Missiles rain on Syria: Trump pushes the world to the brink of ww3

A note from the Senior Editor:  I am just going to fu$king say this.  I am supposed to be on Syrian television tomorrow morning our time, afternoon theirs.  Since the Idlib incident I have warned our Russian and Syrian friends what was going to happen.  Suffice it to say they didn’t take me seriously.

Then again, when I told them Trump is a narcissistic sociopath who planned all along to destroy not only Syria but Russia and China as well, I was reminded that I just don’t understand.

Russia and Syria were just rubbing their hands after the election, not caring the shitstorm that the people of the US were going to suffer at his hands.  Today is “day one” of the armageddon.  I don’t expect Syrians to know better.  They have been so buried with war for so long that they look for any hope, any sign of relief, no matter how remote the chance of it being real.

On the other hand, the Russians, these are smart guys.  RT and Sputnik have been cheering Trump on day after day, or were until 72 hours ago when the idea that they had been played like a 3 dollar fiddle hit them.

Being right doesn’t feel all that good.  What are the options, hoping it all melts down and Putin vaporizes the red states and Mar-a-Lago or drops a shipload of Kalibers into Trump Tower?  

The failure is one of humanity.  This is like living through an early Star Trek episode where an evil planet is damned to eternal war because of a genetic disease Dr. McCoy cures during the last 5 minutes of the show.  Or are we living through a Desmond Morris tract on baboon culture?  WTF. g

by Ian Greenhalgh

Anger vied with revulsion and a disturbing taste of bile rising as I watched Trump talk nonsense about ‘beautiful babies’ being suffocated by the evil, barbaric Assad. I don’t normally indulge in ‘I told you so’ but this time I cannot avoid it, when it comes to Trump slavishly following the Zionist Israeli plan for more war I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!

As I listened to Trump talking about the poor, innocent babies I was hit by a nasty bout of deja vu – this is Iraq and the babies being thrown out of incubators all over again.

While the US is killing children in Mosul, in Syria and a half dozen other places, while US and British cluster bombs are devastating Yemen and Israel is preparing to carpet bomb Beirut, Trump stands there and lies his orange ass off about how evil Assad and the Syrians are. I wanted to vomit.

Seriously, if you voted for Trump, time to admit it, you were utterly stupid and totally hoodwinked by a vile conspiracy to place a puppet in the White House so that Israel and the criminals that run it can move forward their evil agenda for hegemony over the goyim. Actually, considering all the vote rigging, probably not all that many were stupid enough to vote Trump.

Trump ordered the attack from his golf and underage girl resort in Florida, taking time out from his meeting with the Chinese Premiere to do the bidding of his masters in Tel-Aviv and crow that he was acting to protect the US and little children in Syria. There’s that taste of bile in my throat again….

The US media have all published stories in the last few minutes talking about Trump’s launching of cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase, I refuse to give any of the lying bastards in the US media the publicity so I will just publish the bleak, short report made by TASS a few minutes ago:


US military launches 50 missiles at Syrian base near Homs province — media

The Tomahawk missiles were intended for a single target – Ash Sha’irat, according to the NBC report

The US military fired at least 50 missiles at a military base of Syrian government forces near the Homs province in western Syria, the NBC TV channel reported citing US military officials.

The Tomahawk missiles were intended for a single target – Ash Sha’irat, according to the report. The launch of missiles comes in response to the alleged chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib.

Trump says this airbase was chosen because it is where the planes that dropped the gas were launched from, of course it is all lies, there were no gas attacks, it is all nothing more than a fabricated Fake News story intended to justify yet another US entry into a foreign war.

Obviously, we now await the Russian response to this blatant act of war by Trump. Whether this will come in the form of harsh words or the act of turning as US flattop into a submarine or a US airbase into a crater lake remains to be seen.

We have never been closer to WW3 that we stand right now and we can only pray that the morning does not bring mushroom clouds alongside the rising sun.

Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.

