Vladimir Putin crushes John McCain and Lindsey Graham’s dream in Syria to dust


Stooges of the Israeli regime.

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Terrorist apologists John McCain and Lindsey Graham are mad and sad again. They have just realized that the Trump administration is not really interested in overthrowing the Assad government. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has just said that the fate of Assad “will be decided by the Syrian people.”

Tillerson is not really a logical person, for he has supported NATO,[1] which continues to antagonize Russia, the very country that is trying to reestablish law and order in places like Syria.

But Tillerson has obviously taken a political knife and stabbed both McCain and Graham in the back by saying that Assad is here to stay. White House spokesman Sean Spicer has recently declared: “There is a political reality that we have to accept in terms of where we are right now,” and that the Trump administration has already “lost a lot of opportunity the last administration had with respect to Assad.”

Spicer continued: “We believe that there’s a need to de-escalate violence and to have a political process through which Syrians will decide their own political future, consistent with the principles that have been enshrined in the UN Security Council Resolution 2254.”[2]

McCain, of course, was upset. He said he was “deeply disturbed” by the administration’s position. The Syrian people, McCain declared, cannot decide the future of their country because Assad is killing them with barrel bombs, “Putin’s aircraft, and Iran’s terrorist proxies.”[3]

Assad is killing his own people, but the vast majority of Syrians voted for Assad! How can McCain not see that this is ultimately dumb? And does McCain mean to tell us that only a small group of people in Israel can decide the fate of Syria? When is this puppet going to apologize to the American people for taking money from terrorist states like Saudi Arabia?[4]


McCain moved on to posit that the new administration has made “a Faustian bargain with Assad and Putin,” and this would “empower ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other radical Islamist terrorists as the only alternative to the dictator that the Syrian people have fought for six years to remove.”[5]

Lindsey Graham added that the new administration is making “a grave mistake,” and this will turn out to be “a great reward for Russia and Iran.”[6]

The fact is that it is John McCain and Lindsey Graham who have made a sort of Faustian bargain with the Israeli regime and other powerful forces such as the Rothschilds. As we have pointed out in a previous article, the Rothchilds own John McCain. He cannot think straight because he has been viewed as a piece of property—a machine, if you will. He has been programmed to say weird and crazy things in the media. If the Zionist oligarchs tell McCain to jump, he has no option but to say, “How high?”

The crucial point here is that Vladimir Putin helped destroy McCain and Graham’s diabolical plan in Syria. One can have all kinds of opinions about Russia and Putin, but let us be clear: they have done a fairly decent job by standing against the New World Order in Syria.

Sure, you can find points of disagreement with Russia’s political worldview, and it is perfectly fine to criticize the country and even Putin. But the reality is that New World Order agents hate Russia and Vladimir Putin for reasons that are completely ridiculous.

For more than five years Putin has stood against the Powers That Be in Syria and has refuted false flag operations such as Assad used chemical weapons on his own people. No Western leader has been able to do that because they have almost exclusively bowed down the New World Order ideology.


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  1. How McStain, and Lindsy “light in the loafers” Graham keep getting elected is proof the fix is in. The public can’t be so stupid, or ill informed to support these 2 arms merchants, and cheap thrill killers over and over again. Has Graham’s face frozen into the smiley fake face. Too much botox?

  2. I don’t possess the mental aptitude to be able to make the leap from being a God-fearing adherent of a Christian church to being a side-kick of the Devil and a shabbos goy adherent to the Synagogue of Satan. For all of them there will be a great reckoning in a little room – who knows, maybe even a warm comfortable bed with nurses in attendance. But I am reminded of the unimaginably horrific look on the face of Aleister Crowley when they found him at the moment of his death, that look of dread revulsion and horror beyond pain etched on his face when Satan came calling for his ghoulish soul into the eternity of the damned.

    • Those people make the leap because of the brainwashing from the fraudulent Scofield Bible and of course the charlatans and liars in the pulpit. They have been brainwashed into believing the nonsense of a jewish state called israel because of their religious ignorance and let’s face it, xtian zionists are ignorant, half literate …if they can read at all, delusional misfits.

  3. I would urge Putin to talk to Assad and work with him to run all these thugs out of Syria, secure the borders with aid of russian troops before they can regroup and start all over again. He has done a magnificent job and it cost a fortune to do it. But this final step is needed to finally secure Syria so it can rebuild a new country without these criminals seeking to further destroy it. Iran could help too. If russia, Iran and Syria put up a unified front, Israel and these other criminals would think twice before doing this again.

    • This unified effort also needs to be done to avert the impending war with Iran by the outlaw U.S.

  4. McCain and Graham, Netanyahu, Cheney, and the rest of the merry group are for Hague D-block. And give them only sattelite TV with Syrian and Iraqi news agency. A consistent and lawful western policy would have no doubt whatsoever that these criminal people are for inacarceration for multiple lifetime punishments for war crimes they have commited. But anglo-saxon law is not about law, but about avoiding the law.

  5. This traitors name isn´t even McCain. Must look where I found his real name but then I´ll tell you .

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