempted regicide by permitting access to the Queen’s bedchamber at Buckingham Palace in 1982 (Kings and Queens of England don’t have bedrooms – They have bedchambers!). (Disgracefully, not a single Met officer was executed for High Treason after the failed attempt to assassinate Her Majesty.)

We are also asked to believe that Masood chanced to be at the Palace of Westminster at the same time as the Prime Minister, Theresa May, precisely one week before she was due to hand Britain’s Notice of Denunciation of the European Union to the President of the European Council, and only a matter of days before EU leaders were due to gather in Rome to ‘celebrate’ the signing of the Treaty of Rome.

We are also asked to believe that the pro-EU former Polish Foreign Minister, Radek Sikorski, a nice chap as it happens, just happened to be wandering across Westminster Bridge as the attack was going down, not that I am suggesting that he was in the loop. We are also asked to believe that it is a coincidence that the expectations of EU leaders were building in the week prior to the attack that Brexit would not happen, something I suspect that CIA Heads of Station across Europe were picking up. We are also asked to believe that it is a coincidence that when the EU leaders eventually met they were deflated.

The technical term in the Intelligence Community (INTELCOM) for this type of arrant nonsense is “bollocks”. In the past week, we in Britain have been treated to the biggest load of official bollocks since the assertion of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, backed by the Foreign Office, then effectively a branch of the German Foreign Ministry, under the direction of the notorious Abwehr agent Sir Robert Vansittart, that our community partner Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler was a partner for peace.

Who Was The Primary Target?

My preliminary analysis is that the primary target was Prime Minister Theresa May, that the operation was directed by Germany’s GO2 from Vauxhall Cross and that the encrypted communication from the terrorist, minutes before the attack commenced, was the signal that the gates to the Palace of Westminster were open and that the primary target was still in the building.


It is also my analysis that the communication was intercepted by those nice people the NSA at RAF Menwith Hill and passed on, on an emergency basis, to the Intelligence Corps, who were able to alert the SAS, who were then able to take the terrorist down, very efficiently if I may say so. (Apparently Masood didn’t enjoy being shot, which is odd, given that he wanted to assassinate the British Prime Minister.) As I explained last week, the NSA have established a good working relationship with the Intelligence Corps, one of whose former directors is known to me.

In my analysis, the larger of the two knives was to be used to saw poor Theresa May’s head off. This is a known ISIS mode of execution and Masood was handy with a knife, used to inflicting terrible injuries up close and personal, and well-used to ignoring the pleas of his victims.

As we all know, having your head sawn off can be very irritating. Since this was a German-controlled operation we would expect to see something bloodthirsty – our community partner the Hun has long gone in for using terror as a psychological weapon.

Westminster Bridge

It’s only the Good Guys who ignore me! The Bad Guys pay careful attention to what I say. They know the level at which I operate, which is why they adjudge me worthy of such powder and shot, including the reckless and malicious prosecutions of me in 2014.

Each time there has been a so-called ‘lone wolf’ terrorist attack involving a terrorist being driven to the scene of an atrocity in a motor vehicle, I have pointed out that there had to be a driver. CCTV coverage in Westminster is such that getting away with two terrorists in the rented Korean SUV would have been difficult in any event.

Either way (and very few of my fellow commentators have seen through the lone wolf deception) my analysis is that Wednesday demonstrated the hazards of putting a terrorist about to launch a suicide attack in charge of a heavy motor vehicle. I don’t believe that the GO2 plan called for pedestrians to be mown down on Westminster Bridge at random. The people murdered by Masood, whilst being perfectly nice and innocent, were not high value targets. My analysis is that Masood was shaking so violently and seeing so poorly that he lost control of what is not a particularly easy vehicle to handle at the best of times, with its antiquated Korean suspension and high center of gravity. (Perhaps GO2 should have splashed out on a Range Rover!).

I think the intent was for Masood to drive the SUV through the gates the police were holding open for him. I also suspect that Masood was intended to rendezvous inside the building with one or more GO2 assets, probably serving police officers, who would provide armed back-up and lead him to Theresa May.

The Attempted Murder Prosecution

One of the knife attacks carried out by Masood led, very properly, to a prosecution for attempted murder. He stabbed someone in the face so violently, the knife went through the nose and cut the victim’s tongue. This vicious slashing attack was a section 18 offence (wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm) at the very lowest, yet the jury acquitted, to the evident surprise of the learned trial judge.