28 Replies to “Missiles rain on Syria: Trump pushes the world to the brink of ww3

  1. Khalid: Some Syrians say that they were intercepted by S200s. Others say that the ‘unsuccessful’ Tomahawks were programmed & targeted to help ISIS & al-Qaeda/al-Nusra in battles with SAA.

  2. The Liberty Bell has been replaced by a cash register, circa 1920’s. It can not be hacked, and you and I are denied access. Oh my.

  3. Is Putin in on this? There is still a Slothchild Central Bank in Russia who controls the money and therefore the politics. What was that meeting with Bibi-shit a few months back and the Vatican meeting? Unless I see the “white flash” here at VAFB real soon…I think I’ll have my answer.

  4. I voted for Chumpster fraudster.

    Here’s my reasoning: Chumpster has children and grandchildren, and Chumpster is not a career politician. I didn’t see anything in his background that suggests he’s anywhere near the monster that the others are. Finally I realized that the Jews need somebody really evil, i.e., “demon-possessed” to pursue their potentially world-ending agenda, and I didn’t think Chumpster fit the bill. So I gave Chumpster the benefit of the doubt.

    I was wrong. (I should’ve just stayed home that day). And I realized I that was wrong shortly after Chumpster was inaugurated, when he started reneging and reversing himself. Trump betrayed his supporters.

    Does that make me “utterly stupid”?

    1. Remember Preston James´ serie about the two-faced evil cabale of psychopaths ? Now you have learned something new and maybe you can avoid mistakes in the future.

  5. I agree with Khalid. There is a gaping hole in this story. What about the SAM’s? I find it hard to believe that the incoming was not picked up. So, who gave the standdown order and why? If the Russians were told in advance of the attack, what kind of deal was made to have the sam’s stand down?

  6. I feel and share your anger. How does anyone remain sane after 59 missiles are.sent flying because of an “alleged” chemical attack. Especially after the gas attack in Ghouta was proved to be caused by the terrorists with Saudi, et al help.
    A law.must be passed forcing every public servant to take psych, and polygraph tests. It takes a sick man to do what Trump just did. Mc Donnell Douglas stock must be up. WTF!! $95 million up in smoke, that’s $1.6 mill x 59. I wonder if Trump came.

  7. Jody Arias and Casey Anthony had the same 35% approval rating during their trial as did Zimmerman.
    Anything short of a million person march by Christians on Washington is a definitive stamp of approval of reckless violence and unjust killing, by those same Christians. This is their guy. This is their moment. This is the culmination of their spiritual product after 2000 years of domination.
    VT has an obligation to loudly claim “I told you so” and I am glad you are. I now hope Christians wake up and realize what their religious end game is for real. A complete con job.

    1. Most xtians in America are blinkered, pig ignorant, half literate rednecks. Bible thumpers, the lot of them but never practice their own religion. It’s only to bludgeon others.
      This is one of the reasons why xtianity is dying out: it is a b.s. religion and the people who practice it are phonies.
      If religion were treated like any other consumer good and in some ways it is, it would be forced to label its product as being entirely artificial, filled with false claims , unsubstantiated promises and subject to recall. It would be forced to have the same label on it as any other consumer good one buys in a grocery store.
      Caveat emptor.

    1. This “beautiful babies” lie is the same crap like that about “they took the babies out of the incubators” lie playing fiddle on mothers and fathers souls and fellings.

  8. I also thought that S400 were there for situations like this. The Tomahawks don’t carry people on board so neutralizing them would have been the right thing to do. Seems they were asleep. USA prefers to do their “things” when it is 22pm-5am Moscow time.

  9. Mattis is like that Norwegian guy Breivik, Breivik is in prison now, and Mattis is still on the loose just outside the White House.

  10. I support the author statements. I always thought that US presidency was not the issue, merely an issue. What worried me all the time was the US military ranks who are basically stupid people I say it without any regret. They don’t look at the whole picture and don’t use real intelligence on the ground. US army is a bunch of idiots that cannot and don’t want to understand the difference between terrorists and a national army. Mattis killed people during the wedding in Iraq for no reason, so what do you expect of a guy like that? He should be inside a prison cell for the rest of his life. But no, in the stupidest country of them all he gets elected to the highest possible rank and responsibility.

