US Preparing for War Amid Claims to Support Assad Rule

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2 Responses to "US Preparing for War Amid Claims to Support Assad Rule"

  1. wjabbe  March 31, 2017 at 11:45 pm

    Nothing stated by anyone in the totally corrupt US government can be believed period. They are all liars , cheaters and scoundrels who operate in secret and do as they please out of any citizen control. M. Assad: Some advice: Do not believe a word of this BS. America is an international outlaw today. Shameful disgrace. Boycott the US military.
    Do not join up under any conditions.

  2. roger  March 31, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    Assad: watch out! Notwithstanding being Turkey a NATO member that supported, trained and infiltrated ISIS, Erdogan was almost ousted by a US sponsored coup. Only a fool could trust US and not expecting backstabbing. as any US action in Syria would be executed from an Israeli directive. Even more, as Syria is demanding relentlessly the return of , the Golan Heights, under a UN resolution. Only clue to trust US its a full evacuation of Syrian territory. Supporting Barzani as a bargained Kurd leader conducting an autonomous Syrian territory, would be a cauldron of endless incidents and just a second stage leading to the Israel Eraz plans with an Israeli friendly land on the back of Syria, encouraging Israel to eliminate Syria and connect with Kurdistan , sort of partitioning or fragmenting Syrians, which could be followed by Turkomen land annexed to Turkey.

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