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Prof. Tony Hall and I break down the Syria crisis on False Flag Weekly News. Watch it above; click HERE for links to the stories we covered. “An essential source. A master class in geo-politics.” -Robert Hillier

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Now that Trump is “standing up to Putin” and leading us  into World War III, the lamestream media love him. “Trump has finally grown up and become a real president”: THAT  is the MSM message being injected deep into America’s pre-frontal cortex.

But the MSM aren’t the ones who got Trump elected. It was the supposedly alternative media, led by Breitbart and Infowars, that pushed The Don over the top.

The New York Times is now demonizing everyone who’s calling out the “sarin gas attack” false flag. According to the Times, only “right wing extremists” (former Trump supporters) are saying such things.

The Times quotes InfoWhore and genocidal Islamophobe PJ Watson:

Paul Joseph Watson, an editor at the conspiracy theorist site Infowars, said on Twitter that Trump “was just another deep state/neocon puppet.” He added, “I’m officially OFF the Trump train.”

But Watson and Jones aren’t loudly and forthrightly calling out the obvious “sarin attack” false flag. They aren’t exposing Trump’s obscene lies.

Watson and his buddy Alex Jones got Trump elected. They jettisoned their former principled 9/11 truth-telling, celebrated Trump’s Muslim-bashing, ignored the fact that the war on Islam is a Zionist fraud, and took piles of money to join the 9/11  perps’ team.

I have been exchanging emails on this with two REAL alternative media giants, Kurt Nimmo and Jack Blood. Both are completely disgusted with InfoWhores (Nimmo’s former employer) and all the other puppets and useful idiots who rode the Trump train this far.

If Trump’s official declaration of war on Syria (and implied declaration of war on Russia and Iran) is a turning point geopolitically, it is also a turning point in the history of alternative media. It is now thunderingly in-your-face obvious who is real alternative media and who isn’t.

The real alternative media has been consistently pro-9/11-truth, anti-Islamophobia (which was the whole point of 9/11) and anti-Trump. Anybody posing as “alternative” who won’t report the truth about 9/11 and its many follow-up false flags – like Amy Goodman, The Nation, Counterpunch, etc. – is phony and on the war party’s payroll one way or another. Likewise, anybody who hides the truth about the Zionist-instigated, 9/11-launched War on Islam, and instead supports the insane Islamophobia and general psychopathy of Donald Trump, is likewise on the bad guys’ payroll.

So who’s  the real alternative media? Richie Allen. Kurt Nimmo. Jack Blood. Bonnie Faulkner. Vinnie Eastwood. The Veterans Today crew. And a whole lot of others.

You can hear them on Truth Jihad Radio.

And you can get the full scoop on what’s REALLY going in the world every week on False Flag Weekly News.

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  1. My first impression of AJ, was a phobic and stressed out man…as if someone was pointing a gun to his head off camera.

  2. When Alex admits Israel did 9-11 and invites Dr. Alan Sabrosky on his show to give the full explanation, I might begin to pay him some attention. I say the same thing Steve Pieczenik, whom Alex seems to follow.

    • Agreed I’ve been saying this for months. Pieczenik did cover it well enough but it isn’t being beaten like a dead Islamic horse.

  3. It looks like on the top of picking an auspicious date [ “6 9” – 6 points ] and location [“6 9” – 12 points] to shoot himself in the chest, the Syrian leader also made sure his action to be described as: “Syrian dictator uses highly toxic chemical weapons against civilians” -> 696/60=(6-9)/(6-11)+11. Which constitutes “The deadliest use of forbidden chemical weapons in the Syrian Civil War since the Ghouta chemical attack” -> 906/88=906/(9*11-11). So the reaction with the Tomahawk(92/8=69/6) missiles would be appropriate… Give me (and the rest of occult-free world) a break. And donate generously for New York Times to buy a calculator…

    • Yes, gematria. The ever present companion of all false flags initiated by Saturn worshipers of each and every kind,including those who took down VT servers.BTW, this is gematria for “Saturn(93/6=(-6+90+9)/6=11+9*11 /(11+11)” in direct alphabet. And this is in reverse: “Hzgfim(69/6=11+11/(11+11))”.

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