  11. If Hillary had won the election, we would no better off. Maybe worse off. But yes this a terrible, unconscionable act of war by the Trumpster, who has proven now beyond any reasonable doubt, he is nothing but a Zionist puppet. We can guess however, that Russia’s response will be muted and unconvincing. The events in Syria are once again being defined by the globalists. This will be true until Russia establishes a no-fly zone throughout Syria, which I doubt Russia will want to do.

  12. I thought Jaffa talked a good democracy, but it seemed clear that Gordon knew an awful lot more about him than was known by us or the public generally. He’s never come across as someone given to raving over nothing (even when not in his Father Christmas role, playing with his toys! ).

  13. Trump is not exactly orange, imho. He’s a kind of tawny orangey, as a result of having been dipped in varnish – doubtles by that cad, Assad.

  14. Bully Moron Trump: Shoot first based on lies; ask questions later while he has already killed many innocent people and children himself with more on the way. Pathological liar and cheater. Worse than Bush or Hitler. .

    1. Trump: International war criminal and outlaw. Someone policeman please arrest this psychopath ASAP before he destroys the planet and everything living on it all based on media lies!

  15. When I said that I believed America would be better off with Trump, rather than the alternative, I WAS SO WRONG and It’s too late for apologies. I’d like to say I cannot F’ing believe this, but I can. Both the timing and the reckless accusations against Assad by the Trump admin, made their intentions obvious. I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly. Now the situation has escalated tremendously, and there is a totally moronic stooge depending on the advice of the criminals he surrounded himself with. Is it safe to say the Syrian air defence systems are no longer on standby? For their own survival, I think it’s time to target every non authorized aircraft entering Syrian airspace, and expel all illegal invaders on the ground by any means necessary. Should we expect to see US and Israeli jets falling out of the Syrian skies on fire from now on? How is Russia going to accept this? Both Putin and Assad take $h!ts that are smarter than Donald Trump, it’s hard to understand how they couldn’t have anticipated this.

  16. I love you guys and all that but I don’t think you can say I told you so; Hillary would have been no better. What you can do now is keep doing just what you have been doing and attack attack attack this talking cheese doodle. Dig too; find something that will put his fat ass in jail for the rest his miserable life which is where every politician that misrepresents themselves as blatantly as the cheese doodle did belongs. Make an example out of him and maybe, just maybe we can avoid the Civil War which I am coming to see as clearly unavoidable. You have the floor, the Turnip just lost any support he had among the living; crucify him…

    1. Jack I agree. It was great to see the wheels coming off the Democrat machine, but it was a fools paradise to think that Trump presidency would steer clear from actions of criminality. The anti-American deep state is so all-powerful now everyone needs to be concerned. The cruise missile attack on Syria is clear, objective, external proof that US does not respect the rule of law, and that it does not have a functioning democracy any longer. It is ruled over by criminal oligarchs.
      PS. It is tempting to write off UN because they cannot control US action. Well they never could. But the important point is this: US had to ignore UN because it is still functioning according to its purpose, even if somewhat incompletely. UN was still going to stand in their way. It is not much, but it is something.

    2. @JH

      According to some reports, HRC was praising Trump this AM, claiming that if she had been elected the missile strike(s) would have happened sooner. Netanyahu is celebrating, as are various hardcore Neocons and Neoliberal interventionists. Even the head chopping, liver eating “Syrian Rebels” are asking for more cruise missiles, please.

      No – it made no difference who got elected, and it hasn’t made a difference in a very long time, if ever.

  17. Looks like VT were right on Trump all along..
    Neo Con war mongering puppet.
    Nice con job on the Alt-Right though!

  18. All shows and no play, make king Trump a dull boy. You could call it pay back the favor. Russian bomb Kiev ammunition (nuke) dump, we bomb Syria airfield. Putin calls Trump, thank him for target practice. Mad dog now knows that US needs a new anti-S4000 missile fast. WWIII not going to be under king Trump.

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