The Debate – US nuclear weapons policy

Does anyone else get the idea that he really doesn’t have a real grasp of all this stuff, and is just faking it?

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  … with Press TV,  Tehran

These are the somewhat air-dropped, outdated big tactical nukes

[ Note: The shadow boxing on allowed weapons systems, including nuclear, their testing and deployment, has been with us for a long time. All kinds of games are being played to block those who don’t have them from getting any, so that those who have the weapons can “encourage” others to follow a certain geopolitical and economic program preferred by the exceptional “uni-polar” superpower.

This ended up being the policy that Obama got his affirmation action Nobel Peace Prize for when he had done nothing to earn it, and had a pretty poor record while in office, other than bringing in an extremely difficult Iran nuclear deal. VT supported him all the way on that.

I never hear a guest on any of these programs mention how important the US first-strike policy is brought in under Clinton, with the NeoCon crew, as the driving force behind it. All of these nuclear experts seem to know nothing about use of mini-nukes, despite our volume of articles on the topics.

Those getting paid via government-funded contracts usually have “no go” areas, if they want to keep their jobs. When you bring up these red-line areas, they act like their earplug went dead, and they did not hear you. I have never had one contact me after a show to ask for any our of past material. 

Are they part of the fake news establishment? I would have to say so, because the biggest security threat in the pipeline is a US with its first-strike policy armed with hypersonic cruise missiles with mini-nuke warheads that have a variety of deployment vehicles, from subs to B-2s, to F-16s and Aegis destroyers, or even disguised platforms, which I will not mention.

They are the perfect decapitation strike weapon to attempt knocking out someone’s retaliatory strike capability, which means that quick decisions would be have to made to launch what you had, before it was all destroyed. This is an illogical “defense” policy, as any advantage one has will encourage potential targets to deploy an equivalent version as soon as they can JD ]

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– First published  …  March 26, 2017 –

 The Debate – US nuclear weapons policy – Video Dailymotion

In this edition of The Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, the managing editor of Veterans Today, from Atlanta, and Jim Walsh with MIT’s Security Studies Program, from Boston, to discuss US President Donald Trump’s policy on nuclear weapons.

The Debate – US nuclear weapons policy by presstv

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Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor

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  1. Good job Jim. Not much enlightening info from the MIT expert. One can be sure we are violating the NTBT unless inspectors watch them 24/7. As you said the trigger to these horrible weapons is critical. Moreover virtually none have been tested in a real war. Imagine officer under time pressure to get shots off before the opposition destroys them as they fumble around with the nuclear codes and a computer glitch or power failure or hack shuts them down! Frankly it is likely more likely they will blow themselves up first which might not be a bad outcome. All this is disgraceful for polite conversation anyway. One can’t explode a nuclear bomb by lighting a match as with oxygen based chemical combustion. Years ago in an advanced mathematical methods of physics class the professor used his old yellowed notes from a class taught by Feynman at Cornell in 1948. We learned how to calculate the critical size of a neutron bomb as a problem. This stuff is in textbooks.

    • If and when some fool starts a nuclear war, it is a virtual certainty that the U.S. Homeland will no longer be immune from attack as they have been so lucky to avoid for so long before 9/11/01 since the Civil War . Americans are not prepared. How about fall out shelters, water, power, food, etc.? They wouldn’t dare talking about them would they? Trump could very well be that fool.

    • The VT editors should dig up the old ad used to demolish Goldwater when he ran for president. The little girl pulling petals off a flower until suddenly BOOM! This ad could easily be modified to Trumpty Dumpty. This was one of the most effective ads in history.

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