Intel Drop, April Fools Day Plus One and We’re all the fools

from the Art of Robert Hansen

…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

We’re going to cover a few things today, some not so related, thus this is an Intel Drop. Buckle in, here it comes.

Ask yourself why you never see some things on video, why some things are never reported.  In Afghanistan, it is a death sentence to show the real war to Americans, not the fighting part, the heroin processing part, the dams built by USAID for poppy field irrigation or the shiploads of special fertilizer brought in through Karachi to grow the drug crop.

Why isn’t there a single uploaded video on YouTube from the Greenzone in Baghdad or the American village near the Turkish border in Northern Iraq?  The US has built facilities all over Afghanistan, including luxury homes and there isn’t a photo anywhere.  It sure as hell isn’t to keep this from the Taliban who provided the workers that actually built the projects.

Then we ask about how TOW missiles get to ISIS and al Qaeda, yet how they get there is a mystery.  If Saudi Arabia and Qatar are arming terrorists, and they are on a massive scale, lets invade them, take down their governments and drag their royal asses out of holes and hang them from lamp posts.  Want to find terrorist criminals in Afghanistan?  Try the US backed government, thieves and drug dealers, terrorists and gangsters and everyone in Afghanistan and the region knows it but there is a total blackout in reporting it except on VT.

Were you aware Google is a major CIA contractor through their mercenary company Google Idea Groups run by Jared Cohen, who represented the Mossad with the Bush administration?  Wonder why VT is crushed by Google or their search engine, and they now run all search engines, have choked off every dissenting opinion except for “approved” fake news sites like InfoWars and Breitbart?

What is the real “dark web?”  Its news and information censored by Google and the NSA, not crime.  

Heart of Darkness

Let’s name one of the most dangerous and sinister groups on earth.  Whenever anyone gets close to the real dark side, the fake news starts with their “Soros” chant. We’re going to take a look at a few of the media groups that can and on occasion do start wars, groups that could well parallel similar organizations whose leaders were brought before the tribunals at Nuremberg.

Let’s take a look at something really rotten, a Google/CIA front called “Movements.”  You can find them at the website,  This is where the Syrian War came from, this is the gang that recruits and moves jihadists around the globe and coordinates NGO’s for moving illegal arms and producing propaganda on a massive scale.

And, since it is “Google,” it controls the internet, controls all search engines and simply erases every attempt to “out” their games.  This is the gang that moved poison gas into Syria, ran assassination teams in Iran, killed hundreds in bombings in Damascus, Baghdad and Istanbul, oh and Paris too.  From, of all things, Wikipedia:

In October 2008, Columbia University, the US Department of State, Google, Howcast Media and other media companies sponsored the inaugural Alliance of Youth Movements Summit. This event brought together digital activists, technology and media leaders, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and governments to convene, share best practices, and create a network of socially responsible Grassroots activists using technology for their movements and campaigns.

Following the inaugural summit, Jason Liebman (CEO and co-founder of Howcast), Roman Tsunder (co-founder of Access 360 Media), and Jared Cohen (Director of Google Ideas at Google) co-founded the Alliance for Youth Movements. This organization was dedicated to identifying, connecting, and supporting digital activists at the annual summit and throughout the year.

In December 2009, The Alliance for Youth Movements hosted its 2nd annual summit in Mexico City. This summit was sponsored by the US Department of State as well as other sponsors. The event convened activists and supporters interested in how social media and connection technologies were helping to combat violence, with a special focus on Latin America.

In March 2010, The Alliance for Youth Movements hosted its 3rd annual summit in London, which was sponsored by the UK Home Office and other media companies. At the end of the summit, it was announced that the Alliance for Youth Movements was launching a new online hub for digital activism,

In February 2011, officially launched and the Alliance for Youth Movements re-branded itself as

In June 2012, formally became a division of Advancing Human Rights (AHR), created in 2010 by Robert L. Bernstein (the founder of Human Rights Watch and former President and CEO of Random House for twenty-five years). AHR focuses on freedom of speech, women’s rights and promoting the freedoms outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, particularly by leveraging the power of the Internet.[1]

In August 2012, in collaboration with Al Jazeera launched an interactive tool that tracks the defections of senior Syrian military officials, members of parliament and diplomats of Assad’s regime. The tracker was released on Al Jazeera.[2]

On July 9, 2014, launched as a marketplace site, where dissidents in closed societies could connect to legal, PR and technology experts in open societies.[7][1]Natan Sharansky said of the platform, “Too often, leaders of the Free World have proved to be a disappointment to today’s dissidents. The citizens of free nations don’t need to.”


Let’s look at where this takes us.  Most of us know that Al Jazeera is a front for the Qatar royal family that funds al Qaeda.  Those who don’t know Human Rights Watch is dirty don’t pay attention either. Let’s take a second to look at Ronin Analytics, the cyber-warfare private contractor.  What the hell does this have to do with a youth charity?

Then we look at Jason Liebman and “Howcast.”  This is a YouTube “instructional video” partner except that it isn’t.  In reality, Howcast is a CIA propaganda project tied to YouTube, another CIA propaganda project.  From Alternet:

The U.S. State Department has announced it is sponsoring a “New Media Technology” delegation to Iraq to “explore new opportunities to support Iraqi government and non-government stakeholders in Iraq’s emerging new media industry.” Of all of the areas in Iraq in desperate need of attention, its “emerging new media industry” is not the one that pops to mind. Things like clean water, electricity, right of safe return for refugees and an end to the occupation seem more pressing than increasing Nouri al Maliki’s Twitter followers. But unfortunately, that’s how U.S. priorities in Iraq seem to work.

