Is Steve Bannon plotting another 9/11?


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

All sources on “Trump’s brain” Steve Bannon agree on one thing: Bannon wasn’t particularly interested in politics until September 11th, 2001.

Since then, they say, Bannon has been on an Islamophobic rampage.

Bannon is terrified that Islam is rising and the West, as Spengler foretold, is declining. He wants an all-out “civilizational war” against Islam and Muslims.

But something here does not compute.

Bannon is a smart guy. He has been called “the best-read man in Washington, DC.” And he is fully aware of “conspiratorial” analyses of current events. In fact, he is credited as the main force “mainstreaming conspiracy theories.”

Could Steve Bannon, the “best-read man in Washington,” have somehow missed the dozens and dozens of first-rate books, many published by some of the world’s leading academic presses, shredding the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 and revealing it as an inside job?

Does Bannon really believe that the three New York skyscrapers committed suicide by exploding into dust at near-free-fall acceleration due to relatively minor office fires? Can he actually believe that pilots who couldn’t fly Cessna training aircraft performed amazing feats of piloting to hit extremely difficult targets at absurdly improbable speeds? Does he really think that shrimpy little “muscle hijackers” armed with mere box-cutters magically took over commercial aircraft in some unimaginable manner that prevented the pilots from squawking the hijack code? Does he really think that the alleged 19 hijackers were somehow aboard the aircraft, despite the complete lack of every item of evidence (official passenger lists, ticket stubs, authenticated security videos, and testimony by airline employees that would have ticketed and boarded them) that the US government was obliged to provide under international law? And does he actually think those 19 patsies, who were not even on the planes, were “radical Muslims” even though they have been fully documented to have been coke-snorting, stripper-dating, gambling-junket-loving, pork-chop-relishing, Hebrew-speaking imposters?

These are just a few of the hundreds if not thousands of ridiculous official myths and legends that no intelligent, well-read person could ever believe about 9/11 – myths and legends that you would have to believe to think that Muslims, rather than the enemies of Muslims,  committed the crime of the century.

Is Bannon actually an idiot?

Maybe Bannon isn’t so smart after all. Maybe he is an idiot. Maybe he flew into a rage on 9/11 and remains so angry at Muslims that he has never looked beneath the surface of events.

But there is another, more likely possibility. Maybe Bannon isn’t stupid. Maybe he’s EVIL.

This isn’t just speculation. It is what Bannon himself is telling us. Listen to him:

‘Darth Vader. Dick Cheney. Satan. That’s Power’

The above seven-word quote speaks volumes. It suggests that Bannon understands that Dick Cheney played the role of “ultimate villain” on 9/11. That is what the two seminal books on the subject, David Ray Griffin’s The New Pearl Harbor and Mike Ruppert’s Crossing the Rubicon, prove beyond any shadow of a doubt.

It isn’t hard to understand what’s going on in Steve Bannon’s mind.

Bannon, like Oswald Spengler before him, believes Western Christian civilization is in steep decline, and that only Sparta-like militarization can at least slow the process. In Bannon’s view, the only way to militarize the West, and thus slow or perhaps even reverse its decline, was to stage a massive false flag “attack on Western civilization.” So 9/11 was a good thing; being evil like Darth Vader, Dick Cheney, and Satan is proper conduct for political leaders, who — as Michael Ledeen puts it — should periodically “enter into evil.”

“Steve is a strong militarist. He’s in love with war. It’s almost poetry to him.”  – Bannon’s former close friend and writing partner, Julia Jones

But 9/11 failed to fully militarize the US and the West. We are still too much like Athens, not enough like Sparta.

We’re going to war in the South China Sea in five to 10 years. There’s no doubt about that.” -Steve Bannon

So what would it take to put the US on total war footing, as during World War II? That is what Bannon wants. He yearns for a “fourth turning” — a war even bigger than World War II, which killed over 60 million people.

