Larry Wilkerson on Syria: False Flag to Cover Trump’s Ass

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  1. The airbase that was attacked has been reputed to have not been in use for a number of years. The bigger the story, the bigger the lie. They will keep using the media for mass manipulation as long as there are believing fools out there. It’s like moronic commercials. As long as they work you going to be seeing them night and day,day and night- ad eternum

  2. This guy is obviously right. What I don’t understand what is the point of these high ranking or emeritus high ranking conscious generals and officials when US military history is completely cyclical and nothing from conscience and reasoning breakthrough ever reaches out. Rebellious high ranks and political opposition on the other hand can make difference and they could certainly use any expertise about. For the world US is a very unmovable huge dinosaur but not for the insider army and business personnel it is not.

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