Israel Demonising Lebanon & Hezbollah as Prelude to War?


[Editor’s note: This is just the latest in a series of fraudulent news stories emanating from Israel with the intent of demonising both the nation of Lebanon and the Hezbollah movement that is based there. 

The source of this story – DEBKA, has long been known as an Israeli disinfo op, guilty of such egregious crimes against honesty and purveyor of such ludicrous propaganda that we have considered it little more than a comedy site.

Of course, ISIS is not moving to Lebanon, there is not one shred of truth in this entire story, it is pure, unadulterated Israeli bullshit.

We have to ask why all the fake news attacking both Lebanon and Hezbollah and the answer is to be found in Israeli domestic political affairs; Bibi Netanyahu finds himself beset by police investigations into very serious allegations of corruption and other crimes, there is a very real possibility that he will be indicted and removed from office.

In order to save his own ass, Bibi appears to be preparing to launch a third Lebanon-Israel war and this stream of anti-Lebanon, anti-Hezbollah propaganda is an attempt to lay down a foundation of justification to underpin the military assault Bibi is planning. Ian]

Israeli-American Intelligence: ISIS is turning toward Lebanon to take control over Tripoli and Sidon!

Some Israeli-American experts estimated that while the American, Russian and Syrian forces are moving to the east of Syria to attack ISIS organization, the latter is heading west toward Lebanon.

The experts also mentioned that the military helicopters of the American Air force moved on Thursday and Friday Arab-Kurdish forces to Euphrates River, who occupied five towns while it worked on pushing ISIS fighters in Northwestern of Syria away from Raqqa which is considered the Capital of the Organization.

In this scope, the experts explained that, Abou Bakr Al Baghdadi, ISIS leader and the military leaders of the organization, notified the fighters who were fighting within various units in Syria and Iraq last week, that in case they didn’t succeed in controlling their sites and they had to withdraw, they will have to stop moving toward eastern Syria and western Iraq, and turn west toward northern Lebanon.

ISIS taking control over Lebanon

“Debka” The Israeli website claimed last week that the U.S. Intelligence agency sent warning letters to the Lebanese President Michel Aoun, comprising details over the plan of ISIS to try to take control on some regions in Lebanon.

It also explained that some of the reasons that push ISIS organization to move toward Lebanon is their weak government and army, in addition to the disputes between the Shia and the Sunna. The experts also noted that two regions that ISIS is planning to control are Tripoli and Sidon since the two have a sea port which help ISIS forces to communicate with one another through the sea.

The Israeli website ended its report by saying that ISIS estimates that the Russian or American forces will arrive to their strongholds in Syria and Iraq therefore they will be moving to Lebanon due to the fact that no one will resist them there due to the military and political situation, and that no foreign army will invade Lebanon to fight them.

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  1. When is this investigation going to result in the arrest of BiBi? How will they deal with his forty bodyguards? Things are moving too slowly. The world can’t wait to see him behind bars.

  2. ISIS going to Lebanon is fully understandable. Israel has armed, trained, comforted and concealed ISIS as its poxy and proxy terrorist wing in the near collapse and continuing chaos of Syria. To move ISIS ostensibly to the safe-haven of the Lebanon hills to avoid defeat in the imminent demise of Raqqa is quite feasible, yet also, a fond delusion out of the Israeli book of deception. Will ISIS now be expected to emulate in Lebanon what they succeeded in doing in Iraq and Syria? And why not when Israel can provide unimpeded, round-the-clock air cover without the fear of Russian intervention. Not only would Israel provide air cover, they will be free to destroy at will, any and all infrastructure – civil and military. A win-win situation for Israel – no boots on the ground and Bibi makes sure everyone sleeps soundly in their beds. To pre-empt this scenario, Michel Aoun, President of Lebanon might do well to seek advice from Putin and extend an open invitation to defend Lebanon’s national sovereignty from clearly intended Israeli aggression, aided and abetted by its ghoulish, terrorist brothers-in-arms.

  3. The same ISIS that they fly cover for against Syrian forces, the same ISIS jihadis that they provide medical care and the same ISIS jihadis that they’ve been caught inside Syria and Iraq commanding, coordinating and supporting numerous times.

    Now ISIS wants to attack Israel….ya sure. Since when has Al Qaeda, Nusra, ISIS et al, ever attacked Israel?

    • In “Protocols” isn’t there some instructions to overwhelm people with extensive analysis and what action should be taken from every side involved, complete confusion is created, and no solution is ever achieved, except by them?

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