Bannon believes in authoritarian politics as preparation for a massive conflict between East and West, whether East means the Middle East or China.”  – Business Insider

Steve Bannon knows that the only way to get the “total war” situation he craves is to stage a false flag much bigger than 9/11. Then the whole “fifth column” he hates could be locked up in concentration camps. Then virtually the entire US GDP could be devoted to war. Then (in his demented imagination) the glorious Christian West could rise from the radioactive ashes to spread light and beneficence all over what is left of the planet.

Steve Bannon clearly wants to take his place on the list of his most admired leaders: Darth Vader. Dick Cheney. Satan. Maybe he even wants to upstage them. 

Bannon is undoubtedly the single most dangerous human alive today. He needs to be removed from power as quickly as possible.

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  1. Bannon is no Cheney, the idea he would be allowed to plot a 911 is ridiculous, come on Kevin, get serious.
    I definitely think if Clinton was elected there would be a 911 style false flag, probably blamed on the Russians…..I may not like Trump, but I will never join any “opposition” as it exists now, which consists of Marxist liberals, democrats, and media types. Give us a break, I used to like reading your stuff, but since this election you have lost your rational mind, you are turning into Duff junior with unproven accusations/innuendo as a basis for rational discussion. Obviously you don’t have a clue as to why Bannon is where he is, here is a hint for you, he is a witness, Trumps life insurance policy.
    If we only had the journalistic vigor to investigate anything that moves near the white house 8 years ago, maybe there would be no ISIS right now, or a second term of Obama, who was a conniving crook.
    End the Wars,
    End the Fed,
    Bring em home,
    before they’re dead.

  2. Kevin, that may be so, however, in America, religion is a business. vast telemarketing schemes in the form of televangelism has hypnotized millions into handing over their life’s savings, while at the same time these charlatans don’t believe a single word out of their mouths and there has been a number of these frauds beginning with Joseph smith. the Elmer Gantry’s of this world continue to plague humanity. Jimmy Sweigart, Jim Baker, Ted Hagard, Billy and Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson. John Hagee, the list could go on and on. None of these shysters offer anything but a fool’s hope. Redemption via the TV screen. with one scandal after another. There are 40,000 churches in America, each one proclaiming to be the final word of God. Meanwhile the spiritual health of this nation erodes into an abyss. One does not need religion , by the way, to be a moral and just person. To believe otherwise is to reject the notion than humanity cannot stand alone by itself. There are many decent, spiritual people who actually practice what was supposed to be taught in churches who in fact atheists. Does that mean they are bad people? Does it mean that all the good they do is for naught? That they are going to burn forever in a lake of fire?

    • I agree about the corrupt televangelists. And as I understand Islamic scripture, a nominally non-religious person who does good deeds is better than a nominally religious person who doesn’t. According to the Qur’an the good people are those who both (1) “keep the faith” or “have heart-centered knowledge” (alternate partial translations) AND (2) “do good, wholesome deeds.” Normally those who do good deeds must have at least a spark of knowledge in their hearts that those deeds are in fact good. So, contrary to Martin Luther, the main issue (at least for us mere humans) is people’s actions. What is in their hearts, i.e. their “faith” or “heart-knowledge,” is between them and God. So we must judge people by their actions. And indeed, many nominally non-religious people act better than many nominally religious people. Regarding the latter, the Qur’an has quite a bit to say about hypocrisy, but I will leave that for another sermon.

  3. Kevin, thanks for this insight into the dark forces at work behind the scenes in the US government (as elsewhere in the world) However your last comment about the ‘decline of Christian civilization because of the decline of the religion that informs and sustains it’ is misinformed. The truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ is still bearing fruit worldwide, despite the dark forces of ignorance and outright antipathy arrayed against it.

  4. Bannons weapon of choice is intercontinental ballistic missiles. He wants to push the button. I agree in part that the time for Islam is now, but I see it changing into a palatable form, as the people at large now have a good idea of what they would like and not like in a spiritual practice. The obvious melding and adapting or syncretism will bring new forms that are less intrusive.

  5. Déjà vu all over again? “Trump’s Brain” Steve Bannon is “Bush’s Brain” Karl Rove — on 9/11 steroids.

  6. “solution is satanic deception and destruction.”

