Syrian War Report – April 6, 2017: US Launched Tomahawk Cruise Missiles At Military Airfield In Homs


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Early on Friday, the US Navy launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a military airbase operated by the Syrian Air Force near the city of Homs.

The launch were made by US warships stationed in the Mediterranean Sea. The missiles hit the military airfield in Ash Sha’irat 38 kilometers southeast of the city of Homs. The missiles delivered a damage to the aircraft and infrastructure, including the runway. Air defense systems and fuel depots were also hit, according to reports. The number of casualties among Syrian military personnel and civilians is now unclear.

Following the strikes, US President Donald Trump accused the Syrian government of using nerve gas that killed civilians in Idlib’s Khan Sheikhoun. So, the strikes were his response to this.

Few countries including Russia were notified in advance of the strike, according to the Pentagon. Pentagon also said that the US did not target the sections of the airbase where Russian forces were believed to be present. Trump’s national security advisor Herbert McMaster said that the United States has gone out of its way to minimize Russian casualties during the strikes, but there are no guarantees.

President Putin called the move an “aggression against a sovereign nation” through his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. Moscow also demanded an urgent UN Security Council meeting on the issue.

There are no doubts that these strikes will contrinbute to operations of various terrorist groups (like ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sha) in the provinces of Homs and Hama. The Ash Sha’irat airfield played an important role in providing an air suppor to Syrian troops combating terrorists on the ground.

ISIS terrorists already took an upper hand on this situation and launched an attack against government forces near the important town of Al-Furqalas in Homs province.

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  1. Burn in hell American murderers. I hope that every foreign aircraft that violates Syrian airspace is shot down immediately. I hope that all foreign troops that are illegally deployed on Syrian soil are mowed down. I hope the whole world rightfully blames America and Israel for the Syrian war and shows no sympathy when these countries are fired upon. I live in the Western world and we have been on the wrong side of all wars in the Middle East for the last 16 years. That being said, I expect retaliation for this unwarranted, illegal and murderous attack conducted by the USG. The West and Israel deserve to lose this war in devastating fashion. I hope that happens, even if it means my quality of life is far lessened, or worse. I don’t care anymore. My life is no more important than anyone else’s. Western psychopaths under the boot of the Israeli synagogue of satan are driving this world towards oblivion and show no signs of deviation from this course. So, when the world finds itself on the brink of destruction, know that the fault lies entirely on the backs of Israel and its slave donkey, Uncle Sam.

  2. My apologies, spoke too soon. Latest reports only 23 made it out of 59. You can bet they’re plugging those holes right now. No stand down, but a call to keep away by us to russia. That won’t be repeated now I suppose.
    You can bet that when not making pronouncements Netenyahoo is in a deep bunker somewhere.

  3. A lot of questions after this attack. RT says that Russia evacuated the base prior to the attack. 36 missiles were either taken out or missed their targets, according to the Russians. I guess it’s wait and see to see the real after effects and consequences.

  4. On a more practical note, what happened to those vaunted SAM’s? The Russians had to have seen the incoming. Who gave the stand down order, and why?

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