Alex Jones Gets It Right, Sort of


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

InfoWars doesn’t apologize for being wrong about Trump.  Jones is quite forgiving and still lauds a domestic policy that makes the attack on Syria look like child’s play.  Trump is an unprecedented disaster to the American people.

For Russia, stupid enough to get sucked in, Russia Today, along with their scattering of Trump worshipping trash are now calling for his lynching.  If only stupidity were really funny, it isn’t.

Jones obviously follows VT and is clearly swayed to speak out some.  His expressions about the MSM are idiotic as well, his denial of Israeli control there and around Washington, so much, lying is at the heart of InfoWars and always has been.

Time for an apology here and to call it, Trump is an Israeli puppet, his domestic policy says it, his foreign policy says it and so is InfoWars.

Time for regime change in Washington, to clean out the CIA and Pentagon.

Time for Russia to really arm Hezbollah.  This is the lesson Israel really needs, I personally would load them with Iskander missiles with tactical nuclear warheads.

This war would end quickly then and the region would see peace.

This is all that Israel has left us.

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Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.

Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Gordon Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Thank you Alex Jones for giving this disabled veteran a voice, not once, but several times after I was “arrested” under the “Patriot Act” for exercising my First Amendment right. Unfortunately, here in IOWA, again, I have been ‘arrested” for exercising my right under the First Amendment. You Tube: IOWA CORRUPT JUDGES COURTS POLICE. I was “arrested” on a trumped up fabricated charge of TAMPERING WITH A WITNESS OR JUROR, which is a farce. I was held hostage for 21 hours forced to sit on a cold steel chair until my wife came up with the $2,000 CASH ONLY BOND. – Dr. Ken Tennant, [email protected] (563) 232-2119

  2. Jones mis-portrays Wahhabism as “radical Islam.” Actually it is radical ANTI-Islam. Wahhabis hate, persecute, and often execute all Muslims who disagree with them, which is the vast majority. They hate Muslims far more than non-Muslims. In fact, they love working with rich, powerful non-Muslims AGAINST Muslims!! Abd al-Wahhab was just a crazy, ignorant desert hillbilly, and his movement would have gone NOWHERE if the British and later the Americans hadn’t thrown guns, money, and advisors at it and weaponized it against the larger Muslim community. Wahhabism is a US-Zionist force deployed against Islam and Muslims. And Infowars, like Wahhabism, is also a Zionist tool deployed against Islam and Muslims.

  3. I once read in » l’Histoire « (French periodical) that during the Middle Ages French people
    ate pork as a way of distinguishing themselves from Jews, But nowadays you often meet
    people who aren’t even religious, say that pork is very bad for you.

    I have noted, on a couple of occasions that Israel (the state) always seems bent on striking back.
    Whereas Putin, on several occasions refrained from striking back. I would say then, that Putin’s
    way is the Christian way.

    Both Alex Jones, as well as Jonas Alexis tend more towards the Christian point of view.
    I also noted that Alex Jones is very much opposed to the neoconservatives.

  4. What is with the American Christian Force letting the religion that killed their Jesus Christ on a crucifix – then brag about it even till this day – stay in the US ? Whether Jesus was the son of God or just a super Holy Man of his day , he still lives on in Christian Bibles. Why aren’t the Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Catholics, Mormons, Orthodox, and the rest of these ” million member ” Church’s” riding these Judeans that publicly brag about killing Christ – even today – out of town? Seems to me this is what all those tax paying churchgoers should be asking their congregations – why is the Jewish religion – the murderer of Christ – running our Country ?

    • Because the Christian churches have mostly been infiltrated by Jews.

      Our C of E church in England hosted a reading by a “Reverend Cohen” from the Old Testament praising Israel — as part of the Christmas service! The “Christmas Procession” which in past times would have been a major event gathering the believers for many miles proceeded down the centre aisle to the door and back.

      If we do not have a Christian re-awakening as in Russia, all will be lost. Those who destroyed Christ are not sparing any efforts to scatter his followers.

