Trump Brings Home the Bacon


by Rand Clifford

All this “…drain the swamp” hyperbole; Mr. President has bitten off more bacon than he can chew, up to his eyeballs in the swamp. Deep state is as deep as deep can get, regarding pathological control of humanity. Democracy? Sorry, welcome to Pathocracy:

Definition: pathocracy (n). A system of government created by a small pathological minority that takes control over a society of normal people (from Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes, by Andrew Lobaczewski).

Fifty-nine Tomahawk cruise missiles fired at a Syrian military airbase; replacement cost for the Raytheon Tomahawks far above the fifty-nine million dollars wasted on a law-defying, lie-based assault planned well in advance. You know, that pork-belly Industrial Military Complex…takes much feed, antibiotics and lies to get satisfying bacon.

Apparently, twenty-three of those million-dollar cruise missiles at least arrived near the target. Little damage except half-dozen lives, half-dozen old MIGs, and meaningless craters. The taxiways and runways remain intact.

And what happened to those thirty-six Tomahawks that went “missing”? Were they intercepted by SAMs such as Russia’s S-300s, S-400s?

So now we have The Donald at the fake helm called POTUS…yeah, the world’s “Superpower”. Trump is certainly gaseous. And everything except Rothschild control…Zionist control, all the lies and bullshit—the only truth in the destruction of Syria orbits a natural gas pipeline.

The Qatar-Turkey gas pipeline, to replace the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline now feeding Europe with Russian natural gas.

Assad will not allow the Qatar gas pipeline to transit Syria. That, my friends, is the truth that spawns the endless lies about Assad, and Syria. It really is that simple. Simple as pork bellies, and Superpower farts.

Napoleon Bonaparte said:

History is a set of lies agreed upon.”

Behold in Syria, construction of the panoply of lies we call, “History”.

Syria is a all-you-can-eat buffet of lies. Perhaps the greatest truth to come out of the Syrian nightmare is that…while spending far less on weaponry, Russia possesses superior weaponry—outclassing everyone else. That is perhaps the finest example of the structural flaws in the world’s Superpower’s war machine?

Please consider Lockheed’s monumental F-35. Monumental not in performance, but in cost. Fantastic drain of public wealth for something worthless compared to Russian avionics.

Doesn’t that seem a klaxon?

The US spends astronomical public resources on weaponry, more than most nations combined—yet is outclassed.

On the day before 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld announced that the “Pentagon” could not account for $2.3 trillion. 9/11 took that off the public radar.

Then in August, 2016…the “Pentagon” admitted that $6.5 trillion more were, “missing”.

$8.8 trillion, “missing”.

Missing in action, eh; trillions of dollars totally wasted. Thrown into the swamp, same as that clown trumpeting about draining the swamp.

Perhaps the most most telling example of all these missing trillions was displayed today in the world’s Superpower’s pathetic display of inferiority. Let’s hope our swamped inferiority gets no more display.

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    As documented in the quotes below, Trump is a rapist and plunderer of priceless historical artifacts who then lied about his actions. This is consistent with his documented lying behavior and gross bullying of others throughout his meaningless worthless life in the cesspool New York which produced this worthless piece of human garbage. Quote:
    “Designed by Der Scutt, Trump Tower was constructed on the site of the former Bonwit Teller flagship store, an architecturally renowned building that was built in 1929.[3]The building was purchased by Trump in 1979,[4][5] with the intention of building the city’s “first super-luxury high-rise”.[5] “
    “Trump had originally promised that the Bonwit Teller building’s Art Deco exterior limestone bas-relief sculptures of semi-nude goddesses, as well as the massive ornate 15-by-25 foot grille above the store’s entrance, would be removed and be donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.[3][15][16]The museum appraised the sculptures at over $200,000.[17] However, the sculptures ended up being destroyed because, according to Trump, there were general hazard concerns, expense, and a possible 10-day construction delay due to the difficulty of removing them.[3][15] The Met’s curator, Penelope Hunter-Stiebel, caught a cab to the building site and attempted to pay the workmen for the sculptures, but was rebuffed.[18] The building’s decorative grille, supposedly transported to a New Jersey warehouse, Con’t:

    • Cpn’t. from above:
      “The Met’s curator, Penelope Hunter-Stiebel, caught a cab to the building site and attempted to pay the workmen for the sculptures, but was rebuffed.[18] The building’s decorative grille, supposedly transported to a New Jersey warehouse, was never recovered.[15] Instead the sculptures and grilles became scrap metal, and several days later, Trump stated that he had ordered the destruction himself.[16] Later in 1980, he boasted that the decor of his Grand Hyatt New York included “real art, not like the junk I destroyed at Bonwit Teller”.[19] The New York Times condemned Trump’s actions as “esthetic vandalism”,[20] and a spokesman for Mayor Ed Koch said Trump had failed his “moral responsibility to consider the interests of the people of the city”.[16] Scutt was outraged by the destruction, having initially hoped to incorporate the goddess sculptures into the new building’s lobby design; Trump had rejected the plan, preferring something “more contemporary”.[15] Robert Miller, the gallery owner who had appraised the pieces, lamented that such things would “never be made again”, and Peter M. Warner, a researcher who worked across the street, called the destruction “regrettable”.[21]” This is just another example of gross lying and cheating and fraud by willful and totally unnecessary destruction of priceless historical artifacts to get his selfish way. There were no penalties to him for this gross rape by him of the public and historical interest.

    • The above quotes also show that any “promises” by Trump are totally meaningless lies. He will say anything and promise anything to get his way, but then weasel and renege out after he gets his selfish way. “Sue me” is his lying attitude. This is consistent with exactly what he had done to all the millions of voters he made many meaningless promises to but has sold them out by this foolish and outlaw military action in Syria. The lying cheating propaganda media totally sold out the public interest by their dismal failure to quote any of the many documented articles that he was nothing but a lying cheating bully. The laws regulating these worthless liars in the propaganda media must be returned to the former laws demanding they tell only the truth and provide investigative journalism in the public interest not lying propaganda BS as they do today.

  2. we used obsolete tank rounds to trigger avalanches
    a few gps rounds on a deserted airfield, lobbed short
    ryan and mccain demanded it
    gorsuch slipped in

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