Anyway, the super star tech delegation, according to the State Department press release, includes “a mix of CEOs, Vice-Presidents and senior representatives” from “AT&T, Google, Twitter, Howcast, Meetup, You Tube and Automattic/Wordpress.”

Ever wonder who brings in the smoke machines and actors for those phony “White Hats” rescue videos in Syria that are usually filmed in Egypt?  This article by Liebman explains a version of reality:

“IN 2007, COALITION forces found an Al Qaeda manual on how to be a terrorist. We said, ‘Hey, let’s create an alternate manual to use tools to promote nonviolent social change.’ So Jared Cohen, who was then at State [now at Google], and I launched to bring together activists, NGOs, governments, and tech and media leaders to network and share best practices. We have a set of how-to guides — everything from how to anonymously post online to what to do if your Internet goes down. We tell people, you can use Tweet-to-Speak, which Google rolled out during the Egypt uprising, to dial in from a landline and tweet. We’re trying to provide the resources for activists to do what they’ve been doing for a while, but more effectively and faster.”

How “nonviolent social change” turned into a civil war that has killed 500,000 is something you won’t find on Google.  Wonder why?

Then there’s Roman Tsunder, from of all things, Huffington Post, a whitewashed version of something more interesting:

Tsunder is the the CEO and co-founder — along with “Viva La Bam” executive producer and “Jackass” consultant Terry Hardy — of PTTOW!, an organization that attempts to convince artists and powerful companies to work as a team to reach goals that vary in detail but are united in their appetite.

The specifics of what role PTTOW! plays in any of these deals is unclear — the partnerships are formed in highly private sessions — and that shadowy influence has earned the organization an air of mystery leading to suspicious publications filling in the gaps. Fast Company referred to the PTTOW! as the “illuminati IRL.” Forbes compared the organization to the “Bohemian Grove,” a legendary meeting place for the rich and powerful first started in the 19th century. But Tsunder argues that even the Bohemian Grove, a community that included many American presidents, has nothing on this new conclave.

Then again, if you wanted to follow Facebook and their role in the election, the barrage of conspiracies and fake news, Pizzagate and more, you have to learn about the Edelman Company, the masters of social media propaganda.  Here Richard Edelman sells the cure and not the disease:


BuzzFeed released a story earlier this week showing that false election news articles outperformed real news on Facebook during the final months of the election. These false news stories generated more engagement on the social network than election stories from 19 major news outlets combined including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, NBC News and others.

The false stories ranged from the ridiculous to the scandalous, including an endorsement of President-elect Donald Trump by Pope Francis. One site alone had four stories that were shared 3 million times on Facebook, including one about Hillary Clinton selling arms to ISIS.

At a press conference in Berlin on Thursday, President Barack Obama made an impassioned plea to get serious about fake news “in an age where there’s so much active misinformation.”

“If we are not serious about facts and what’s true and what’s not, and particularly in an age of social media when so many people are getting their information in sound bites and off their phones, if we can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems,” said the president.

This false news trend has also moved into the corporate sector. PepsiCo* had to manage a mini crisis over the last week after a series of false articles on social media claimed that CEO Indra Nooyi told Trump supporters to “take their business elsewhere.” In fact, she said no such thing.

Now Back to Kurdistan

Few Americans get to see the real Iraq or Afghanistan. I was in Erbil when it was a ghost town, no sewers, bombed buildings, no water or electricity. Today it is a virtual Dubai with fine restaurants and an American city. There is a similar American city in Kabul with luxury villas and a lifestyle that allows the military brass and their fatcat contractor friends to live a life unthought of in America.

At that time, the unexpected turn of the war had stopped the American city north of Erbil, which bled off the resources that would have restored water and sewer but instead was spent on a vast failed luxury condo complex with golf course.

Not “tens” but hundreds of millions have been spent on luxury villas used by Americans who try to compare their time overseas with that of those fighting wars.  General Michael Flynn is one of these, a man who went to war much as Donald Trump has just without the gold toilets and the Russian mobsters downstairs at Trump Tower.

When did it begin?  Was it Eisenhower during World War II with his love of Europe’s finest homes, the best wines and female companionship.

In Vietnam, when General Westmoreland took over the French compound used by MSUG’s Wesley Fischel, as his headquarters, a world of air conditioning, flown in video taped TV shows and Michelin 3-star chef’s became the norm for American wars.  Congressmen lined up to visit Vietnam where US Special Forces recruited virgins from rural villages.

During a “stand down” back in 1969 while BLT 1/26 was waiting for replacements after losses during Operation Defiant Stand, I witnessed a confrontation between ARVN forces and a “skivvy patrol” of Special Forces outside DaNang’s luxury “Puzzle Palace.”  Whether the fight was over the use of Vietnamese children for prostitution or simply over money, we will never know.  Frankly, this was typical “combat” in Vietnam for many.

VT has extensive resources in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  We can’t begin to describe what goes on in Kabul, the money spent and the lifestyles maintained there. You wouldn’t friggin believe it.



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