  5. “Time for Russia to really arm Hezbollah. This is the lesson Israel really needs, I personally would load them with Iskander missiles with tactical nuclear warheads.”

    Go ahead Mr. Duff, please, make my day.

    And save two of that toys to be used at the residence of Benjamin de Rothschild and the Vatican. Those two places must be cauterized too.

  6. There would not even be a war if American citizens stood up for their own country and their own rights instead of following their dual citizenship masters in power.
    Many sit on their asses or are twisted patriots. A few have come into touch with truths but lament about the injustice of the take over of their country by a foreign power which claims to be more American then USA itself.
    In the meantime it is business as usual, making a few bucks here and there while the real enemy of America rakes in their usual Profits. Since decades USA has whined for boycotting Iran while Zionist Corporations are fully supported by the mindless paying customer or by heavy subventions by their “own people” in Government.
    Your “Freedom” has never existed, your free will has been compromised by greed and the hunger for power and BS. And the worst of all – it has become an American habit to be the culprit and the victim at the same time while setting the world on fire.

  7. Speaking about the “non-mentioning” of things, there are a couple of things that are relevant to the case. The first one is that since the cruise missiles that were used,have a speed of merely 245 m/s (well below Mach 1), they would have been an easy target for an advanced air defense system. The second is the report that said the child victims showed signs of having succumbed to blunt violence. And other reports (photos) creates doubt about the presence of any gas at all. These reports may of course be false. But it is a fault not to investigate them. I think it is very wrong to assign guilt from photos that may be as false as many of the other sensational photos from anonymous sources that have caused so much disgust during the last couple of years.

  8. It is very obvious that no matter who occupies the Oval Orifice, a nefarious agenda creeps ever forward to fruition. Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative,Moderate, etc. ad nauseum, these are just tantamount to soup can labels. The only issue is liberty or tyranny, freedom or slavery. Representative government is a hoax and a scam. “Politics is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.”

  9. The “book” is bifurcated. Have you read the NT?
    But your remark is generally correct, However Duff’s sneering at any spirituality is even more dangerous.

    Did any of you actually listen to the video? The word “Neocon” is fill for Zionist. He is indeed not stating completely openly a critical element.

    If Jones said, the facts about the “Holocaust” say… or even daily pounded the Israeli involvement with 911 instead of alluding to it, his sites would be only the level of VT, but he does say it… for any intelligent person to hear and leads his audience to explore history.

    I have listen over the years often.
    In VT we have a source that states the truth about Israel and Zionism most, of the time but doesn’t get the pernicious depth of globalism, as Alex does.

    And it took a very long time for Duff to include the The City of London in his understanding of what the actual problem is: a Debt based control of world currencies and massive control of the world’s filters of information, aka “the media” that is, mass mind control. He actually wanted Hillary’s domestic program think he said “80%,” my god, how could any intelligent person not see that the fracture of family IS one Zionist goal!

    I respect Gordon Duff for many things, for showing this link even after bad mouthing AJ for a long time, but I assure you this is not an aberrant Alex Jones.
    As for selling male herbal hormones, so the hell what? Don’t we all take supplements mostly?

    • I hardly ever watch Info Wars. I guess Alex’s style often is a bit too noisy for my taste. But this morning I tried to find out what his take was. And I was surprised to hear a very rational – actually a very good account. I thought he does not deviate too much from what VT says. And I was surprised to note that – because VT’s constant negative assessment has obviously influenced my opinion. With regard to Israel, it is irrelevant in connection with the events from april 4 onwards. For this is a matter where the actors are Syrian poison terrorists, Assad’s soldiers, airplanes and airfields, the American missile attack and the Russians. And I also agree very much with Helpingmind, that Alex obviously is reaching a much larger number of listeners by toning down on criticism of Israel.
      This led me to think about biology and evolution, where they speak about “ecological niches”, and say that evolution generally will tend to fill empty niches. Well, maybe it is like that in politics too : A predator that goes extinct will leave behind an empty niche. And evolution will then, by and by, cause some other creatures to fill the empty niche through the mechanism of adaption.