    He is adhering to the evil code of “tell ’em what to expect” then deliver it in spades, He is displaying the bravado of the “new bully on the block”

  7. So, we are in for another Republican Zio-war carte blanche summer, first such since 2001. The Iraqi history handbooks might be referring to this era as the 40-year Colonial Great Satan age. Let’s just hope that there will be enough (or one at least) patriots left inside the FBI to plant the real terrorist/hijacker/intelligenceoperatives IDs this time together with the usual bearded fakes.

  8. Bannon is a dangerous psychopathic maniac. His push for war unlimited in the name of xtianity makes him a threat to humanity, a very dangerous threat.He should be very popular with Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, both of whom have a hard on for the end of the world.The major problem would be to get the Rethugnicans to say no to this malignant narcissist but the way things are looking the Rethugs are falling in lockstep with herr Drumpf and his plans for more war in the middle east for israel. After all Drumpf is Bibi’s poodle.
    We and the rest of the world are in very grave danger unless something is done about Bannon. The man is completely insane. he needs to be removed before he actually starts a war with Russia and China.
    Quite frankly, I don’t care how it’s done.
    The entire Drumpf administration is filled with crazed right wing totalitarian fascists.

  9. If Bannon is worried about the decline of Christianity, the reason for the decline is right in front of his face. Organized Jewry is the enemy of Christianity and the corridors of power in Washington are littered with them. As Uri told us, the only people in Israel who are more hated than the Palestinian Arabs, are the small group of “Jews for Jesus”. Where I’m from, we now say “happy holidays” instead of merry Christmas. Not because of “radical Islam”, but because of Jewish influence in politics. If Brannon is so well read, then why doesn’t he know that the Quran respects Jesus and Christian patriarchs, while the Jewish Talmud suggests Jesus was a blasphemous black magician who is in hell, boiling in hot excrement, and that his followers should be killed?
    Many suggest Bannon is a “Jew hater”, but I guess that doesn’t stop him from accepting their bribes and doing their bidding. The man always looks like someone just peeled him off the couch after a heavy night of drinking.

    • Bannon is a zionist/mossad disinfo agent. Breitbart was his main employer and he had to know that the website was set up by the zio-jews as an anti Muslim propaganda site.
      And yes, he does look like the morning after. total s***!

    • Maybe he doesn’t realize the decline of xtianity in the west is because it is a fraud and con game and people are waking up to it. Xtianity and Judaism are the two worst of the lot. The Church is an anachronism that continues to live in the 13th century. all three are murderous, racist, self indulgent institutions.

    • Actually Bannon is right that religion is central to civilization. It calls us to something far beyond the self and its petty material and egoistic concerns, and thus stimulates complex, elaborate cultural activity, like the building of mosques and cathedrals and the composing of symphonies and great books. A particular religion (or constellation of religious approaches) is the Platonic template for a given civilization. Western Christian civilization has been in decline for at least a few centuries due to the decline of the religion that informs and sustains it. Bannon is right about all of that. But he is wrong to imagine that the solution is satanic deception and destruction.

    • Good points from both of you, thank you both. Personally, I don’t consider myself a Christian, primarily because I believe much of what the religion practices and preaches is antithetical to the words attributed to Jesus in the bible. I don’t believe Jesus would identify with what has been done in his name. Most of these religious organizations have become nothing more than institutions of indoctrination. I believe Jesus would rebuke most of the churches that stand in his name. Just like Moses would likely be ashamed of those who identify with him today. A golden calf seems like peanuts compared to the Sampson option. Please don’t get me wrong, I understand that Hebrews and Jews are not synonymous, but apparently many of them do not, and that has become a problem. I don’t know a whole lot about the Quran, but if I’m not mistaken it preaches that it’s a sin to commit violence against non-combatants and the vast majority of Muslims all over the world, see what is deemed “radical Islam” as a disgrace. Self serving men seeking power have manipulated religions throughout the centuries to serve their own purposes. In many cases, the service to the self is considered satanism.

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