The acquittal can best be explained by jury-nobbling, which is usually down to GO2. They can not only influence juries to convict, as in my case and that of my friend Ashley Mote, a former UKIP Member of the European Parliament, but to acquit as well. That would have given them a lifetime hold over Masood. They needed a Moslem who was a religious nutter, physically strong, violent, bloodthirsty and over whom they had a hold. A junior terrorist would have been no good for an assassination attempt on the Prime Minister.

PC Keith Palmer

on Amazon

The failure to make an immediate, posthumous award of the George Cross to this courageous officer is telling. Honors are in practice controlled from the Cabinet Office.

The failure to recommend such an obviously merited award to the Palace within 24 hours is suggestive of Cabinet Office disappointment that this bloody attempt to stop Brexit and keep the United Kingdom within the German orbit failed.

As I explain in Spyhunter the Cabinet Office was a German-inspired creation in 1916, the brainchild of our community partner Max Warburg, head of the Imperial German Secret Service. It is heavily penetrated by GO2, which maintains intelligence files on all Cabinet Office officials.


Effect of My Analysis

The effect of my analysis, from which I do not shrink, is that the attack was an Act of War by the Federal Republic of Germany against Her Majesty, such as to justify Her Majesty’s Government in issuing an ultimatum to Germany requiring the closing down of its covert Deutscher Verteidigungs Dienst intelligence agency within 24 hours, failing which a State of War would exist between Her Majesty and the Federal Republic of Germany.

In my opinion, HE the German Ambassador should be expelled, our Ambassador should be withdrawn from Berlin, the Royal Navy should be ordered to War Stations, the Defence of the Realm Act should be activated and all German nationals of military age should be ordered to leave the United Kingdom in default of internment. The United Kingdom should denounce the Washington Treaty and withdraw from both the EU and NATO on an emergency basis.

Effectively the time has come to move from a peaceful Brexit to an armed Brexit. If, which may yet be avoided, Britain and Germany do go to war over the failed German attempt to stop Brexit by assassinating the Prime Minister, I would respectfully encourage the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus to resume the wartime Grand Alliance and enter the war on the Allied side, deploying three Shock Armies to attack Germany across the Oder and South-Eastern Fronts.

The northern Shock Army should attack on the Danzig (Gdansk)-Hamburg axis to assist in the blockade of German ports by the Royal and Russian Navies. The central Shock Army should have as its objective the German capital Berlin and the southern Shock Army should aim for Dachau (DVD HQ) and Munich. Dachau of course is the black heart of Germany and the most evil place on the planet, even more evil than Chicago.

I would encourage the Republic of Poland to grant Russian and Belarussian security forces right of transit across Poland, in default of which Russian and Belarussian forces could smash their way across Polish territory, with Belarus annexing those parts of Poland which were formerly in White Russia. Russia could usefully annex the remainder of the Ukraine at the same time and bring to an end the bloody German puppet regime in Kiev, stained as it is with the innocent blood of the crew and passengers of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17.

Internal response

Clearly some Cabinet Office officials and senior police officers have questions to answer. One solution would be to adopt a valuable precedent set by our community partner SS-Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler. For this economical and speedy remedy all you need is some piano-wire, a few meat-hooks, a couple of lads from the SAS and a squaddie with a mop and bucket.

You hang one or two of the suspects, at an SAS facility, from the meat-hooks using the piano-wire, making sure the rest have a video-feed, so they can watch, with a soundtrack, so that they can hear any observations the condemned police officers and civil servants may wish to make whilst they are being hanged. The survivors can then be asked whether there is anything they wish to add to their statements.

The advantages of this procedure are that you can obtain a valuable intelligence yield, including the names of the co-conspirators. It also leads to a valuable saving of court time and scarce court resources, and is within the spirit of recent encouragement from the Master of the Rolls for parties to settle their differences by means of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

The disadvantages are that is can be upsetting for the cleaners, the confessions would arguably be on the cusp of admissibility and the Attorney-General might have some legal issues. I intend no offense at all to Jeremy Wright when I say that he has acquired a bit of a reputation within the profession for nit-picking.