  10. Good post, though I don’t entirely agree. I kinda’ “outgrew” Alex a few years ago: He never shuts up, no matter how (more) interesting his guests are. Duff points out correctly Jones is still defending Trump! I don’t ‘get’ the Israeli connection to Jones. Certainly Trump!!!
    Gordon gets it 100% correct with Hezbollah! I’ve visited Lebanon, and have Lebanese friends. Most have “relatives”* in the group. (*OR, are they? lol!) Regardless, Hezbollah is NOT a “terrorist” group, unless you try to steal Lebanese land. Ironically, I was told they have an honest stake in legal liquor sales, and in fact, being a party town, Beirut, PROTECT gay bars, etc.! No ‘Pulse’ massacres in Beirut! (Maybe Gordon can set me straight on all that.)
    YES! ARM HEZBOLLAH to the teeth & beyond! They’re the ME’s only hope for freedom!

  11. Over at NBC, they quoted some reactions from Trumps “base”in their analysis of the missile aftermath, they quoted Paul Joseph Watson, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham. That wraps it up. Just when we thought it couldn’t possibly get lower, MSM has adopted Infowars as a source. Regime change or despotic ruination, that is the choice for the US. It’s too big, too obedient to the wrong influences, and harmful to all life. I would also tell Britain to find other friends. They are like a clingy ex-girlfriend who keeps stalking us. If we examine the bulk of Americans, we are naturally allied with many countries we now consider enemies. Our government acts in indifference to our self determination.

  12. Yes, but….he offers male enhancement products, the most potent available anywhere. LOL!
    Gordon, once again telling it like it is. Jones is a zionist agent. Worse still he enjoys listening to himself and only to himself; a very self absorbed fool. Unfortunately there are many in America’s hinterland, particularly southern, bible banging rednecks, Midwest GMO corn farmers and other assorted low IQ near literates who eagerly swallow whatever this charlatan spoons out.
    I’m sick of this crap. Sick of israel , sick of zionism and had it up to here with their crap.
    I agree with Duff, time to arm Hezbollah to the teeth including some nukes. I would also smuggle into Gaza whatever arms that could be smuggled in. Arm the Palestinians with real rockets …..Iskanders would be a nice touch, especially when they hit the Knesset and Bibi’s palace.

  13. The U.S. was already an international war criminal in Iraq and does a repeat today in Syria all based on lies, lies and lies. It deserves nothing but world condemnation and shame and disgrace for gang rape of everything the Founders stood for. The US is a pariah, rogue nation today, an embarrassment to everything we purport to stand for and should be kicked out of the UN and prosecuted for international war crimes. The US is no more above the law than any other nation.

    • Note: The US had ZERO authority to take unilateral military armed action in Syria, ZERO period end of sentence. The sole purpose for this attack had nothing to do with gassing of kids but to steal real estate and resources, like oil, from another sovereign nation. It also used deception by only the day before falsely claiming to support Assad. All these lies were nothing but a fake pretext to steal real estate from a war torn and already suffering population. Trump is the despicable piece of human garbage from New York already documented by the late Wayne Barrett for over 30 years in the Village Voice. Trump is a pathological liar and cheater and now rapist of humanity already in Yemen the other day and now in Syria. He also destroyed priceless artifacts of the building destroyed to build his decadent tower and lied about that too. Read the Wikipedia article on Trump Tower.

    • Trump does not possess a conscience. He is a virtual robot controlled by others. He may not even be human. He is an imminent danger to every person on this planet.

  14. Yea, Jones really looks stupid spewing this whole line without mentioning Israel. Christianity cannot be preserved while at the same time breaking the hypnotic spell of Israeli exceptionalism. They are linked at the hip and it was designed and agreed long ago. They even share a book that no man had a hand in “allegedly”. It gets stupider and stupiderer. They share a common agenda and methodology. Christians scream about rights and leaders who attack their own citizens, except for the Native Americans and Palestinians. Those don’t count. That is what Judeo-Christian actions say loudly.

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