Russian authority identify bomb blast suspect from Central Asia

Putin visits the St. Petersburg bombing candle memorial

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

[ Note: One of the downsides of these highly public bombing locations for the perpetrators is all the security cameras. Russian investigators picked him out quickly, and with the help of Kyrgyzstan authorities, identified him as one Akbarzhon Jalilov, a Kurd, who blew himself up on the train.

You can be sure that everyone that knew him is being interviewed quickly in the search of a group-orchestrated attack trail. They will then go through his phone and all electronic data they can find on him, as that can be done quickly.

As I say in this news clip below, with the massive number of soft locations available, and backpack bomb technology within the means of so many, I don’t see any way to stop these for someone not on a security radar, like your lone wolf guy.

I am suspicious that St. Petersburg was picked because Putin was having a meeting there, which would involve the necessary planning required to either pick this time to strike, or be assigned to it from a command structure. When we will know more is always a guess, as authorities will often not want to let out everything they know, as that would trigger the suspect going underground.

Russia is no stranger to terror attacks. Terrorists will never break the spirit of the Russian people. The main goal of the investigators is to find out why this target, and why this time, and to catch any helpers that the bomber might have had, to defend against more bombings. The Russians seemed to have had a protocol to quickly search other trains and stations, and they found and disarmed another bombJD ]

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– First published on April o4, 2017

Russian Authorities say they have identified a suspect behind the deadly blast in the city of Saint Petersburg that killed at least eleven people. According to state media, the suspect is believed to be a young person from Central Asia.

The blast, which ripped through a metro train, also left dozens of people injured. President Vladimir Putin has been briefed by security services about their initial findings into the blast.

Putin personally visited the station where the explosion occurred and laid flowers at the site. Earlier, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev described the blast as a terrorist attack. Meanwhile, Saint Petersburg has announced three days of mourning in the city.

Jim W. Dean
Managing Editor, Veterans Today


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Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor

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  1. If we add this event to the gas attack in Syria, a verry ominous message for Russia and Puttin comes into focus. The message is ” we are comming after you Puttin, how ever many local Russian kids on the metro or Syrian kids die, we will get you.
    The 3rd message will be an assassination attempt on Puttin.

  2. These killings maybe lead Putin to think twice about the ‘generous offer’ from the leader of Russia’s Chechnya region Ramzan Kadyrov, to give Putin a personal coterie of Chechen bodyguards, Chechens being regarded as the toughest people in the Russian Federation.

    But reading about that, made me think immediately of the assassination of India’s Prime Minister Indira Ghandi, by her own Sikh bodyguards on 31 Oct 1984.

    No doubt Chechens are tough … but the desire for independence from Russia surely burns deep in many Chechen hearts, after so many killings over 200 years since Russia won that territory from the Persians … including perhaps as many as 100,000 dead in the Chechen attempt to gain independence from Russia in the 1990s – 2000s, Russia & Gazprom desperate to hold on to the oil revenues from Chechnya & neighbouring Dagestan.

    Post-1991, Russia let Ukraine with millions of Russians in it, be independent, but not hostile Muslim Chechnya with its oil & gas riches. Chechen leader Kadyrov – supposedly ultra-loyal to Putin now – was once an advocate of Chechen independence, & one aspect of toughness is biding your time till you can destroy a powerful opponent. Exile Russians sometimes say that Moscow ran its own false-flag ‘Muslim terror attacks’ to hold onto Chechnya, & in fact it was the ‘Muslim terror – Chechnya war’ that gave the US 9-11 planners the road map.

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