On balance, whilst Heinrich’s idea has much to commend it, it is not one which I could properly recommend to Downing Street, to whom I am forwarding a copy of this article as a courtesy.


Urgent Reforms

Responsibility for Royal and Diplomatic Protection should be handed over to the Army. The Metropolitan Police are manifestly unfit to discharge it. The Palace of Westminster should have its own constabulary, drawn from retired members of the Armed Forces and led by a gentleman, not some thick thug from the lower social orders, no offense to any serving Chief Constable or Metropolitan Police Commissioner intended.

Counter-terrorism should no longer be a police responsibility either. The police lack both the integrity and intelligence to deal with what is a complex area. It’s high time police bungling over terrorism was stopped – the idiot rozzers, no offense intended, managed to get through a terrorist campaign against the IRA lasting 30 years without once grasping that the IRA were being directed from Germany, one reason no doubt why Martin McGuiness, who didn’t know about them until recently, was assassinated this week by GO2.

We urgently need to restore the death penalty for the offences of murder and High Treason. Parliament should look at bringing in the holders of all the Great Offices of State, including the Prime Minister, within the purview of the Treason Act 1351. The death penalty should be made retrospective to March 1st 2017, which would mean denouncing the idiotic European Convention on Human Rights, no bad thing. Clearly, readers may agree, some Cabinet Office officials and senior police officers could usefully be hanged, albeit nicely.


ISIS should of course be hammered without mercy. British ground troops should be re-committed to Iraq.

Project Camelot

For those interested in my broadcast on this topic:



The other big events of the week were the collapse of the Administration’s policies on Iran and health care, and the welcome death, no offense intended, of the DVD’s David Rockefeller, who should have been fried by you guys for treason in World War II, along with his hated father.

It was no surprise to me that ObamaCare Lite, the silly little bill drawn up by Speaker Ryan and Chief of Staff Priebus, had to be pulled from the floor of the House. It was a joke, as was the partisan Congressional Budget Office’s claim about the number of people who would miss out on health care, a claim which failed to differentiate between Americans and illegal aliens.

Priebus (C)

Priebus has to go. It is no surprise that the Administration finds itself needing Democrat votes on the Hill. Aside from the capable Attorney-General, an honorable man, the President, with respect, has failed to appoint a single serious conservative. The final blow for many conservatives was probably the disastrous decision of the failing Secretary of State, who with respect is more out of his depth than some of his oil-wells, to recommend that blithering idiot John Sullivan as Deputy Secretary of State, no offense intended.

All true conservatives were hoping that my old friend John Bolton would get the job. Insulting John by not offering a senior appointment was about the worst thing President Trump could have done, with respect.

Serious conservative players are already starting to write off the Trump Administration. As long as Priebus stays the discontent will grow. Reince is known to be viscerally anti-British and will almost certainly be able to wreck the proposed Anglo-American free trade deal. Indeed, as long as Priebus controls the White House, there is little point British officials committing much time and effort to the negotiations.

You will probably find the British Conservative Government rowing away from the Administration. The trade talks will most likely be assigned to junior ministers, or peripheral figures with time on their hands, like Boris Johnson. They are no longer viewed as serious negotiations in London. It’s sad, but there it is. Germany has long been opposed to Anglo-American free trade and her political assets in Washington continue to have a veto.

Movie review: Life (2017, dir. Daniel Espinosa)

This rather good sci-fi movie starring the capable Jake Gyllenhaal, was released to theaters in the UK on Friday. I recommend it.

It’s a cut above your usual alien movie, in that there is at least an attempt to be scientific and it’s set in the International Space Station. Like all movies about aliens it is let down in the end by an improbable plot, but it’s well executed. It is after all a movie, not a science program. In fairness the plot is a lot more credible than the lone wolf nonsense being touted by the police and MSM for the London Terrorist Attack.

Production values are high and the movie is both well-directed and acted. Not sure it’ll get an Oscar, but it wouldn’t be an unfair award. I won’t spoil the plot by revealing the twist at the end, even though it’s fairly predictable. Let me just say that there isn’t a happy ending.

Naming an evil alien after the useless President Coolidge was a stroke of genius, however, although it would surely have been better to have named him Barack, after the only alien ever to occupy the White House.



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