Pravda: Ukraine indignant at 80% of Jews in power

Editor’s note:  There is much more to this Pravda story than meets the eye.  Savchenko was held prisoner in Russia for some time as a Ukrainian pilot accused of war crimes.  There, she was a model of defiance.  We are still trying to find a way to explain Ukraine, its move from the Russian sphere by a staged coup where so many hands are involved:
  • Certainly Victorial Nuland and her Neocon family the Kagan’s, whose neanderthal Cold War drum beating at the Institute for the Study of War is tiresome at best.
  • Israel and Turkey are, as Savchenko almost gets, are colonizing Ukraine, economically at least, turning it into a slave state.
  • Then there are the alt-right Nazi types, who are doing the fighting, the useful idiots who march into slavery, just like so many did in the US.
Pravda: The Ukrainian MP Nadiya Savchenko has created yet another scandal. Speaking with the News One TV Channel she claimed that the Jewish yoke, which is evidenced in Ukraine today, should be fought against.

The case is that a Russian-speaking woman posed her a question during live broadcast: ‘Nadya, why doesn’t anyone speak about what is discussed among people? Being at a bus station, I heard a man and an old woman talking: the Bible says that Tatar-Mongol, Polish yokes were in Ukraine, now a Jewish one is in place. Why do you silence that?’

Savchenko thanked her for a good question, and said, ‘Our authorities really have non-Ukrainian blood. One can speak about this, but what can be done with this? We should think and act!’ the MP claimed.

Then Savchenko explained that ‘under 2% of the Jews who reside in Ukraine, about 80% of the Jews are in power’. These are Groysman, Valtsman, Yuliya Tymoshenko, Beryoza, Logvinskiy and so on.

Yuriy Kanner, President of the Russian Jewish Congress, has commented Pravda.Ru on the issue.

The situation is difficult. The case is not only about statements, everything is much deeper. Monuments are constantly demolished there by the ‘wind’, as well as memorials to the Holocaust victims, marauding acts at the cemeteries. There are a lot of such acts. Beside that, there are leaders of some Jewish organizations in Ukraine, who support this theme. Jews are allegedly guilty. National armistice is needed. I relate this to fight for votes, share among voters. Politicians still actively discuss a historical moment, when a Jewish man shot down Petlyura at a restaurant in 1920s.

Let us see what this will generate in Ukraine. They say of a yoke because of a PM of Jewish descent. Russia has also had state leaders of Jewish decent for the latest 25 years. In particular, Primakov is the most famous one. But this has not ever sparked any anti-Semitic anger, which happens in Russia.

Our MPs have delivered such statements: Milonov, Tolstoy… But then they apologized.

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4 Replies to “Pravda: Ukraine indignant at 80% of Jews in power

  1. Ukraine was once part of Khazaria, the true homeland of European Talmudia, where the Khagan Bulan converted a nation of roughly 20 million Tangri-ists to Babylonian Talmudic Judaism in 740 ad. For Ukraine’s sake, I hope these Babylonian barbarians are not planning another mass exodus, this time back to khazaria. If they are, I hope it fails miserably.

  2. The media are too scared to point out that the 2014 coup d’etat in the Ukraine installed a Jewish government.

    This was an incredibly stupid move for the Jews. The Ukraine is the home of the Cossacks. Also they have the history of mass deaths at the hands of the Jewish Russian Bolsheviks in the 1930s.

    If there is one country that will stand to be governed by a Jewish oligarchy I would say it was the Ukraine. I just hope the denouement is not bloody.

  3. the problem is :European Jews are not Semites. In truth they are not Jews at all but Talmudists disguised as Jews.
    So now the darling of the Ukraine is treading on dangerous ground talking about Jewish dominence in the government. Welcome to the club, b****! Just who do you believe you were serving? Your countrymen? Once again the Ukraine continues its long spiral into oblivion. The only remaining question is: just what’s going to happen if and when the Ukrainian people figure out what’s been done to them and who was behind it?
    As for the Kagans, there is a way to take care of that problem.
    If you catch my drift.

  4. People that have spent some time in Prison get a very clear look at the outside environment and with all the free time to think – one gets a very realistic course in – Life. Most don’t come out like Tymoshenko did and still have to close a billion dollars waiting. Ms. Savchenko has learned alot since Donbass and is becoming an interesting Ukrainian out-spokeswoman.

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